Places of Faerie

Places of Faerie

Although FaerieLand is itself an infinite space, it is made up of several smaller regions, each of which is also seemingly infinite in dimension. The regions of the fey lands are as colorful and varied as the people who live in them. The borders between one region and another can be gradual and be unnoticed by the trained eye, or they can be sudden and almost dangerous depending on the locale. Most times, the only way anyone truly notices a distinct border is when he or she tries to escape a region and cannot cross over.

Location Templates

These are the breakdowns of the information you can expect on the areas below. (REGION) Broad description and general details about the region Distance: Distance from other region (DC) Regional Seat: Stronghold, Palace, or Capital city Regent: Person or persons in control of region Prominent Features: Best known sites within the region Seasons: How this region differs from the norm of FaerieLand (if at all) Legends & Lore [Information is available by meeting the DCs below against the Knowledge (Fey) skill; information on the Baba Yaga & other personalities can also be uncovered by the Knowledge (Folk Tales) skill with a +5 DC penalty. A DC 10 check on either lets you know the data from a place.s description. Any better checks uncover the obscure knowledge below.] Common: DC 15 Uncommon: DC 20 Rare: DC 25 Obscure: DC 30+ (SITE) Broad description and general details about the site Distance: Distance from adjacent region (DC) / Distance within region (DC) Region: The region the site is located in Personalities: Notable people of the site Legends & Lore [As noted above with same scaled DCs vs. rarity of lore]


To the north of the Sands of Time and the Fields of Gold lie the Badlands, a land inhospitable to faerie and mortal alike. Courts often banish their forsaken to the Badlands as punishment for unspeakable crimes against feykind. The Badlands themselves are unmapped, and no one has returned from the remote parts of the region in recent memory, but rumors persist of canyons surrounded by doorways to other worlds and planes. Some faeries believe that this is where doorways are stored until they are opened by mortal or faerie, whereupon they .close. at the oasis and .open. the path between the locales at which they are placed. No one knows who started the rumors, but some say there must be fey caretakers walking among the courts in FaerieLand spreading rumors of the canyon. Should it exist, it would provide a powerful bargaining tool for the darker powers of FaerieLand. Distance: Distant (DC 20) Regional Seat: None Regent: The Goblin King Prominent Features: Bottomless Pit, the Canyon Maze Seasons: Slightly warmer than average, the Badlands experience the warm dry air that blows up from across the desert sands and the Valley of Fire. Legends & Lore Common: The Goblin King rules this land from his warren in Between, and sends his troops here to patrol and hone their skills by hunting for intruders. Uncommon: In the remote reaches of the Badlands, there is a valley filled with crevasses that belch out sulfurous gas and sometimes even molten rock. Rare: The Keeper of Doors is seeking the location of the mythical Valley of Doors to add to his realm of influence. Obscure: An extremely weak form of magic sand can be made from the sandy soil found in some ravines. Five ounces of purified sand from here have the same effectiveness as one ounce of standard magic sand from the Sands of Time.

Bottomless Pit

This cave complex is more than merely a deep hole in the ground. It actually serves as a curious disposal site for unused and unwanted doorways. Lining the descending walls are countless abandoned doorways to other worlds and planes that have been cast aside by other regions. The Keeper of Doors removes doorways for regents on the singular condition that he can do whatever he wants with anyone who may later stumble through them. He is often happy enough to simply watch the unwitting visitors as they wander around his complex. This site.s most prominent feature is the bottomless pit that gives the place its name. The Pit is lined with doorways to some mortal lands better left forgotten. Some visitors stumble into the Pit, while the Keeper himself banishes others into its depths. There have been a few substantiated rumors of fortunate victims who fell through a doorway from the Pit and into one of these worlds and have since returned to FaerieLand. Some hint that the Pit eventually ends in the Negative Material Plane, but no one has journeyed to the bottom and returned to validate that claim. An interesting side effect of the Pit is that the influx of magic from other worlds, combined with that of FaerieLand, creates a node where someone can perform an enchantment of the flesh. Distance: Distant (DC 25)/Nearby (DC 20) Region: The Badlands Personalities: Alden, the Keeper of Doors; Burakh, an earth elemental guardian Legends & Lore Common: The door to the Bottomless Pit is carved into the face of a rock and hidden with illusory magics. Uncommon: The Keeper of Doors lives on a small island in the middle of the bog near the Bottomless Pit. Rare: Doorways to the Outer Planes can be found here, but most exist in the Pit, keeping many unwanted planar visitors from gaining easy access to the Twilight Lands. Obscure: The door to the Bottomless Pit is heavily enchanted and also protected by a huge earth elemental that will not let anyone out unless the Keeper accompanies them.

Canyon Maze

Called home by the Black Horn clan, this area of interconnected canyons and gorges is frequently and unfortunately found by travelers. The minotaurs found their way into the Twilight Lands over 300 years ago via a doorway in the bowels of the Bottomless Pit. They fought their way out to freedom, only to find themselves in a foreign world. Making the best of their surroundings, they settled near the border with the Fields of Gold and the Sands of Time, and have made the confusing trails through the Badlands into a deadly maze. Distance: Distant (DC 18) / Nearby (DC 15) Region: The Badlands Personalities: The Black Horn minotaur clan Legends & Lore Common: The generations of minotaurs living in the Canyon Maze are all fey-born creatures, making them tougher than their mortal cousins. Uncommon: Adventuring parties have returned from the Maze with treasures and missing survivors long lost and thought dead who babble tales of forgotten doorways in the maze that lead to ruined catacombs heaped high with treasures and dangers. Rare: The minotaurs. recent activities lead some to believe they are planning to take over the Bottomless Pit. Obscure: The land the minotaurs call home is a magic-torn realm without gods. If given the opportunity to go home, they will refuse, claiming this is now their home (as it has been for more than 15 generations now).


Considered a region by most fey due its vast size and geography, Between is the land of perpetual night. This land is curiously responsive to its inhabitants desire to remain hidden. As a result, the land itself takes over where fey regents would have to intervene in the Twilight Lands, expanding or contracting to move travelers about as necessary. This is most evident near Shadow, where the Queen of Air and Darkness bolsters this curious feature of the land into her first line of defensive fortifications to hold unwanted visitors at bay. The Slaugh, also called the Unseelie Court by outsiders, is to those bordering the Big Rock Mountains. There, the land the current clan of evil feeorin ruling the lands of Between. often whisks travelers toward the abyssal trench known Led by the Queen of Air and Darkness, they took over the as the Great Scar. In the vicinity of the Pirate Isles, a water- expansive region several centuries ago. Many believe the going traveler can find her craft traveling in endless circles Slaugh are responsible for causing sickness and death in the fog-covered waters before smashing up against the among domestic animals and leading mortals astray from jagged coastal reefs along the coast due to rugged swells. their gods or their morals. Distance: Remote (DC 30) The Slaugh have an unseen Horde that flies through the Regional Seat: Shadow sky capturing people. Attempts by humans to describe Regent: The Queen of Air and Darkness them paint this Horde as a massive dark cloud that rides Prominent Features: The Goblin Warrens, The Great Scar, upon the wind. Shadow, The Valley of Fire Some of the more dangerous locations to be within FaerieLand are those beyond the Land of Eternal Summer Seasons: Between is a vast region bordering on all major geographies of the Twilight Lands, and it experiences all the weather the seasons bring to the neighboring regions. Legends & Lore Common: The terrain of Between is similar to and often indistinguishable from the adjacent region of the Twilight Lands. Uncommon: If you are not careful, the land itself will move you in an unpredictable direction. Rare: Obscure:

The Goblin Warrens

Strangled by the iron fist of an ogrish feeorin, fey and mortals following the focus of the well as true goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, and ogres.fill this city to bursting. Somewhere deep in the heart of the warrens, a node of magical power allows anyone so prepared to undertake an enchantment of the flesh and achieve a Focus of the Hordes; the node lies within the Goblin King.s caverns, and he knows far more than he tells about the power in this node. As the Goblin King controls access to the powerful changes over his people, those of the Goblin Warrens worship their King as their god. Distance: Distant (DC 20) / Nearby (DC 15) Region: Between Personalities: The Goblin King Legends & Lore Common: Doorways exist in the Goblin Warrens that open to the mountain strongholds of many tribes of goblinoid creatures among the mortal worlds. Uncommon: A fey road stretches from Goblin Warrens to somewhere in the Big Rock Mountains. Rare: The Goblin King and the Queen of Air and Darkness constantly battle over control of Between. The Goblin King has had a few short-lived successes, only to quickly lose control of the region to the Queen and her Unseelie. Obscure: There is a fey road constantly connecting the Court of the Goblin King and the Unseelie Court.

