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Grim Aggregate



    Some particularly noxious Dead demonstrate the ability to incorporate other dead or animal remains into their bodies to repair or strengthen themselves, becoming grim aggregates.

    Grim aggregates incorporate any combination of humanoid and non-humanoid body parts. Some have extra limbs or two or more heads of different creature types, and any grim aggregate can manifest mouths on any parts of its body.

    Many configurations of grim aggregate are possible, and every grim aggregate is unique.

    Ever-Shifting. A grim aggregate’s body is constantly shifting.

    It constantly rots and regenerates in patches all over its body, clearly decayed and obviously dead but never losing its physical integrity or becoming skeletal. Its overall shape is equally protean, bulging and writhing grotesquely as body parts form, merge together, and are reabsorbed. Its individual parts always return to a recognizable state—such as arms, talons, tails, or heads—but may appear amorphous and fluid in the midst of the change.

    A grim aggregate is accompanied by a chorus of slithering, popping, rattling, and bubbling noises, which correspond to its shapeshifting, rotting, and healing at any given moment.

    Adaptable. Grim aggregates can alter their body structures quickly. If a limb is removed, for example, the grim aggregate immediately shifts its bones and flesh to grow a new limb or to replace it with something else. Grim aggregates, therefore, cannot be disabled unless they are destroyed.

    Ever-growing. A grim aggregate grows over time as it incorporates other undead or corpses. It can take weeks to reach Large size or mere minutes, as supplies allow. There is no known upper limit for how large a grim aggregate can become, but Large and Huge are the most common sizes.

    Hunters. Grim aggregates retain some of their former intelligence, utilizing bestial cunning in hunting their prey.

    They gleefully slay any living creatures they encounter, but prefer sapient prey, and particularly prefer prey that was known to one of their heads in life. Because of this, those who find themselves pursued by a grim aggregate often see one of their lost loved ones’ faces peering out at them from within the depths of this horror.

    Undead Nature. A grim aggregate doesn’t require air, food, drink, or sleep.

    Grim Aggregate Attacks
    Result Attack Type*
    1 Bite
    2 Claw
    3 Club
    4 Hoof
    5 Rock
    6 Tail slap
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