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Name Type Source
Aberrant race
Aid of the Holy Mages spell
Almighty Weapon spell
Amarashi creature
Ancestor of Glory creature
Anchor spell
Anchor Point spell
Angel Armor magicitem
Angel Feathers spell
Angel of Alchemy creature
Angel of Dreams creature
Angel of Flames creature
Angel of Gates creature
Angel of Honor creature
Angel of Inspiration creature
Angel of the Dark creature
Angel of the Wind creature
Angel Soul creature
Angel, Diamond creature
Angel, Guardian creature
Angel, Iron creature
Angel, Oath creature
Angelfall spell
Angelic Emissary creature
Angelic Executioner spell
Angelic Legion creature
Angelic Might spell
Angelic Smite spell
Anointer creature
Armor of Intervention magicitem
Armor of the Zealot magicitem
Awakening the Flesh spell
Bind Soul spell
Black Armor of the Inquisition magicitem
Blessed Wine spell
Blessing of the Martyr spell
Blind Justice creature
Blood of a Saint spell
Bone of the Blessed spell
Burden of Sins spell
Burning Halo spell
Calm Mind spell
Capybara creature
Celestial Chains spell
Celestial Eagle creature
Celestial Sphinx creature
Celestial Squire creature
Celestial Warhorse creature
Chain Smite spell
Changing Feather spell
Charge of Glory spell
Cherubim creature
Chime of Arrogance spell
Circle of Bones classoption
Circle of Consuming flames classoption
Circle of Pestilence classoption
Cleaving Smite spell
College of Banshee/Siren classoption
College of Revelry classoption
College of Woe classoption
Condemn Thievery spell
Conjure Starfly spell
Constant Reshape spell
Corpse Knight classoption
Crystal Belly creature
Curse of False Armor spell
Cutting Leaves spell
Dark Arts Militant classoption
Dark Templar classoption
Dedicated spell
Delayed Healing Aura spell
Devour classoption
Dictate Morality spell
Divine Feline creature
Divine Owlbear creature
Divine Visions spell
Elemental, Light creature
Endow Life spell
Enhance Perception spell
Essence of the Flame creature
Exalted Hunter creature
Exclusion spell
Eyes of the Celestial Warriors spell
Faith Burst spell
Fall from Heaven spell
Fallen Angel race
Feathers of the Angels magicitem
Fiend Hunter creature
Fiendish Trickster classoption
Final Words spell
Firefly Fairy creature
Forgiving Spirit creature
Forsaken Hunter classoption
Fountain of Blessing spell
Garden of Heaven spell
Gates of Heaven spell
Giant, Shaper creature
Glass Colossus creature
Glass Wings spell
Golden Fog spell
Gore Gladiator classoption
Grace spell
Grave Protector creature
Guardian of the Light creature
Hallowed Altar spell
Healer Priest creature
Healing Ball spell
Healing Pool creature
Heretics’ Mark spell
Holy Chains of the Divine spell
Holy Verdict: Mercy spell
Holy Verdict: Redemption spell
Holy Verdict: Retribution spell
Holy Verdict: Vengeance spell
Holy Verdict: Wrath spell
Illusionary Divine Choir spell
Incandescent Sword magicitem
Inure Abjuration spell
Invisible to Mind’s Eye spell
Irymidia magicitem
Judgment of the Sun spell
Kingdom Come spell
Knight Dragon creature
Knight Dragon, Champion creature
Knight Dragon, Squire creature
Knight Dragon, Veteran creature
Lawmaker spell
Light at the End of the Tunnel spell
Light Sensitivity spell
Locate Soul spell
Look of Righteousness spell
Manymany creature
Mark of Righteous Return spell
Martyr’s Spear spell
Mass Purification spell
Merciful Gesture spell
Merciful Touch spell
Might of Nature spell
Might of the Divine Ruler spell
Mimic of Love creature
Mindblinder magicitem
Mindful Insight spell
Mnemonic Residue spell
Mortal Reaper classoption
Night’s Veil spell
Oath of Tyranny classoption
Oath of Undoing classoption
One-Eyed Crow creature
Ophanim creature
Orb of Trials creature
Path of Fiendish Rage classoption
Path of the Deviator classoption
Personal Heaven spell
Phoenix Armor magicitem
Phoenix, Lesser creature
Piercing Rain spell
Pillar of Thousand Blessings spell
Potion of Dignity magicitem
Radiant Storm spell
Radiant Wayfinder spell
Rain of Holy Fire spell
Rampage classoption
Redeemer of Souls spell
Redemption Through Pain spell
Refined Leaf Tea magicitem
Reflecting Ward spell
Relentless Conqueror magicitem
Relentless Fortitude spell
Remnant race
Repenter magicitem
Rootless Tree creature
Sacred Witness creature
Sanctified Angel creature
Scourge of the Seas classoption
Scourging Smite spell
Second Breath magicitem
Seer creature
Shade classoption
Shadowkin race
Shape of the Wind spell
Shield of Divine Spark magicitem
Shielded by the Graves spell
Silver Grapple spell
Silver-Horned Tiger creature
Sinner’s Mark spell
Slaying Light spell
Sleep of the Sinful spell
Solar Apocalypse spell
Songster creature
Soul Guide creature
Soul Stealer classoption
Spark of Hope creature
Sphere of Protection spell
Sphere of Vitality spell
Spirit of Love creature
Spirit of Redemption creature
Split Spirit spell
Star Incarnate creature
Starfly creature
Sword of the Sun magicitem
Sworn Protector creature
Teleport to Companion spell
Temple’s Denial spell
Tentacle Blade classoption
Trick Question spell
Trident of Survival magicitem
Twin of Light spell
Ukradolo creature
Unicorn, Winged creature
Vital Warning spell
Way of Ooze classoption
Way of Pain classoption
Way of the Skin classoption
Way of the Void classoption
Weapon of Holy Divines spell
Weapon of the Hero spell
Weaponification spell
Wicked Fighter classoption
Will of Swords magicitem
Witch class
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