Great Scar

Easy to find, but not necessarily easy to escape, the Great Scar is a canyon of epic proportions bisecting the southwestern lands of Between. Distance: Nearby (DC 20) / Nearby (DC 15) Region: Between Personalities: Unknown Legends & Lore Common: If you are not careful, the land itself will move you toward the Great Scar. Uncommon: Equipment from all ages litters the area immediately surrounding the Great Scar. Bogies constantly sift through the rummage, leaving little of value behind. Rare: Near a river that runs to the Fungal Forest is the largest lair of jabberwock in all of FaerieLand. Obscure: The Queen of Air and Darkness breeds greater jabberwock in the bowels of the Great Scar for use in her attacks against the Twilight Lands.


An exception to the rule that all portals open directly into FaerieLand, travelers who fail to walk directly forward from their doorway to their destination, might find themselves in the alleys of this forsaken town. This small, though growing, town shelters those who lurk in the shadows of the mortal worlds. Skulking and stalking along Shadow.s narrow streets and cramped alleyways and tangle of mud, brick, and wooden buildings are every foul creature feared by mortal children to be under the bed, in the closet, or beneath the stairs. Home to a myriad of fey who would rather be left alone, the difficulty in willfully traveling to Shadow is extremely high. People who frequently travel to and from Shadow claim to know a secret about stones that allow them easier access through the veils. However, little evidence of such .way stones. has been corroborated. The Queen of Air and Darkness does .bless. certain individuals with either magic or items that allow them effortless travel to and from  Shadow. Distance: Remote (DC 40) / Distant (DC 35) Region: Between Personalities: The Queen of Air and Darkness Legends & Lore Common: Gaining access to the city of Shadow is difficult. Uncommon: The locations of working doorways to Shadow change monthly. Rare: Bogie wizards constantly build and destroy fey roads that connect to Shadow. Obscure: There are a few existing maps detailing the locations of all fey roads into, through, and out of Here, There and Between stored in vaults here.

The Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is a long and narrow valley that has, in places, pierced the foundations of FaerieLand and opened fissures into the elemental fire that is part of this magical land. It is important to note that this region traverses the boundary separating Between from the Twilight Lands jutting between the Sands of Time and the Badlands. Distance: Remote (DC 25) / Distant (DC 20) Region: Between Personalities: Unknown Legends & Lore Common: The deeper you venture into the Valley of Fire, the more often you run into the lava filled crevasses and  sulfurous gas vents, until the land eventually becomes impassable. Uncommon: The Valley of Fire is the only place in FaerieLand where iron can be and is forged. Rare: A band of efreet have staked out a portion of the Valley of Fire as their home, fashioning parts of it to appear much like their fabled City of Brass. Obscure: The Valley of Fire has an open portal to the Elemental Plane of Fire deep in its fiery reaches that feeds the flames and heat of region.

Big Rock Mountains

Too precarious and riddled with faults and cracks to properly mine, the Big Rock Mountains are instead known for the seclusion they provide to the fey experiencing the Calling of the Wild. Many fey that seek to escape the common life of the Twilight Lands.but loathe joining those truly deviant fey in Between.find solitude in the Big Rock Mountains. Those who find solace in the mountains are known as .huldrefolk. by the fey of the lowlands. Distance: Distant (DC 20) Regional Seat: Halls of the Fallen the stone-paved road to the Halls is revealed to you. Only Regent: King Griakolg the royalty know what and where the keys are. Prominent Features: The Crystal Cave Rare: Many caves pierce the rock between the mountainous Seasons: The barren Big Rock Mountains and its surface and the depths of the Great Scar, providing the inhabitants experience a moderate climate. denizens of Between a means of easy access to the Twilight Legends & Lore Lands. Common: Lakes in the region are often used as fey doorways, Obscure: with the surface being the doorway itself. Uncommon: The doorway to the Halls of the Fallen is at the Crystal Cave edge of an empty meadow. If you possess the right key, All that has been forgotten, all that is known, and all that is yet to be learned rests within the incredible crystals of the Crystal Cave. Infinite wisdom waits to be unlocked from within the crystalline growths cared for by Liorah the Crystal-keeper. The crystals of the cave are another of the curious manifestations of the magic of FaerieLand, capturing the fleeting essence of thought that drops from the Sands of Time. Learning only comes by entering the cave, quieting the mind, and meditating or sleeping inside and allowing the unconscious to find that which it needs to learn. Once the crystals have taught a student how to read their structures, they can be read as if they were books in some arcane language. Any divination spells cast within the cave work at twice their normal strength or  effectiveness (or half the difficulty to discern information). Within the harder to find chambers of the cavern complex is a grotto of fragile crystalline stalagmites that imparts a visitor with the ability to perform an enchantment of the flesh. Most visitors to this cave choose to take on a Focus of the Seersighted. Distance: Distant (DC 30) / Nearby (DC 25) Region: Big Rock Mountains Personalities: Liorah, the Crystal-keeper Legends & Lore Common: If a person so wishes, a visitor may research any subject here. With a nearly infinite amount of information available on each topic, exhaustive research can take years if not decades. Uncommon: If you perform a task for Liorah she may grant the boon of .hasted learning., which shortens the time needed to research. Rare: Due to the detail and completeness of information stored in the crystals, a person can learn skills and abilities traditionally requiring life experience to attain if given enough time. Obscure: Liorah has developed a way to create crystalline spellbooks. She sometimes gifts these to especially helpful adventurers. With a successful Spellcraft check (DC 25), and the Concentration feat, the owner can .read. or .write. a spell into the crystal using the normal duration for such tasks; once a caster learns how to use a crystal spellbook, no additional skill checks are needed to study its spells.

Cliffs of Madness

Seafarers who find themselves trapped between impassable cliffs and precariously rocky shoals may be near the shores of FaerieLand. The rocky outcroppings are the favorite locations on which nixies and merfolk sun themselves, unwittingly (or perhaps purposefully) coaxing unwitting sailors to their dooms. Distance: Distant (DC 20) Regional Seat: The Sea Cave Regent: The Sisters Three Prominent Features: The Rocky Shoals, the Sea Cave (of the Three Sisters), countless shipwrecks Seasons: Sitting between the Land of Eternal Winter and the stormy northern coastline, this region is colder than most other areas throughout the year, spending much of the winter under stormy skies that carry only driving sleet and hail. The spring is short and chill, with most plants being stunted by the harsh weather. Summer is somewhat warm and extremely humid, and the air fills with the scent of seaweed and the buzzing of hungry insects. Autumn comes all too quickly with its biting winds whipping the coastal waters into frothy frenzy. Legends & Lore Common: Climbers trying to scale the cliffs have found that their height is nearly limitless. They also discover that the base becomes just as difficult to reach as the top once they have begun a climb. A Crossing Over feat check is required to reach the top or bottom of the cliffs. Uncommon: Those who decide to jump in order to circumvent the climb find they still need to perform a Crossing Over attempt, often resulting in their journey coming to an abrupt and painful end at the base. Rare: Fey creatures often come here to learn how to fly. Obscure: Queen Maeve, a past ruler of FaerieLand, was the creator of this region. In an attempt to create a .safe region. for training, she inadvertently produced a dangerous landscape.

