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Name Type Source
Accelerando spell
Achilles creature
Agropelter creature
Air Wave spell
Aladdin creature
Alchemical Artillerist feat
Allan Quatermain creature
Anne Bonny creature
Antaeus creature
Anzû creature
Arachne creature
Arcane Reconnaissance spell
Aspect of the Moon spell
Atalanta creature
Baba Yaga creature
Balor creature
Barbaric Shout feat
Battlecry Ballad spell
Beowulf creature
Billy The Kid creature
Blackbeard creature
Blade of Grass spell
Cardshark feat
Cartomancy feat
Chosen of Fortune feat
Circle of Birds and Beasts classoption
Circle of Life classoption
Circle of the Elements classoption
Circular Breathing spell
Cobra’s Spit spell
Conjure Nature’s Sleigh spell
Crowd Pleaser spell
Cunning Strike spell
Detect or Deflect Scent spell
Diseases page
Dramatic Sting spell
Dreaming Tree creature
Droplets of Invigoration spell
Druidhome spell
Earth Barrier spell
Earthen Prison spell
Earworm spell
Evergreen Army spell
Expeditious Alchemy feat
Explosive Strength spell
Fey Dragon template
Flower Mouse creature
Golden Goat creature
Grapevine spell
Guardian of the Living spell
Halo of Rejuvenation spell
Harmonic Resonance spell
Hazel Fish creature
Herculean Force spell
Inferno Strike spell
Intuitive Diviner feat
Jackalope creature
King Arthur creature
Know the True Form spell
Life Seed spell
Master Herbalist feat
Memory Dragon template
Mirage Butterfly creature
Moon Horse creature
Mutual Hatred spell
Nature’s Remedies- Herbalism in Fantasy page
Nature’s Fury spell
Nature’s Ward spell
Oath of Courage classoption
Ochokochi creature
Pallid Piper creature
Pernicious Poisoner feat
Pestilence spell
Phase Spider, Giant creature
Poison Skin spell
Poludnitsa creature
Pox, Wyrmling creature
Primal Stalker spell
Puckwudgie creature
Rebirth spell
Regrowth spell
Resonating Solo spell
Samovila creature
Seed Bomb spell
Shadow Weapon spell
Shield of Honor spell
Spirit classoption
Sporesight spell
Steel Drive spell
Strands of Life spell
Strike Up the Band spell
Suppress Pain spell
Swamp Monster creature
Swarm of Flower Mice creature
Swarm of Mirage Butterflies creature
Sylvan Manx creature
Sylvan Spaniel creature
Tearful Sonnet spell
The Haunted Fighter classoption
Venomous Succor spell
Virtue spell
Viy creature
Wampus Cat creature
Warrior’s Blessing spell
Wolfsbane spell
Wolfsblood classoption
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