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    Created by accident in the laboratory of a magic-user renowned for his repertoire of polymorph spells, the magical insect known as the thaumaturmite is capable of dramatically altering its physical dimensions.

    The thaumaturmite may be encountered in either of its two forms, a 2-inch-long bug often mistaken for an exotic beetle, or a 6-feet-long menace weighing over 500 pounds. The creature can alter shape at will.

    No one knows which of these two shapes is the creature’s true form, as it seems no more inclined to choose one shape or the other at any given time. Likewise, its choice of form often seems inappropriate or chaotic; a giant thaumaturmite has been encountered crammed into a small sewer pipe, while the tiny form sometimes foolishly attempts to attack humansized targets.

    Possessing an insect-level intelligence, the thaumaturmite seeks mainly to feed and to procreate. In its smaller form, it eats fabric and cloth, especially that worn by spellcasters. A single thaumaturmite typically chews 2d12 holes in a piece of fabric during a single feeding session. They are capable of damaging magic items such as an elven cloak, rendering the item non-magical if left to feed unnoticed. In its larger state, the thaumaturmite eats meat of all kinds, attacking any living creature when it needs to satisfy its hunger. It almost always favors spellcasters as food, using its special antenna to detect those of such vocations.