Sea Cave of the Sisters Three

The Sea Cave is a simple two-chambered cave inhabited by the Sisters Three, a trio of witches. Once used by sailors to transport goods from the salt and foam-encrusted seashore to the borders of the Land of Eternal Winter, the Sea Cave now serves as a humble home. A concealed stairway descends from the top of the cliffs, through the rock, and into the cave. The entry cavern they use as a home has another opening to a second larger cave that floods at high tide. At one time, there was a node of magic in the cave allowing the visitor to undertake enchantments of the flesh. Whether such a node still exists has not been verified in recent decades, as it would lie beneath many feet of quicksand even at low tide. The witches.a young lady, a middle-aged woman, and an old crone.are renowned for their divination skills and equally feared for their transmutations. They are sought out for their uncannily accurate visions gained through the use of contact fey oracle. While never proven, the three witches are also rumored to have magically crossed merfolk or tritons with feeorin to create the fey race of the sirine. Distance: Distant (DC 20) / Nearby (DC 25) Region: Cliffs of Madness Personalities: The Sisters Three Legends & Lore Common: The Sisters Three will let you through their caves to the top of the cliffs if you bring them a gift or perform a simple task for them. Uncommon: The Three Witches have hidden a cache of powerful magic and great treasure somewhere in their cave. Rare: Once a year, the Sisters Three journey to the Crystal Cave seeking more information for their transmutations. It is rumored that Liorah, the Crystal-keeper, is their cousin. Obscure: The hidden cache of wealth conceals a doorway to a room within Baba Yaga.s Hut.

Dark Forest

The Dark Forest is the lone island of evil and treachery in the Twilight Lands, and seethes with the forces of the Queen of Air and Darkness. The Dark Forest is the source of all haunted forest legends and the primal fear of being watched in the dark outdoors. Here, packs of shapeshifters and darker fey creatures lurk behind the trees and watch from obscured vantage points, awaiting a chance to overwhelm the unwary. Distance: Nearby (DC 20)  Regional Seat: n/a Regent: King Finvarra, Warden of the Dark Forest; Queen of Air and Darkness (former regent) Prominent Features: Baba Yaga.s Hut Baba Yaga Seasons: The seasons affect the Dark Forest AKA .Grandmother., .Jezi-Baba,. .Old Lady of the normally, though the weather only serves Woods., .The Witch in the Woods. to accentuate the gloom and doom among Some say Baba Yaga is as old as FaerieLand, while others the shadowed woods. Thus, spring rains say yet older, though never quite so loudly that she might become thundershowers here, autumn overhear. Quite a few mortals and fey alike believe she turns its trees into barren clawed creatures direct manifests FaerieLand.s anger and its darker grabbing at every limb, and summer is the emotions. Unlike most other fey of darker demeanors, most oppressive time of all here with no Baba Yaga makes her presence known in FaerieLand more breeze but oppressive heat everywhere. than in Between for reasons known only to her. Most Legends & Lore normal fey and creatures actively avoid even touching Common: There are numerous one-way her shadow when she passes overhead, flying on her sideroads that terminate in the Dark Forest. mortar and pestle. Uncommon: The borders of the Dark Forest Whatever the truth, Baba Yaga is an immensely powerful are constantly in motion as the forces of wizard, formidable cleric, and dangerous rogue who has good and evil try to promote their own access to some of the more interesting and potent magic ideals and thwart the expansion of the items in the game. She is best used as a way to dispense other. cryptic information to the PCs, or as a means of reinforcing Rare: The Dark Forest is the last of the large the darker entities in FaerieLand, ensuring that certain areas of the Queen of Air and Darkness. campaign plot points occur. influence in the Twilight Lands. Obscure: The region of the Dark Forest is Baba Yaga, female half-fey Wiz14/Clr8: CR 22+ (The class known to occasionally hurl unsuspecting levels of Baba Yaga can vary as much as 7 levels higher travelers into Between, or worse yet, deep each, depending on the level of the campaign.) into a random mortal wood. Known Feats: Crossing Over, Fey Spell Mastery, choice of

Baba Yaga’s Hut

any known metamagic feats as fits her levels. Baba Yaga frequents FaerieLand openly, unlike most malevolent creatures, and Clerical Domains: Knowledge, Travel, Trickery when she does, her hut can be found somewhere in the Dark Forest. The hut Prestige Race (optional. GM must adjust character stats for itself is much more than a simple hovel. these abilities): Focus of the Hordes (all), hobgoblinoid half- it is a semi-intelligent construction that can fey. defend itself with its powerful chicken legs or simply move away at incredible speeds. If people get inside.a feat more easily accomplished if Baba Yaga is hungry or seeking out some company.they find themselves in a find their deaths here chasing after glowing orbs of light, large dimensionally folded structure. Baba Yaga doesn.t strange voices, or wandering creatures emanating from the like visitors much, but during her more social moments, depths of their local swamp. Those who do not drown or she changes the difficulty to find her hut to Distant (DC otherwise meet their ends may find their way here to this 20) / Nearby (DC 15). region of endless swamp. Fetid mists and creeping vapors Distance: Remote (DC 25) / Distant (DC 20) hide the twilight sky from view, and creatures not native Region: The Dark Forest to FaerieLand yet at home in swamps find the near limitless Personalities: Baba Yaga size of the quagmire appealing. Legends & Lore The regency of the Eerie Swamp is in dispute as the Common: Baba Yaga.s hut walks about the Dark Forest on king and queen fight over which of them is the rightful a pair of enormous chicken legs, making finding it more monarch. The current ruling couple hails from two separate difficult to find if Baba Yaga so wishes. feeorin clans, and until recently they lived as husband and Uncommon: At times, Baba Yaga will take on girls and wife without conflict. Now, however, they find themselves young women as servants. After a season or two of in an argument over who is the rightful hereditary heir. servitude, she releases them and rewards them with an With no direct bloodline descendant to claim the throne of item of magic the late Queen Bylina, and both spouses were coattail Rare: nobles with a legitimate claim to the throne. Thus, they Obscure: Within her hut is a fountain that contains the have taken to arguing about who is the true ruler of the Waters of Life. region. What started as a small lover.s spat has now been escalated into an enormous argument over hereditary

Eerie Swamps

rights that only the truly haughty feeorin could prolong. The Eerie Swamps get their name both from the atmosphere The waters of the Eerie Swamps are fed by the of the swamp itself and the reputation of the swamps, snowmelt flowing in the Rushing River, though they moors, and mires linked to it via fey sideroads. Many mortals occasionally see the Endless Sea backflow into their darkest Uncommon: On the outskirts of the swamps lie ancient reaches. crumbling buildings, some of which contain fey doorways Distance: Distant (DC 15) to other worlds. Regional Seat: The House on Stilts, The Floating Court Rare: The deepest reaches of the swamp are home to Regent: Disputed.King Eylwor or Queen Garilil dragons that have found their way there from mortal Prominent Features: The Floating Court, The House on realms. Stilts Obscure: Some of the doorway outbuildings lead to the Seasons: The temperate climate of the Land of Eternal .foundation dungeon. found beneath the House on Stilts. Spring moderates the harsher weather that drifts its way down the coast from the Cliffs of Insanity. The thick blanket The Floating Court of trees, the build-up of swamp gasses, and the slight The Floating Court is a collection of boats and barges lashed amount of radiant heat generated by the acres of decaying together to serve as a floating city. While one might think plant matter further insulate the swamps from any truly that this collection of vessels would blend in with the fetid cold weather. swamps, it instead creates a glorious sight floating among Legends & Lore the reeds and trees. King Eylwor calls the Floating Court  Common: The swamps are a dangerous place to visit, with his home. vicious monsters, mud pits, and treacherous waters. Some Distance: Distant (DC 25) / Nearby (DC 20) of the waterways in the swamps are bottomless, so getting Region: Eerie Swamps knocked out of your boat can be a deadly event. Personalities: King Eylwor Legends & Lore Common: The flat-bottomed boats used in the Floating Court are the best choice when seeking transportation through the swamps. Uncommon: There are a few fey doorways that open into similar smaller floating .boat cities. in other parts of the swamp and mortal worlds. Rare: An enormous doorway guardian sleeps below the Floating Court, waiting to be summoned by the King. Obscure:

