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Name Type Publisher Source
Abandoned Phylactery magicitem
Alchemical Spider creature
Animate Magic spell ,
Antimagic Core magicitem
Antimagic Weapon magicitem
Ape, Awakened creature
Arctic Chill spell ,
Artistic Masterpiece magicitem
Book of Truth magicitem
Briefcase of Destinations magicitem
Capricious Naiad creature
Cauldron of Wonders magicitem
Champion of the Wild spell ,
Circle of the Woad classoption ,
Cloud Mind creature
Codex Infernus magicitem
College of Entropy classoption ,
Corkscrew Goblin creature
Creeping Doom spell ,
Crocodile, Plated creature
Curse of the Black Lotus spell ,
Cursed Ghast creature
Cursed Undead Soldier creature
Darkblade magicitem
Death Shroud spell ,
Deathtouched Entropian creature
Deva, Justiciar creature
Discover Truename spell ,
Dragon Lilies magicitem
Dragon Runt, Blue creature
Dragon Runt, Red creature
Draught of Living Death magicitem
Dreadwyrm creature
Drow, Slaver creature
Drow, Slaver Lord creature
Eldritch Cabal classoption ,
Elixir of Animalia magicitem
Enokitake’s Fantastic Fertilizer magicitem
Erlking creature
Fatestealer classoption ,
Fey Jaguar creature
Flickering Flames spell ,
Frozen Crown magicitem
Gargoyle, Ancient creature
Gecko, Whisking creature
Gladiator classoption ,
Goblin Hotman creature
Goblin Minion creature
Goblin Worg-priest creature
Goblin, Big Boss creature
Golem, Butler creature
Golem, Crystal creature
Grim Spirit creature
Haruspex Ward magicitem
Heartjewel magicitem
Hydra, Necrotic creature
Immortal Hunter creature
Iron Scourge creature
Kabloom spell ,
Keeper of Madness creature
Krampus, Mounted creature
Krampus, Winter Terror creature
Levinoss Pearl magicitem
Lightning Anchor magicitem
Maleophage Panacea magicitem
Mantle of the Medusae magicitem
Mechagoblin creature
Multicrank Busterbot creature
Nemesteel Weapon magicitem
Netherclasm spell ,
Oath of Shackles classoption ,
Oculus Worm creature
Orb of Fate magicitem
Orc Lord of The Pit creature
Orc, Battle Shaman creature
Orc, Pitcrawler creature
Orc, War creature
Pact of the Imprisoned classoption ,
Path of the Bonebreaker classoption ,
Planetar, Lesser creature
Potion of Absolute Purity magicitem
Poultice of Mending magicitem
Prime Elemental creature
Pyroclasm spell ,
Rageborn Sunder creature
Ravenous Skull magicitem
Reaper’s Scythe magicitem
Red Harvest spell ,
Revenant creature
Sahuagin Sentry creature
Sahuagin Spellguard creature
Sanguine Urn magicitem
Seastone magicitem
Solar of War creature
Solstice Needle magicitem
Solstice Star magicitem
Soulflayer spell ,
Spellemental, Quixotic creature
Spiritskin magicitem
Sun-Cursed Blood magicitem
Sunwing Down magicitem
Swampfang Spider creature
Swarm of Butcher Gnolls creature
Swarm of Nanobots creature
Swarm of Quasits creature
Talisman of Deceit magicitem
Time in a Bottle magicitem
Trophy Collector classoption ,
True Telekinesis spell ,
Tyranny Domain classoption ,
Vessel of Dreams magicitem
Wand of Acidsap Occlusion magicitem
Way of the Thirsting Reaper classoption ,
Webtouched Lizardfolk creature
Will-o’-Wisp, Greater creature
Winter Wolf of The Pit creature
Yellow Hood magicitem