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    In the north the masses huddle in fear at night, dreading the horns and howls of reavers come to slaughter and pillage. The trollkin reaver’s skin is thick and knobby, and it sports wicked talons and tusks.

    Fearsome Savages. Trollkin have a well-deserved reputation for savagery, and the reavers help reinforce that perception among their neighbors.

    War Leaders. Raiding is a staple industry among the trollkin, and the reavers lead the most savage raiding parties in search of wealth, slaves, and supplies. They often recruit other creatures or mercenaries into their bands. It is not uncommon to see bloodthirsty humans, gnolls, or hobgoblins in a reaver’s band.

    Spirit Talkers. Trollkin reavers are quite fearful of spirits and ghosts, and listen to their clan shaman and to the word of powerful fey or giants. They prefer to raid only in times of good omens.

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