House on Stilts

The name of this regional seat belies its true beauty, as the House on Stilts is more accurately a mansion on columns. Constructed where the shallow water of the river delta starts to run into the ocean, it was originally built as a small shanty-house with a simple pier used to transfer goods from ocean-going boats to shallow-drafting riverboats. Over the centuries, the House on Stilts has become a three- story structure made from local brown-flecked gray granite, resting upon large array of fluted-stone columns. Distance: Distant (DC 20) / Nearby (DC 20) Region: Faerie Woods Personalities: Queen Garilil Legends & Lore Common: The original pier is still in use by the servants and local merchants. Uncommon: The stone columns supporting the pier and house rest upon an ancient stone foundation beneath the water, a foundation with air-filled rooms underneath! Rare: The .foundation dungeon. is easiest to access under the House on Stilts, but sprawls beneath most of the Eerie Swamps. Obscure:

Faerie Woods

The Faerie Woods is one of the most commonly visited regions by mortal outsiders, and as such tends to accentuate the wonder they hold for this fantastic realm. The inhabitants of this region are mostly faeries, sprites, and common fey, though an occasional feeorin calls the Faerie Woods home. King Eberelgolan of the treants rules over this region, with his wife the Dryad Queen Verenestra. Within their forest, every creature has its place and all plants and animals are sacred. Wandering the region are the Tylwyth Teg, spirits of dead druids not pure enough for eternal rest with Nature, but too honorable or loyal to be cast aside to the dark gods. Distance: Distant (DC 15) Regional Seat: The Tree of Knowledge Regent: King Eberelgolan; Queen Verenestra Prominent Features: The Tree of Knowledge Seasons: Temperate yet mild at all times. The seasons are always represented in the most pleasant manner in the Faerie Woods. Spring is always sweet smelling, and the only rains are gentle and soothing. Winter is crisp and fresh and near-magical snow only blankets the ground to help it sleep. Legends & Lore Common: The Faerie Woods is home to an enormous population of dryads Uncommon: Dryad oaks have a dual presence with their mortal world and the forest here in FaerieLand. Here in the Faerie Woods, dryads are able to leave their host tree for a number of days equal to their HD Rare: The largest concentration of high fey, fey-born, and half-fey creatures can be found in the Faerie Forest. Obscure: The Tylwyth Teg protect the Settling Grove, a secret collective grave of many sentient plants deep in the Faerie Woods; the Settling is really a kind of compost pile filled as much with decaying plants as with memories, emotions, and powers undreamt of by mere animal lifeforms.

Tree of Knowledge

The Tree of Knowledge is in reality an enormous treant by the name of Eberelgolan. He is the king of all treants in FaerieLand, as well as the boon companion to the Dryad Queen Verenestra. Due to his immense size and weight, Eberelgolan has become deeply rooted and cannot move from his current location. Dh.loriackis has been appointed to speak for the Faerie Wood Court when others cannot travel to them. One of the few half-fey to hold a position of authority within FaerieLand, Dh.loriackis is the trusted and respected envoy of the Faerie Wood Court to other courts of FaerieLand. Distance: Distant (DC 20) / Nearby (DC 25) Region: Faerie Woods Personalities: King Eberelgolan; Queen Verenestra; Dh.loriackis .Tree-speaker. Legends & Lore Common: King Eberelgolan knows as much about FaerieLand as Queen Titania or Queen Maeve, though some say he knows more because he can speak with all creatures of Nature quite easily. Uncommon: Queen Verenestra lives within the heartwood of Eberelgolan. Rare: Queen Verenestra, through her symbiotic union with Eberelgolan, often imparts her knowledge to help dispense wisdom and guidance to fey of their region. Obscure: King Eberelgolan hides a doorway to the Great Stone Ring beneath his roots

Fields of Gold

.Waving fields of tall and short grains as far as the eye can see. is the best way to describe the Fields of Gold. The region north of the Forked River between the Faerie Woods and the Perilous Mountains is wholly dedicated to the production of grains for use in making food and ales used throughout the Twilight Land and Between. The Daoine Maithe.literally, the .good people. and specifically the faeries of Irish folklore. inhabit the region and are among the fey most commonly encountered by mortals. One of the few times hard labor exists within FaerieLand is the annual harvest within Fields of Gold. Any visitors during the early autumn harvests will be put to work harvesting grain or helping prepare the harvest for shipment to Market. The luckiest visitors help prepare  the next year.s mash for ales, beers, and distilled spirits at the Millhouse. After the rigors of the harvest are settled, Fields of Gold hold a great revel on Lammas. Distance: Distant (DC 25) Regional Seat: n/a Regent: Puck Prominent Features: Millhouse Falls Seasons: The weather in the Fields of Gold is mild with chill but not freezing winters and warm but not sweltering summers. The springs are not too wet, and the autumns are not too windy. Legends & Lore Common: The Daoine Maithe are among the most approachable fey of FaerieLand, and they are known to invite complete strangers to their supper tables and their revels. Uncommon: The Daoine Maithe are closely related to the people of the Fey Hills Rare: Some residents of the Fields of Gold know the secret to weaving straw into gold, but they only perform the task for worthy folk. Obscure: Straw woven into gold is little more than a more complicated and longer lasting casting of fool.s gold.

The Millhouse

Though far from unique in function within the borders of FaerieLand, this mill is definitely unique in structure. Located at what is now called Millhouse Falls on the Golden Brook, this collection of buildings is a curious assortment of water-driven wheels, wind-driven sails, gears, pulleys, levers, shafts, saw blades, and grinding wheels cobbled together inside a humongous ship-lap sided gathering of buildings that crawl their way up the canyon at the base of the Perilous Mountains. The mill is responsible for not only grinding the grains produced by the Fields of Gold, but it also is the primary lumber mill for FaerieLand. Additionally, the mill also helps process the stone bricks from the quarry higher in the nearby Perilous Mountains. Distance: Distant (DC 20) / Nearby (DC 15) Region: The Fields of Gold Personalities: Huerick, the Grist-Miller, Silkirk the Sawyer Legends & Lore Common: The Millhouse is a flurry of activity, a cacophony of noise, and the best place to find milled materials with which to build wooden structures. Uncommon: Silkirk welcomes visitors, and will often perform fulfill special orders without hesitation. Rare: With the assistance of Huerick the miller, one can grind grain from the fields into a highly nutritious golden flour which, when baked into a loaf f bread, can sustain a mortal for one week. Convincing the miller to help is the challenge. Obscure:

Fungal Forest

Located deep beneath the Faerie Forest, the Fungal Forest is a subterranean counterpart to the surface world. The Daoine Sidhe.deep fey warriors who love war-games, chess, and other pastimes that simulate the military and social struggles of their history.rule the region. The deep fey are rumored to be descendants of the Tuatha de Danann and one-time rulers of the region above ground before being defeated by a force of invading mortals that drove them underground. The regional seat travels with the Clan Dubgaradh as they move from one safe haven to another. Distance: Remote (DC 30) Regional Seat: Clan Dubgaradh of the Daoine Sidhe Regent: King Dubgaradh Prominent Features: The Hovel of Durbin Seasons: The seasons below ground pass largely unnoticed. Legends & Lore Common: The deep fey are under constant attack by the forces of the Queen of Air and Darkness, who seek to win the subterranean lands and expand their dark monarch.s power. Uncommon: A river flows from the Big Rock Mountains into the depths of the Fungal Forest, providing a direct route for the forces of the Queen of Air and Darkness into the home of the strong but outnumbered deep fey. Rare: The deep fey have reinforced their positions in the Fungal Forest with a honeycombed network of concealed deadfalls, narrow choke points, and dead-end false passages to help their fight. Obscure: Exotic plants and fungi grow in the fungal forest known to contain innate magical deadening qualities.

