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Grisly Remnants



    Any fragment of a corpse can potentially serve as a vessel for Woe, and on occasion even dismemberment isn’t enough to prevent the Dead from rising. Such grisly remnants are mercifully rare. However, this very rarity means that people all too often overlook the threat.

    Lurking Carnage. Grisly remnants are driven by brutal instinct. They often lie dormant until a victim comes within striking range, but once they rise they strike at the nearest target and fight until destroyed.

    Lingering Within. While grisly remnants can be found on their own, they are often encountered in conjunction with other undead. Shamblers are easily dismembered, and in a pack of shamblers the first severed limbs might rise as grisly remnants. A vile maw or other more powerful undead creature could spawn viscera from its corpse shortly after it is slain. Victory over the Dead is never simple or clean.

    Undead Nature. A grisly remnant doesn’t require air, food, drink, or sleep.

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