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Name Type Source
Aasimar race
Abandoned background
Apefolk race
Arctic Sculptor (Cold) feat
Arctic Survivor feat
Befuddle spell
Blood Gem magicitem
Boar Tusk Amulet magicitem
Caliban race
Changeling race
College of Pipers classoption
College of Primal Rhythms classoption
Craft Wonder spell
Cruel Rider creature
Curse Object spell
Dancing Devil creature
Dim the Moon spell
Discern Monster spell
Equipment of Quality page
Exiled background
Fire Caster magicitem
Foretold background
Friend of Death feat
Frozen Fortitude feat
Grave Knowledge feat
Grave Sight feat
Graveborn race
Healing Fruit magicitem
Hunter’s Senses spell
Huntsman classoption
Janus Draconis creature
Kitsune race
Leaf Cloak of Wonders magicitem
Meteor Shard magicitem
Mountain Queen creature
Neanderthal race
Oracular Domain classoption
Power Word: Stop spell
Ravenfolk race
Riddle spell
Royalty Sorcerer Bloodline classoption
Saurian race
Saurian race
Shadeling race
Skeletal Pterodactyl creature
Stag Heart magicitem
Survivalist feat
Talky Crow creature
The Fist (Martial Archetype) classoption
The Rumple creature
The Woods Warlock Patron classoption
Thunder Spear magicitem
Time Stop Water magicitem
Volcano (Warlock Patron) classoption
Warding Domain classoption
Waters of Truth spell
Were-kin race
Woodcutter classoption
Wretched race
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