The Hovel of Durbin

What few people expect to see a small hovel under the surface of FaerieLand, fewer still expect to find a halfling living in it. Durbin Bristle built his little hovel after finding his escape from the Fungal Forest nigh impossible. His home burrows beneath a small earthen mound literally carpeted most of the year with a variety of mushrooms and truffles. Since making his home in the Fungal Forest, Durbin has discovered many interesting magical, medicinal, and recreational uses for the various subterranean plants and fungi he finds in the forest. Distance: Distant (DC 20) / Nearby (DC 15) Region: Fungal Forest Personalities: Durbin Bristle Legends & Lore Common: Lacking most skills for hunting, Durbin finds meat exceptionally hard to come by. Thus, he willingly trades information, homemade wares, or pipeweed for any meat. Uncommon: Despite being underground for so long, Durbin has developed a magnificent pipeweed he is more than willing to share and trade with visitors. Rare: Durbin is sometimes under the effects of one ingested fungus or another, which he is convinced provides him with divinations and oracular information. Most often, visitors leave with totally incomprehensible pronouncements from the slightly addled halfling. Obscure: –

Durbin Bristle

Durbin Bristle is a calm halfling and former curiosity-seeker who many years ago found himself trapped in the Fungal Forest without a way to cross over the regional boundary and return to the surface. Making the most of his situation, he decided to settle in and learn more about his surroundings. Building himself a burrow, he began exploring the Fungal Forest. During his explorations, hehas discovered many edible, medicinal, and otherwise functional types of vegetation among the underground wilderness. Durbin is a self-styled tobacconist, mixing and blending the native lichens, mushrooms, and truffles with the precious small quantities of tobacco leaves he barters from passing adventurers. He has discovered several varieties of subterranean plants that can be combined to make soothing and aromatic pipeweed. Word of .Durbin.s Blends. is starting to spread, and some fey have begun seeking him out. Content to now stay in the Fungal Forest, Durbin spends his time creating and sampling his latest blends of .weed, and even gathering visitors around his favorite water pipe to swap stories and trade items. Durbin Bristle, male halfling Rog6: CR 6; Size S (3 ft., 0 in. tall); HD 6d6; hp 19; Init +3 (+3 Dex); Spd 20 ft.; AC 14 (+3 Dex, +1 Size); Attack +4 (+4 Base, -1 Str, +1 Size) melee, or +8 (+4 Base, +3 Dex, +1 Size) ranged; SV Fort +3 (+2 Base, +1 Racial), Ref +9 (+5 Base, +3 Dex, +1 Racial), Will +6 (+2 Base, +3 Wis, +1 Racial); AL CG; Str 9 (-1), Dex 16 (+3), Con 11 (+0), Int 13 (+1), Wis 16 (+3), Cha 10 (+0). Languages Spoken: Common, Fae, Halfling. Skills and feats: Appraise +6 (+5 Rank, +1 Int), Climb +10 (+9 Rank, -1 Str, +2 Racial), Decipher script +7 (+6 Rank, +1 Int), Disable device +10 (+9 Rank, +1 Int), Escape artist +6 (+3 Rank, +3 Dex), Handle animal +2 (+2 Rank), Hide +7 (+3 Dex, +4 Size), Innuendo +10 (+7 Rank, +3 Wis), Intimidate +2 (+2 Rank), Jump +10 (+9 Rank, -1 Str, +2 Racial), Listen +16 (+9 Rank, +3 Wis, +2 Racial, +2 Alertness), Move silently +5 (+3 Dex, +2 Racial), Perform +8 (+8 Rank), Profession (Herbalist) +6 (+5 Rank, +1 Int), Spot +5 (+3 Wis, +2 Alertness), Tumble +9 (+6 Rank, +3 Dex); Alertness, Leadership, Martial weapon proficiency (hammer, light). Signature Possessions: Durbin.s everfull pipe, leather armor +3, silver shortsword +2 Those who have been around Durbin swear that his pipe seldom leaves his hands and is never empty. He hushedly speaks a command word that lights it, and another to fill it from one of the stashes he specifies.

Land of Eternal Autumn

Located on the forested slopes of the Stormking Mountains between the Dark Forest and the Badlands, the Land of Eternal Autumn is a region perpetually swathed in fiery- colored trees and rustling leaves underfoot. The folk of this region take the Hunt to an extreme, stripping away the necessity of food from the aspects of the predatory sport they hold dear. Only through the Hunt.or the chaos of war.are the truly superior, noble, and worthy born. The resulting bloodbath is a cleansing that purges the worlds of the unworthy souls. The survival of the biggest, deadliest, fiercest, and fittest is seen as the most important trait that separates the victor from the victim. Distance: Remote (DC 20) Regional Seat: The Woodman.s Lodge Regent: King Finvarra Prominent Features: The Woodman.s Lodge Seasons: Like the other Eternal lands, their namesake season dominates their annual cycle. Spring goes nearly unnoticed, while the summers of the region are no warmer than early autumn, and the winters are milder than those experienced elsewhere. Legends & Lore Common: Those who live in the Land of Eternal Autumn live a dangerous life, surrounded by harsh terrain and hostile neighbors. War is not merely a way of often spells the difference between life and death. Uncommon: Rare: The Wild Hunt calls the Land of Eternal Autumn home and is found in this region more than any other. Obscure: Eons ago, the now exiled fey of Between called the Lands of Eternal Autumn their home.

The Woodman’s Lodge

The Woodman.s Lodge is an enormous, multistoried hunting lodge that appears to have been added onto over the course of several generations. Its many-gabled roof is pierced now and again by numerous chimneys for the fires that warm the warren-like chambers below. Distance: Remote (DC 30) / Distant (DC 20) Region: Land of Eternal Autumn Personalities: King Finvarra Legends & Lore Common: Strangers are always welcome in the Woodman.s Lodge, and a hearty meal and tankard of ale is always waiting for a visitor with a good tale. Uncommon: Queen Maeve built The Woodman.s Lodge ages ago, and a doorway linking to her court in the Stormking Mountains is rumored to exist in one of its forgotten rooms. Rare: Obscure:

Land of Eternal Spring

The gently rolling hills and grassy meadows of the Land of Eternal Spring are filled year-round with freshly sprouted greenery and the subtle perfume of constantly blossoming flowers. Trees here are in a perpetual cycle of blooming buds and bearing fruit. The delicate sounds of birds and young animals are lifted by the calm breezes blowing through the region. The Land of Eternal Spring is home to the Tuatha de Danann, a warlike feeorin clan. Dressed in ceremonial armor and riding their beloved fey steeds, they can be found skirmishing among the tree-dotted hills. Death in battles here is a temporary state, for the Tuatha de Danann regularly bring their fallen back from the dead to fight another day. Distance: Distant (DC 20) Regional Seat: Market Regent: The Faerie Queen Titania Prominent Features: The Fey Hills, Market Seasons: As the name implies, the Land of Eternal Spring is blessed with crisp mornings and sunny days that occasionally are visited by soft showers. The temperature fluctuates only slightly, with the winters being slightly more cool and rainy and the summers being warmer and drier than other times of the year. Legends & Lore Common: Flowers, plants, and trees of all varieties grow in the Land of Eternal Spring. Flowers plucked from their plants here will remain fresh and fragrant for months. Uncommon: The Meadows of Fertility were once part of this region, but were given to King Mnish of the satyrs by Queen Maeve. Rare: The satyrs hold Queen Maeve in high regard and will come to her aid without question or hesitation. Obscure:

Fey Hills

Also known as the Hollow Hills, the Fey Hills are dotted with the homes of many fey families and clans. These dwellings..raths. in the Fae tongue.are usually carved into the hill itself, though some are so elaborate that they are easily visible from the surface. Among the most well known raths is Knockma Hill, the hereditary home of King Finvarra, Queen Oonagh. The Sidhe.often declared the greatest musicians among the fey.are the feeorin inhabitants of this area. Distance: Distant (DC 25) / Nearby (DC 20) Region: Land of Eternal Spring Personalities: The Faerie Queen Titania, King Oberon Legends & Lore Common: The most elaborate fey hill is Beann Raithe. Uncommon: All the hills hold fey dwellings within them, though some may be disused. Rare: Venturing into abandoned raths is discouraged but not forbidden. Frequently, abandoned raths become infested with monsters from the surrounding FaerieLands and sometimes even through fey doorways they may contain. Obscure: Chealyn Raithe, a long abandoned and monster- infested ruin, contains a doorway that leads directly into the city of Shadow.


