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Publisher: Eldritch Press

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Name Type Source
Chearthra (Druid) creature
Dark Touch spell
Druidic Aspirant creature
Eldritch Sacrifice spell
Encrusted Zombie creature
Entaro’s Impermeable Bubble spell
Eyes of Charming magicitem
Frenzy Drum magicitem
Frightful Steed spell
Frost Bone Hammer magicitem
Giant Ambush Spider creature
Giant Hunter Turtle creature
Goblin Elite creature
Gold Skull Talisman magicitem
Golem, Flesh (Umbral) creature
Hag Cauldron magicitem
Half Orc Thug creature
Hangman Creeper creature
Liar’s Ring magicitem
Living Flame creature
Massive Fiddler Crab creature
Mephit, Shadow creature
Mind Fog spell
Obscure Realignment spell
Patron’s Embrace spell
Potion of Restoration magicitem
Proscribed Prose spell
Sailor creature
Satyr’s Flute magicitem
Shadefire spell
Shadow Claw spell
Shadow Tendril creature
Staff of Claws magicitem
Stone of Sealing magicitem
Swarm-o’-wisps creature
Tem’s Proscribed Prose spell
Valiant magicitem
Wereboar Guard creature
Wispling creature
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