Drunken Rabble

Large troop of Medium humanoids, chaotic neutral

Armor Class 12
Hit Points 75 (10d8+30)
Speed 30 ft.

14 (+2) 15 (+2) 16 (+3) 9 (-1) 10 (+0) 11 (+0)

Saving Throws Strength+4, Constitution+5
Skills Intimidation +6
Condition Immunities charmed, frightened, grappled, paralyzed, prone, restrained, stunned; Senses passive Perception 10
Languages Common
Challenge 3 (700 XP)

Special Traits

  • Drunk and Disorderly. The rabble always has disadvantage on its attack rolls. However, their rowdy and unpredictable actions cause all creatures within 5 ft. to have disadvantage on Dexterity checks. The rabble has a +4 bonus on Intimidation (already factored in).
  • Malicious Mischief. Any creature hit at least once by drunken rabble must make a DC 12 Dexterity saving throw. Unless they succeed, they must roll a d4 and apply the following:
    1. Pushed 5 ft. away from the rabble
    2. Blinded for 1 turn
    3. Drops their primary weapon if possible
    4. Fall prone Troop. The troop can occupy another creature’s space and vice versa, and the troop can move through any opening large enough for a Medium humanoid.


  • Brawl. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, 5 ft. reach. Hit: 7 (2d4 + 2) bludgeoning damage. Every target within reach takes 1d3 attacks.
Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pirate Campaign Compendium © 2018, Legendary Games; Lead Designer Jason Nelson. Authors: Alex Augunas, Jeff Gomez, Matt Goodall, Jim Groves, Tim Hitchcock, Victoria Jaczko, Jonathan H. Keith, Lyz Liddell, Thomas J. Phillips, Alistair J. Rigg, Alex Riggs, Loren Sieg, Neil Spicer, Todd Stewart, Rachel Ventura, Michael D. Welham, Linda Zayas-Palmer.

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