Faeries cannot resist a good market filled with produce, wares, and services. Just such a place exists in FaerieLand, although the lands around it seem to shift from place to place. Aside from being able to bring new goods to faeries across all of FaerieLand, the Market wagon train also enables fey to visit mortal lands normally outside of their usual haunting. Market rarely stays in any one place for more than a week, and aside from its physical location in FaerieLand, is never more than two days journey from those who want to visit.paths to Market are many and varied. While the location and ownership of a given establishment can change from time to time, the businesses themselves always seem to be present. See the Market section for more businesses and wares to be found within Market.s confines. Distance: Nearby (DC 20) / Nearby (DC 15) Region: Land of Eternal Spring Personalities: Siodnar Di.Crystalla, Master of Tolls Legends & Lore Common: Everything from the mortal worlds can be found here at one time or another. Uncommon: Professional bogie procurers obtain nearly everything in Market, whether they must beg, barter or steal to obtain their wares. Rare: Obscure: – “To Market, To Market…” .I should swear on my honor and knowledge as a scholar that never was there such a place as the FaerieLand Market. Wares and deals only metaphorical in our mortal worlds can be had for a song, in some cases literally.. .Merle of Endswick, Dabbler in All Matters Arcane If ever your characters get the chance to walk among the stalls and tents of FaerieLand.s Market, prepare yourself for the wildest variety of shops and wares ever set before mortals. Of the most stable and well-known vendors and wares are the following: The Chandler: Candles of all kinds can be found here. arcane and divine magical candles as well as mundane candles with scents or beautifully colored flames. Ever- burning candles are the most popular among mortals, although many have found that when the flame continues burning, it can ignite other items if people are not careful with where they place or store them. [Any spell of 2nd level or lower can be found enchanted into a candle here. If a target is needed for the spell to work, such as in magic missile, the target is randomly determined randomly among those within a 25-foot-range of the lit candle. The spell takes effect in the first full round of being lit.] Dreams Delivered: .Nightmares and Dreams for sale! Care to send an enemy a night terror of cold sweats and no sleep the night before your duel? Looking to place yourself in the dreams of a lady love? Come one, come all, and talk to me of sleep merciless and marvelous!. Food on a Stick: This vendor is quite the rage with its bold sign emblazoned with .If it can fit on a stick, we.ll stick it in your face.. Food on a Stick is very popular with the fey races, and the entire business is one of entertainment and culinary mystery. The procurers seek food of all sorts  and varieties from across the Material Planes and return it to the cooks who experiment with ways to best or most interestingly prepare it. Many fey find it entertaining to attempt to determine what sort of food they are eating and what it should be called. The added novelty is that the servers don.t know what they are serving, the cooks seldom know what they are preparing, and the procurers can hardly remember where they got something. The more popular foods served here are heavily herbed or very spicy, although those most sought after have a mundane or magical side effect to the eater. The Mill: Situated on the river at the far periphery of Market stands the Mill. This mill is constantly grinding common to exotic grains for use in the breads, tarts, and sweet pastries consumed by the fey. On days of especially high demand, the water-driven mill is supplemented by a wind-driven mechanism also attached to the building. Inside is a collection of belts, gears, pulleys, and shafts all connecting the water and windmills to the grinding wheels. The Public House: This business is little more than a large warehouse filled with doorways connected to cellars, distilleries, breweries, cider houses, and wineries all across  the mortal worlds containing the finest alcoholic drinks to be had. Thus, the tavern menu is extensive, and the proprietors are justly proud of being able to serve nearly any drink to be found across the planes. The Slave Market: While most slaves are retained and well cared for by their master or mistress, some visitors to FaerieLand are shocked to see the slave market in an isolated corner of Market at all. Strangely enough, all captives are bound by vines and flower chains that are as solidly unbreakable as metal The slaves found here are either sold by a fey to another to complete the remainder of their financial obligation, or they are captured mortals doomed to a life of endless servitude among the haughtier feeorin. The Sock Monger: Inside this deceptively small tent is the Sock Monger. Mountains of socks of all imaginable varieties can be found here, however one would be hard pressed to find a matched pair. This bizarre shop is run by a jovial-looking bogie named Falden. He regularly rotates his stock of socks by sorting the countless piles of socks by color, pattern, length, material, condition or age. His agents constantly scour the mortal realms for new or interesting socks, hose, leggings, and similar items to sell in Falden.s shop. Falden always .has just what you need,. at least in his own opinion. He is an unusually clumsy fellow, constantly collapsing piles of socks on top of him while rotating his stock or trying to find a mate to a particular sock for sale to a customer. Falden is constantly trying new dyes or magical effects to enhance his wares, sometimes to his detriment. He is a humorous creature who is .sure he saw a particular sock in the argyle pile there. or knows just what mismatched pair of hideous socks a person really needs. Many people and fey often overlook Falden and his staff, often putting them in the right position to hear a clandestine secret, any particularly juicy bit of gossip, or some scrap of information before it makes its way to the masses. Those in the know seek him out for the information he knows. and a good pair of warm socks. The Tip of the Tongue: .Ever lost a word? Ever need one and you just can.t think of the right way to say it? The Tip of the Tongue Linguist Shop is here for you..

Land of Eternal Summer

The Land of Eternal Summer is a blazing hot region that few find tolerable. Chances are that people found in this  region are either adherents to the Aspect of Summer, travelers passing through on their way somewhere else, or folks who are simply lost. This is not to say that people do not find this land beautiful and hospitable from autumn through spring, but the intensely hot summer months tend to drive them to other regions. The Abatwa clan of faeries live somewhere in the Land of Eternal Summer, but due to their elusive nature and ant-like size, they have not been seen for centuries. Wildlife in the region finds the absence of people and higher temperatures preferable to more heavily traveled and hunted lands of other regions. Distance: Distant (DC 25) Regional Seat: The Pixie Court at Tallgrass Regent: Pixie Queen Sharla Prominent Features: Tallgrass Seasons: Spring passes nearly unnoticed in the Land of Eternal Summer, manifesting as small shoots of growth in vegetation, while winter merely gets a slight dip in the ambient temperature. Legends & Lore Common: Those desiring to harvest magic sand often establish a base camp in the Land of Eternal Summer, and make daily trips into the Sands of Time. Uncommon: The Pixie Court has been seen circling near the border with the Big Rock Mountains for several days, which suggests to many that they see some threat building in the adjacent region. Rare: Obscure: The Abatwa are a very wise people who love to share the information they have with other people, as long as they look like children or pregnant women.


Pixie Queen Sharla holds her court over this sparsely populated region. Due to the high temperatures, most feeorin find this region inhospitable, thereby leaving the region to be populated by the native fauna as well as pixies, faeries, and more heat-tolerant bogies. The Pixie Court, however, spends most of their time airborne and little time on the ground to suffer the ill effects of the stifling heat. When he is in FaerieLand, Kokopelli can be found roaming the grassy wilderness soaking in the warmth of the sun and flirting with the other fey. Similar to the Fields of Gold, Tallgrass grows crops for the rest of FaerieLand. The primary production is feed grains and grasses for the numerous herd animals grazing here and among the smaller livestock breeding herds elsewhere. A small industry has also developed around straw jewelry and artwork. While some might turn straw into gold in other regions, here they make works of art that hold the value of the gold they look like. Distance: Distant (DC 25) / Nearby (DC 20) Region: Land of Eternal Summer Regent: Pixie Queen Sharla Legends & Lore Common: Forays of dark faeries roam Tallgrass, hunting anything that crosses their paths. Uncommon: The Pixie Court has not been in its usual location hovering over the center of Tallgrass. Many say there is activity that draws the Pixie Queen.s attention elsewhere. Rare: Rumors persist of a mortal wizard.s stronghold beneath the endless fields of the area. Perhaps the dark faeries are using a doorway in the bowels of the abandoned stronghold as a foothold in Tallgrass. Obscure: The wizard.s subterranean complex is much larger than many think, and contains many gates to other planes. Monsters roam the dark corridors, but there is great treasure and magic to be had if you can defeat them.

