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Name Type Source
Abaddon, Supreme Adjudicator creature
Aegis of the Eternal magicitem
Antimagic Ray spell
Arbor Titan creature
Aspect of the Dragon creature
Astaroth creature
Biography Draconis magicitem
Bloodsworn Avenger creature
Bookwyrm, Adult creature
Bookwyrm, Ancient creature
Bookwyrm, Wyrmling creature
Bookwyrm, Young creature
Caldera spell
Catastrophe spell
Chimera creature
Cobblestone Dragon, Adult creature
Cobblestone Dragon, Ancient creature
Cobblestone Dragon, Wyrmling creature
Cobblestone Dragon, Young creature
Determinism spell
Enigma of Nyarlathotep magicitem
Epic Familiar creature
Epic Mount creature
Final Death spell
Flash Freeze spell
Great Old One, Hastur creature
Hail of Deadly Blossoms spell
Hungry Fissure spell
Impossible Labyrinth spell
Kinetic Control spell
Legacy of Wrath magicitem
Megalith spell
Megalith creature
Megalith creature
Mortal Memento magicitem
Obsidian Tombs spell
Prismatic Deluge spell
Pyroclastic Cannon spell
Release the Kraken spell
Sigil Dragon, Adult creature
Sigil Dragon, Ancient creature
Sigil Dragon, Wyrmling creature
Sigil Dragon, Young creature
Sonic Boom spell
Staff of the Hierophants magicitem
Starlight Sentinel creature
The Painted Harlequin creature
True Alchemy spell
Verdant Dragon, Adult creature
Verdant Dragon, Ancient creature
Verdant Dragon, Wyrmling creature
Verdant Dragon, Young creature
Wall of Dissolution spell
Yggdrasil, the World Treant creature
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