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103 Records Found

Name Type Source
Alchemist feat
Anglerfish creature
Animist feat
Arcane Dart creature
Arcane Eyes creature
Arcane Mote creature
Arcane Servitor creature
Arcane Ward creature
Arcane Wisp creature
Arcanist feat
Armadillo creature
Axolotl creature
Basilisk, Whelp creature
Bat, Vampiric creature
Beast Master feat
Beetle, Rhino creature
Blink Dog, Pup creature
Bonded Monster feat
Bronzeback Armadillo creature
Chameleon creature
Clockwork Spider creature
Contained Green Ooze feat
Corpse Crawler creature
Devil, Abhorrent creature
Devil, Alluring creature
Devil, Feasting creature
Devil, Flayer creature
Devil, Searing creature
Devil, Slaughter creature
Devil, Thieving creature
Devil’s Pact feat
Displacer Cub creature
Dog creature
Dragon Hatchling, Red Dragon creature
Dryad’s Hair creature
Electric Eel creature
Elementalist feat
Ember Pup, Runt creature
Faceted Scorpion creature
Fern Wolf creature
Fetal Horror creature
Flailing Snailing creature
Floating Skull creature
Fox creature
Frog, Poison Dart creature
Gearsmith feat
Gibbering Arm creature
Green Ooze feat
Hedgehog creature
Hermit crab creature
Humming Blossom creature
Kith race
Magpie creature
Mechanical Octopus creature
Mephit, Fire creature
Mephit, Ice creature
Mephit, Sand creature
Mephit, Wind creature
Mimic Spawn creature
Monkey creature
Moss Fawn creature
Moth, Giant creature
Mouse creature
Necromancer feat
Nettle Boar creature
Opossum creature
Ossuary Hound creature
Otter creature
Owlbear Cub creature
Pangolin creature
Phoenix Fledgling creature
Quicksilver Fox creature
Rabbit creature
Raccoon creature
Ringkeeper creature
Rust Monster Larva, Hatchling creature
Shade creature
Siegemetal Ram creature
Silent Lurker creature
Siren’s Tail creature
Skunk creature
Sloth creature
Snakeroot creature
Soul Bond feat
Soulbound race
Sphynx Cat creature
Spine Worm creature
Springjaw Centipede Swarm creature
Squirrel creature
Steelwing Moth creature
Sugar Glider creature
Swarm of Nyssian Scarabs creature
Sylvan Keeper feat
Symbiotic Host feat
Thornling creature
Tinker feat
Tomb Cat creature
Turtle creature
Twigling creature
Vargr race
Vatborn race
Walrus creature
Widow’s Blades creature
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