Land of Eternal Winter

It is the 752nd year since the Great Calving of the Blue Glacier as residents of this land mark the passage of time, and over that time little has changed. Old Man Winter still reigns the region from his mountaintop Palace of Ice, the Holly King still spends most of the year making gifts with his faerie, bogie, and sprite assistants, and the Blue Glacier has not shown any signs of again retreating or melting. Distance: Remote (DC 35) Regional Seat: The Palace of Ice Regent: Old Man Winter Prominent Features: The Holly King.s Workshop, The Palace of Ice, The Blue Glacier Seasons: The near-arctic weather of the glacial steppe called the Land of Eternal Winter is practically devoid of seasonal changes. The summers are perhaps not as deadly cold as the depths of winter, but late spring does still see the sprouting of small shrubs and the blooms of mosses and lichens common to the region. Legends & Lore Common: Old Man Winter is antisocial, and in an effort to be left alone, he has summoned countless cold tolerant creatures from many worlds to roam the icy wilds. Uncommon: A clutch of white dragons has claimed the eastern slopes of the mountains as their home territory. Stories persist of an arrangement made between these dragons and the Palace of Ice, though what either side provides the other is unknown. Rare: Ice taken from the Blue Glacier melts slower than normal ice and can be sculpted into numerous forms for enchantment. Obscure: Old Man Winter spends his time in the Palace of Ice crafting magic items, so it must have a huge cache of equipment must exist somewhere within its walls.

The Holly King’s Workshop

The Holly King.s Workshop is actually a collection of buildings and warehouses that serve as the home and factory of the Holly King and his army of assistants. The faeries and bogies who live here help Kris Kringle assemble the gifts that he distributes during the Yule gifting. The Holly King is vastly more approachable than Old Man Winter and far more reliable than the regent.s son, Jack Frost. Kris.or Claus, as he.s also been named over time.was a foundling human baby adopted and raised for a time by the faeries of the Faerie Woods; his .mother. was the faerie Zurlein and she taught him the fey ritual that allows him to stretch time within the mortal worlds for his tasks. Distance: Distant (DC 30) / Nearby (DC 25) Region: Land of Eternal Winter Personalities: The Holly King Legends & Lore Common: The Holly King has a warm and inviting personality, but he is secretive about the work that goes on in his workshops. Guests are warmly welcomed, but are only allowed into certain buildings. Uncommon: The Holly King uses numerous magic items to accomplish his Yule Gifting celebration, including using the only ancient fey magic ritual currently in use.Zurlein.s Boon. Rare: Contrary to common belief, the Holly King enlists many of his workshop staff to help him during the gifting. Obscure: The faerie Zurlein abducted the infant Claus from his cradle and saved him from starvation, as the rest of his birth family died of plague around him on some mortal world.

Meadows of Fertility

The Meadows of Fertility, once part of the Lands of Eternal Spring, were carved out by the last Faerie Queen, Maeve to serve as a home for the satyr population. .Since the satyrs made a habit of congregating in the Meadows, Queen Maeve decided to turn the territory over to them and elevate the area to the status of region. Fertility rites often take place in the meadows and fields of mortal worlds, and this enormous meadow is tied via  many sideroads and backroads to these places. It is common to find a few hundred satyrs, korred, and fauns feasting, dancing, singing, sleeping, and lounging in the primitive camps they established near the center of the region. Distance: Distant (DC 15) Regional Seat: The Satyr Camp Regent: King Mnish Prominent Features: The Satyr Camp Seasons: The Meadows of Fertility, like the Land of Eternal Spring that surrounds them, have very moderate seasons. Legends & Lore Common: The largest and most exhilarating holiday celebrations happen in the Satyr Camp. Uncommon: Leaving the Satyr Camp can be one of the most difficult things to do, since every hedonistic desire can be quenched at a moment.s notice. Rare: King Mnish is a true satyr who received the throne of the region from Faerie Queen Maeve. Korreds and fauns are young races that only recently joined their satyr brothers in the Meadows of Fertility. Obscure:

Perilous Mountains

The Perilous Mountains range contains the tallest mountains in all of FaerieLand. These peaks are also the greatest source of precious metals and gems. This region fares well under the rule of King Kerigan, also known as .Goldentouch. because of his uncanny ability to find precious materials. The region has been catapulted into the upper echelons of FaerieLand politics due to its financial successes despite its ruler.s political handicaps. King Kerigan was once a servant, but due to his skill at finding precious metals and gems, he bought his freedom and eventually worked his way to the upper political circles within the Perilous Mountains before being elected ruler of this region. Distance: Distant (DC 25) Regional Seat: Minestooth Tower Regent: King Kerigan .Goldentouch. Prominent Features: Endless Caverns, Minestooth Tower Seasons: Despite separating two drastically different weather systems, the Perilous Mountains are enveloped in a somewhat cool climate year round. Legends & Lore Common: Minetooth Tower was originally the foreman.s shack when Kerigan was still an indentured servant working the mine. Over the years, he has rebuilt it in stone and expanded it greatly. Uncommon: The remote valleys of the mountain range are the home of many varieties of giants and stray magical beasts. Rare: Some forgotten mines in the mountains still contain riches ready for the taking. Obscure:

Endless Caverns

The Endless Caverns riddle the mountains of FaerieLand and all the ground beneath it. They are the passageways to the underground world inhabited by the deep fey. Its tunnels and grottoes house doorways from FaerieLand to the subterranean doorways of the mortal realms. As the surface world of FaerieLand above, this underground world has doorways to all terrains known in the mortal world. Distance: Distant (DC 20) / Nearby (DC 15) Region: Perilous Mountains Personalities: King Kerigan .Goldentouch. Legends & Lore Common: The Endless Caverns are actually mine shafts that connect with natural caverns and crevasses that lie under FaerieLand. Uncommon: As the surface world of FaerieLand above, this underground world has doorways to all terrains known in the mortal world. Rare: There are a many routes through the Endless Caverns to the Fungal Forest. Obscure:

Pirate Isles

The Pirate Isles rest atop the waves of the Endless Sea at an indeterminate distance from the coast of FaerieLand. They got their name from the frequent use of their seashores by pirates to hide caches of treasure and escape the reach of justice. Little did the rogues know they might not again find their safe haven or the island containing their treasure. One such island prominently features a freshwater lake often used to refresh waning shipboard supplies. Most visitors do not realize that the lake contains the underwater palace of Queen Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, but if they look closely they might be able to spot the banners fluttering in an impossible breeze deep beneath the sun- dappled waters. Distance: Distant (DC 25) Regional Seat: The Palace of the Lake Regent: Queen Nimue, Lady of the Lake Prominent Features: The Maw Seasons: With the surrounding waters of the Endless Sea to moderate their temperatures in the summer months, the Pirate Isles remain cool from spring until autumn. Winter, however, is harsh and the inhabitants of the islands usually head to the mainland for more moderate weather. Rainfall is heavier in the isles than on the mainland throughout the year, and makes for the only uncomfortable feature of summer.high humidity. Legends & Lore Common: It is said that the isles float across the Endless Sea and into the waters of mortal oceans, seeking out ships by which they might be spotted. Uncommon: Numerous treasures can be found on the islands if you can find a map that matches the island on. The island geography, like the rest of FaerieLand, changes to suit the whim of the regent, making treasure hunting that much more difficult. Rare: Travel between islands is just as difficult as traveling from the shore to an island, though rumors persist of a current that will take travelers from one end of the chain to the other. Obscure:

The Maw

In the dark and foggy coastal waters of FaerieLand lies a cluster of small islands. Two of these islands appear to once have been a single larger island, now broken in two to reveal the jagged and dangerous cliffs known as the Maw. This dangerous passage between the two islands links the dark waters of Between and the clear waters of the Twilight Lands. The waters are filled with sharp toothy outcroppings of rock, and large sections of the cliff often fall onto the decks of ships caught in the treacherous strait. Although physically part of the Twilight Lands, the Maw has been overtaken by agents of the Queen of Air and Darkness. Distance: Nearby (DC 15) / Nearby (DC 10) Region: Between Personalities: Menahuni Legends & Lore Common: The Maw is a perilous passage through the dangerous reefs and rough waters of Between. Uncommon: The two rocky cliffs of the sister islands actually move together in an effort to crush ships. As many rocks naturally calve from the cliffs as are thrown by the evil fey above. Rare: Beneath the surface are the shipwrecks of scores of ships caught in the Maw. Obscure: The sunken ships are often stripped of anything valuable or useful by locathah and merfolk, and taken back to their underwater caves beneath the islands.

