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Name Type Publisher Source
Agropelter creature
Air Wave spell
Alchemical Artillerist feat
Arcane Reconnaissance spell
Aspect of the Moon spell
Barbaric Shout feat
Cardshark feat
Cartomancy feat
Chosen of Fortune feat
Circle of Birds and Beasts classoption
Circle of Life classoption
Circle of the Elements classoption
Cunning Strike spell
Dreaming Tree creature
Expeditious Alchemy feat
Explosive Strength spell
Flower Mouse creature
Golden Goat creature
Hazel Fish creature
Herculean Force spell
Inferno Strike spell
Intuitive Diviner feat
Jackalope creature
Mirage Butterfly creature
Moon Horse creature
Mutual Hatred spell
Ochokochi creature
Paladin’s Sacred Oath: Courage classoption
Pernicious Poisoner feat
Poludnitsa creature
Primal Stalker spell
Puckwudgie creature
Samovila creature
Shadow Weapon spell
Spirit Divine Domain classoption
Steel Drive spell
Swarm of Flower Mice creature
Swarm of Mirage Butterflies creature
Sylvan Manx creature
Sylvan Spaniel creature
Template: Fey Dragon template
Template: Memory Dragon template
The Haunted Fighter classoption
Viy creature
Wampus Cat creature
Wolfsblood Barbarian Path classoption