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Name Type Source
Academy of Change Staff magicitem
Adaptive Defense feat
Ambrosia magicitem
Amphion’s Lyre magicitem
Animated Doomgate creature
Antiquarian background
Aqrabuamelu creature
Aquila of the Legion magicitem
Arcane Force Blade magicitem
Archimedes’ Heat Ray magicitem
Areadbhar magicitem
Ark of the Covenant magicitem
Arrow of Heracles magicitem
Auxiliary background
Awaken Location spell
Baetylus Stone magicitem
Bag of Wind magicitem
Bangle of the Kush magicitem
Barkeep’s IOU magicitem
Beast-Kin Saddlecloth magicitem
Bertrandite Sphere magicitem
Blindfold of the Second Order magicitem
Blood Harvest Sickles magicitem
Bloodthirsty Potion magicitem
Bodkin of Merciful Last Words magicitem
Bow and Quiver of Aspelta magicitem
Bow of Apollo magicitem
Bow of Eros magicitem
Bracers of the Sacred Shanty magicitem
Bubble Bind spell
Caduceus Staff magicitem
Caladbolg magicitem
Campfire Expert feat
Cap of Thick Skulls magicitem
Captive’s Collar magicitem
Ceremonial Helm of Agris magicitem
Chalice of Truth magicitem
Chaos Cultist background
Chaos Fruit magicitem
Chariot of Helios magicitem
Cheater’s Deck magicitem
Choker of the Duelist magicitem
Circle of Augury classoption
Circle of Sacrifice classoption
Circlet of Inevitable Death magicitem
Cloak of the Centipede magicitem
Cloud-Stepping Shoes magicitem
Coat of Many Colors magicitem
Coin of Compelling magicitem
Coins of the Final Grudge magicitem
Collar of the Pack magicitem
College of Orpheus classoption
College of Philosophy classoption
College of Ricochets classoption
Combat Medic feat
Combination Striker feat
Commanding Glaive magicitem
Competitor background
Concubine background
Conspirator creature
Cornu of the Legion magicitem
Crowd Pleaser feat
Daedalus Wings magicitem
Dagda’s Cauldron of Plenty magicitem
Dancing Axe magicitem
Darkbomb magicitem
Daydream spell
Dead Sea Scrolls magicitem
Deadpan spell
Death Tempo spell
Denglong Earrings magicitem
Divine Archer classoption
Dread Chain-Hook magicitem
Dual Life-Force Rings magicitem
Dune Runner background
Earthshatter Greatclub magicitem
Elderwood Horn magicitem
Empowered Feed magicitem
Euryale creature
Eye of the Graeae magicitem
Faceless Wanderer spell
Facsimile of Form spell
False Coin magicitem
False Prophecy spell
Flagellant’s Whip magicitem
Flagon of Friendship magicitem
Flame Guard’s Glaive magicitem
Flaming Pearl magicitem
Flesh Alchemist feat
Flute of the Depths magicitem
Fortune Domain classoption
Fruit of Life magicitem
Gáe Bulg magicitem
Gallu creature
Ganjiang magicitem
Gegenees creature
Girdle of Aphrodite magicitem
Girdle of Buoyancy magicitem
God-Blooded Sorcerer classoption
Gravity Trap spell
Greek Hero classoption
Grovetender background
Guandao of Momentum magicitem
Gynosphinx creature
Hammer of Hephaestus magicitem
Helm of Hades magicitem
Helm of the Aquilifer magicitem
Heron creature
Hieracosphinx creature
Hoplite classoption
Hungry Grass magicitem
Icegrip Mantle magicitem
Illusory Advisor spell
Imperial Conscript background
Information Imprint spell
Ingot’s Ale Spout magicitem
Ivory Qilin magicitem
Jailer of the Earth spell
Joshua’s Shofar magicitem
Kinetic Boots magicitem
Legion Veteran’s Shield magicitem
Legionnaire classoption
Liars’ Lantern magicitem
Lifeforce Impact spell
Lorg Mór magicitem
Lotus Fruit magicitem
Maul of Gore magicitem
Messenger’s Fruit magicitem
Minotaur’s Septum Ring magicitem
Mirror of Ur-Zababa magicitem
Mixologist feat
Moly magicitem
Moon Leech magicitem
Moye magicitem
Mustache Caterpillar magicitem
Nebu magicitem
Necklace of Harmonia magicitem
Necklace of Separation magicitem
Nemean Lion Hide magicitem
Noble Coat magicitem
Norigae of Protection magicitem
Oath of Autonomy classoption
Oath of Justice classoption
Olympic Athlete feat
Oracle classoption
Orna magicitem
Pact of Chaos classoption
Pact of Mummification classoption
Palace Musician background
Pankration classoption
Paranoia spell
Parazonium magicitem
Path of the Gladiator classoption
Patrician background
Pendant of Common Sense magicitem
Perilous Casting feat
Phantom Banisher spell
Pheme’s Trumpet magicitem
Phoenix Coronet magicitem
Pirate classoption
Plague Domain classoption
Playwright background
Possession spell
Primordial Goo magicitem
Púca creature
Qilin creature
Racked Seraph creature
Radiate Crown magicitem
Raindrop Earrings magicitem
Rallying Standard magicitem
Ramping Beam spell
Ring of the Aristocrat magicitem
Ring of the Long March magicitem
Ring of Unexpected Might magicitem
Rod of Arcane Feedback magicitem
Rod of Asclepius magicitem
Rod of Bastet magicitem
Sandals of Immediate Response magicitem
Satyr’s Cup of Debauchery magicitem
Scarab Ring magicitem
Scorzak creature
Sea Serpent background
Seal of Solomon magicitem
Sem Priest background
Serpent’s Armbands magicitem
Shadow-Bolt Crossbow magicitem
Sharur magicitem
Shield of Vengeance magicitem
Shirt of Nessus magicitem
Silent Alarm spell
Silphium magicitem
Slippery Armor magicitem
Slippery Toad Lens magicitem
Slumber Bomb magicitem
Solomon’s Shamir magicitem
Sovereign Scholar background
Sovereign Student classoption
Spawn of Tiamat creature
Spear of the Formation magicitem
Spear of the Scribes magicitem
Spectral Circlet magicitem
Spell Mirror magicitem
Splitting Daggers magicitem
Staff of Powerful Magicks magicitem
Staff of Subtlety magicitem
Stance Warrior feat
Sub-Brain magicitem
Summon Salvager spell
Sundering Pick magicitem
Sword of Goujian magicitem
Sword of Mars magicitem
Takedown Specialist feat
Tenet Brand spell
Tense Wristbands magicitem
The Aegis magicitem
The Golden Fleece magicitem
The Golden Throne magicitem
The Khepresh of Karnak magicitem
The Spear of Lugh magicitem
Thunderbolt of Zeus magicitem
Thunderstick magicitem
Thyrsus Staff magicitem
Toe Rings of Comfort magicitem
Torc of Cold Truth magicitem
Tribune of the Plebs background
Trick Shot spell
Trident of Poseidon magicitem
Udug creature
Vapors of Delphi magicitem
Vaulter feat
Veil of Mixed Signals magicitem
Vile Censer magicitem
Violent Fortification spell
Vital Contract spell
Volatile Decay spell
Wand of Spicy Surprises magicitem
Wanderer background
Water of Lethe magicitem
Way of Gunpowder classoption
Way of the Monkey King classoption
Weapon of Sacrifice magicitem
Weights of the World magicitem
Whetstone of Sharpening magicitem
Whirlwind Flail magicitem
Wine of Dependence magicitem
Winged Sandals of Hermes magicitem
Yao Grass magicitem
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