Sands of Time

In FaerieLand, time does not flow as it does in mortal worlds. Instead, time becomes manifest as it is diverted to  the Sands of Time where time itself constantly piles up into new and wildly placed dunes. When there is frequent traveling between worlds and by large numbers of beings, the erratic time causes the sands are to build up and flow into the adjacent regions. The local fey regularly reclaim their lands, but the distant sands are a region unfriendly to all fey and mortals and therefore have not been tamed. The only being who seems to have any control over the flow of the Sands of Time is the Sand Man. Among mortals they say he sprinkles a little sand into the eyes of mortals whereupon they dream. What mortals do not know is that their dreaming, often spanning more time in dreamland than in the mortal world, helps to stem the growth of the desert by consuming the .errant. flow of time in an alternate manner. Distance: Remote (DC 20) Regional Seat: Dream Regent: The Sand Man Prominent Features: The Doorway of Sorrows, Dream Seasons: The Sands of Time are largely unaffected by the changing of the seasons. The winters find the nights dry and near freezing, while the summers are immensely hot and dehydrating. Even the more moderate seasons of spring and autumn are extremely hot in this wondrous desert. Legends & Lore Common: The desert sands constantly threaten to overtake the regions on which it borders. Uncommon: Mirages seen in the desert are not only due to hallucinations brought on by the heat, but also .time mirages. that reflect events that have happened, are happening, or have not yet happened. If an observer is extremely lucky, the mirages might relay information pertinent to them. Rare: The Sands of Time .desire. to have their depths explored. A person moving to the region must make a Crossing Over feat check or a Will save DC 20. Once pulled into the Distant/Deep sands, travelers can be scattered by storms or by simply wandering too far [as much as 2d10 miles using the d12 deviation diagram on page 68 of the GMG]. Obscure: Storms within the Sands of Time not only throws victims to other worlds on the material plane, but they can also scatter them to other times. This is a prime opportunity for a GM to manipulate the setting of a campaign, if that is desired.

Doorway of Sorrows

Fabled to be the doorway that leads to the Oasis of Sorrows, this sideroad intersects another parallel sideroad from Between to the same destination.a large sand-bowl in the middle of a desert. Whether this destination is merely a waypoint before stepping through a doorway to another location is a mystery. Distance: Remote (DC 35) / Distant (DC 35) Region: Sands of Time Personalities: Guvendi the Doorway Guardian Legends & Lore Common: The Doorway opens to an area surrounded by sand dunes at least week.s ride through the desert in any direction to find the nearest settlements. Uncommon: The Oasis of Sorrows lies beneath the sands, and if one were to dig deep enough, they would uncover water. Rare: Legend has it that barely discernible characters in an ancient dialect of the trade tongue were found chiseled into a stone pillar deep in the gray sand dunes of Rhee. They tell of a clay seal to be sought in the Oasis of Sorrows that, if broken, will shunt the flow of Dreams and empty the Sands of Time into the Prime Material. Obscure: An ancient system of portals opens near the oasis into a dark god.s temple beneath sands. The clay seal can be found there, but what it really does and why it is protected in a temple to an evil god are mysteries lost to the ages.


Dream is an enormous and equally fantastic structure that lies half buried in the encroaching desert of the Sands of Time. Looking upon the structure, it is obvious that it was built by the fey to symbolize the extraordinary visions that people experience while dreaming. What is curious is that each viewer always sees something different when they look upon it.dwarves see a stylized mountain fortress, elves see a gnarled tree house, humans a crystalline castle, etc. The only stable element of all of them is the great golden glass dome at the center of the structure, beneath which rests the court and throne of the Sand Man. Distance: Distant (DC 20) / Nearby (DC 15) Region: Sands of Time Personalities: The Sand Man Legends & Lore Common: Do not wander around in the corridors of Dream unless you are willing and able to fight the creatures of nightmares, for they are stored here along with many fantastic manifestations of dreams. Uncommon: The Citadel of Dream was once the City of Dreams, but the sands have consumed the rest of the city. Rare: Delving beneath the sands and into the City of Dreams can be a highly profitable endeavor if the horrors it contains can be survived. Obscure: The Sand Man has a darker, more twisted reflection of himself injecting nightmares into deserving individuals. The two of them are never encountered in Dream at the same time.

The Shrouded Lands

Surprisingly, the Shrouded Lands are even more mysterious than the lands of Between. A sheet of fog and low-lying clouds have enveloped this region for as long as any fey can recall. Good and neutral fey do not stray too near the region for fear of invoking the wrath of the Queen of Air and Darkness or one of her appointed protectors. Few who have instigated an encounter with these fey creatures have survived to return. Others simply found themselves lost in the hazy vapors of the terrain. Distance: Distant (DC 20) Regional Seat: Unknown Regent: Queen of Air and Darkness Prominent Features: Unknown Seasons: Unknown Legends & Lore Common: The Queen of Air and Darkness used to be the resident ruler of the Shrouded Lands, but now the region is governed by one of her war-mongering generals.until she replaces them with a more recent favorite. Uncommon: The region is guarded by thousands of air elementals, and those that do not stay and fight are bound to seek out reinforcements. What they protect or guard is unknown. Rare: Unsubstantiated rumors of an open-pit diamond mine are drawing interloping mortal prospectors to FaerieLand. Obscure: Somewhere under the mists lay the ancient and forgotten tombs of first rulers of FaerieLand, undisturbed for several millennia.

Stormking Mountains

The Stormking Mountains originally got their name from the ancient ruler of the region, a feeorin who specialize in weather magic known as the Storm King. As time went on, the land around him became known as a place to avoid. Now, somewhere deep in the windswept reaches of the Stormking Mountains is a group of faeries and feeorin calling themselves the Sithe (meaning .silent moving.) who are keeping the Storm King.s work alive. Distance: Remote (DC 25) Regional Seat: Maeve Marrach. Regent: Queen Maeve Prominent Features: n/a Seasons: Getting much of their weather from the neighboring Land of Eternal Autumn, the mountains spend much of the year under briskly cold and extremely windy conditions. Winds ravage the near-barren slopes and valleys of the Stormking Mountains, and rain, snow, and lightning storms frequently strike without warning. Legends & Lore Common: Before venturing into the Stormking Mountains, make sure you are prepared for a long journey. The storms can slow your travel to a crawl. Uncommon: There are many caches of weather manipulating magic items that have been found over the years here. Though the number has been decreasing, people still return with fantastic items now and then. Rare: – Though all of FaerieLand benefits from the research  done by the Storm King, no one is willing to give him credit. Obscure: One of the mages of the Sithe is the cousin of Jack Frost.

The Twilight Lands

Within the darkened border realm of Shadow is the home of most fey.the Twilight Lands. This is the heart of FaerieLand and its one true unified visage.this region reflects what the majority of fey creatures think of when they think of .home.. Distance: Distant (DC 20) Regional Seat: The Great Stone Ring Regent: Elected annually from among the regents of the Twilight Lands Prominent Features: The Great Stone Ring Seasons: All seasons feature prominently in the Twilight Lands, and in fact there are lands where each season never wanes. Legends & Lore Refer to the specific region for more information.

The Great Stone Ring

The Great Stone Ring sits at the geographical and political center of FaerieLand. Coronations of the Faerie Queen or King are made in the ring, and important negotiations are made here. Though not a proper region, the Great Stone Ring is treated as the monarch.s home region while she or he is in power. At the end of their reign, it passes to the next .high ruler. of FaerieLand. Like some mortal worlds. standing stones, the Great Stone Ring acts as a celestial calendar, helping to mark time in the often-timeless Twilight Lands. All faeries know the holidays only by where the sun appears in relation to the stones set in the Great Stone Ring. Distance: Distant (DC 20) / Nearby (DC 15) Region: Twilight Lands Personalities: n/a Legends & Lore Common: The Great Stone Ring can help seers and fortunetellers read the future. Uncommon: The Seelie Court assembled the Great Stone Ring over seven millennia ago. Rare: If you look carefully, you can find traces of fey doorways that seem to be outlined by nearly every pair of Sarsen stones. Apparently no one can remember to where they all go or how to activate them. If anyone does know, no one seems willing to share such knowledge. Obscure: Some fey doorways have many different keys that will activate them, leading the user to different locations.
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Classic Play – The Book of the Planes, copyright 2004 Mongoose Publishing Ltd.

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