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    Giant insectoid creatures, dardaels emerge from their tunnels to scour for food. Devouring fields of crops and herds of cattle with equal zeal, dardaels are consumed by an insatiable hunger. While once these creatures swarmed across the fringes of the world, their numbers have been kept in check in recent years.

    Dardaels are rarely encountered in current times, and when they are, they are often isolated individuals or members of small clutches.

    Dardael Drone

    While drones are the weakest, they are still very formidable opponents. Their sucker-like mouths are filled with multiple rings of teeth and secrete an acid that can dissolve wood, bone, and even metal if given enough time. Their bulbous bodies are covered in carapace as hard as dwarven steel, and the foremost of their chitinous legs end in sharp spines, which they use to pin living prey while they feed upon it.

    Dardael Flyer

    Dardael flyers possess iridescent wings capable of hefting their engorged weight into the air. While their spines are not as sharp as the drones’, flyers are capable of lobbing gobs of acid from the air. Flyers often serve as scouts, locating sources of food and then signaling its location to the drones.

    Dardael Queen

    Dardael queens are capable of spawning new clutches. While queens cannot birth more queens, they can lay eggs that will hatch into drones or flyers. Once she establishes a new colony, a queen stays within the hive, defending her home with a ferocity unparalleled by her smaller kin.

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