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Name Type Source
A Taste of Power feat
Androsphinx creature
Animal Whisperer background
Balance Domain classoption
Bee Keeper background
Breath of Frost spell
Circle of the Predator classoption
Circle of the Songbird classoption
Circle of the Swarm classoption
Dragon Feats page
Dragon Templates template
Eldritch Power feat
Eldryn race
Elemental Conduit background
Encouraging Words spell ,
Ethereal Sorcerer Origin classoption
Fated Sorcerer classoption
Fey Realm Sorcerer Origin classoption
Giant, Cloud creature
Giant, Fire creature
Giant, Frost creature
Green Thumb background
Hag Blooded Sorcerer Origin classoption
Mithral Dragon, Adult creature
Mithral Dragon, Ancient creature
Mithral Dragon, Elder creature
Mithral Dragon, Great Wyrm creature
Mithral Dragon, Juvenile creature
Mithral Dragon, Mature Adult creature
Mithral Dragon, Old creature
Mithral Dragon, Very Young creature
Mithral Dragon, Wyrm creature
Mithral Dragon, Wyrmling creature
Mithral Dragon, Young creature
Mithral Dragon, Young Adult creature
Mutation Domain classoption
Negative Plane Sorcerer Origin classoption
Oath of Enlightenment classoption
Oath of Illumination classoption
Oath of the Phoenix classoption
Oath of the Rose classoption
Oath of the Shepherd classoption
Planar Suffused Sorcerer Origin classoption
Porter background
Positive Energy Sorcerer Origin classoption
Rime-Touched Sorcerer Origin classoption
Robingoodfellowes classoption ,
Rockling race
Scaled Sorcerer Origin classoption
Secrets Domain classoption
The Set Costs More! feat
Translator background
Violent Motivation feat
Vocal Virtuoso feat
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