Name Type Publisher Source
Abbsins Pliable Tail feat
Absorb Jewel feat
Ahool Senses feat
Ahooling Flight feat
Alien Communication feat
Alien Wisdom feat
Amateur Crystalline Cannonade feat
Amateur Psychic Poisoner feat
Amber Wayfarer feat
Arachnid Athletics feat
Audire Shepherd feat
Breath of the Draaki feat
Breath Weapon Crossfire feat
Clanmind feat
Coordinated Fighter feat
Crystalline Diplomat feat
Deadly Maw feat
Discerning Senses feat
Draaki Breath feat
Draaki Savage feat
Draakistorian feat
Drow Blade Master feat
Dry Rambler feat
Dvergr Daredevil feat
Dvergr Pick Master feat
Dweorg Weapon Mastery feat
Evolved Crystal Conductivity feat
Expanding Torso feat
Extra Secret of the Stone feat
Fantasfunglet Liana feat
Fascinating Countenance feat
Forgiving Cheekbones feat
Freeze feat
Gem Fighter feat
Grabbing Jaws feat
Helfire Master feat
Hive Mind feat
Horned Epidermis feat
Hypnotic Predator feat
Ironsinger feat
Jack-in-the-Limb feat
Lasting Vanity feat
Lesser Hive Mind feat
Light-Bringer feat
Maculosfunglets Spores feat
Natural Magician feat
Patient Predator feat
Primal Speaker feat
Scion of the Earth feat
Siktauryi Specialist feat
Slug Knight feat
Smithkin Resistance feat
Spider Speaker feat
Survival Instinct feat
Terrifying Revelation feat
True Draaki feat
Vampiric Charge feat
Vindictive Hatred feat
Wyrmblooded Paragon feat
Yuralith Flight feat
Zwerc Knight feat