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52 Records Found

Name Type Publisher Source
Abomination, Greater creature
Abomination, Lesser creature
Ash Nomad creature
Barrage of Root Behemoths creature
Blight Wolf creature
Bubble Sea Horse creature
Circle of Lunar Witnesses creature
Colony of Mildew Zombies creature
Fleet of Scalder Crabs creature
Fright of Morbid Haunts creature
Ghul creature
Giant Sea Horse creature
Hiding Sea Horse creature
Ice Worm creature
Living Memory creature
Lunar Witness creature
Memortis creature
Mildew Carrier creature
Mildew Zombie creature
Morbid Haunt creature
Moth Mother creature
Obsidian Spider creature
Ogre, Shadow creature
Pale Lady creature
Paperkin creature
Patch of Pumpkin Jacks creature
Patchwork Sea Horse creature
Phantom Stalker creature
Phantom Veil creature
Puffle creature
Pumpkin Jack creature
Resembler creature
Root Behemoth creature
Scalder Crab creature
Sea Horse creature
Shadowlight Moth creature
Shadowlight Moth Swarm creature
Swarm of Bubble Sea Horses creature
Swarm of Giant Sea Horses creature
Swarm of Hiding Sea Horses creature
Swarm of Knighted Magpies creature
Swarm of Living Memories creature
Swarm of Obsidian Spiders creature
Swarm of Phantom Veils creature
Swarm of Poisonous Sea Horses creature
Swarm of Puffles creature
Swarm of Ravens creature
Swarm of Scavenger Squid creature
The Magpie Count creature
Vampire, Nosferatu creature
Wendigo creature
White Wolf creature
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