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Name Type Publisher Source
Abbot creature
Abyssal Harvester creature
Abyssal Larva creature
Acolyte of Orcus creature
Acolyte of Tsathogga creature
Adherer creature
Aeon creature
Aerial Assault Gnome creature
Aerial Servant creature
Afya Archmage creature
Afya Elemental Overlord creature
Algoid creature
Allip (Frog God Games) creature
Amalgamation creature
Amphisbaena creature
Amurru creature
Angel, Chalkydri creature
Angel, Fallen Empyreal creature
Animated Book creature
Animated Chains creature ,
Animated Darkwood Desk creature
Animated Object, Demon-Possessed Doll creature
Animated Object, Giant Foo Dog Statue creature
Animated Object, Small creature
Animated Object, Tiny creature
Ant Lion creature
Ant, Giant creature
Ant, Giant (Queen) creature
Ant, Giant (Warrior) creature
Ant, Giant (Worker) creature
Ape, Giant Carnivorous creature
Apprentice Mage creature
Aranea creature
Arcanoplasm creature
Archer Bush creature
Army Skeleton creature
Army Zombie creature
Ashfallen creature
Asrai creature
Assassin Vine creature
Astral Ronin creature
Avoral creature
Azer Cleric creature
Azer Elite creature
Azer Soldier creature
Bandit Lord creature
Banshee creature
Barbegazi (Ice Gnome) creature
Barghest, Greater creature
Basalt Warhound creature
Basilisk, Abyssal, Greater creature
Basilisk, Crimson creature
Basilisk, Crystal creature
Bear, Cave creature
Bebilith creature
Bedlam creature
Beetle, Blister creature
Beetle, Cave creature
Beetle, Death Watch creature
Beetle, Giant Rhinoceros creature
Beetle, Giant Stag creature
Beetle, Goliath creature
Beetle, Ravager creature
Beetle, Requiem creature
Beetle, Rhinoceros creature
Beetle, Saw-Toothed creature
Beetle, Stench creature
Beetle, Water creature
Beetlor creature
Belabra creature
Belker Prince creature
Berserker creature
Biclops creature
Bileborn creature
Bird, Albatross creature
Bird, Blindingcrow creature
Bird, Canary creature
Bird, Cockerel creature
Bloodsuckle (Frog God Games) creature
Bloody Bones (Frog God Games, LLC) creature
Boarfolk Rager creature
Bodak Priest creature
Body Snatcher creature
Bog Beast creature
Bog Creeper creature
Bog Lantern creature
Bombardier Beetle, Giant (Frog God Games) creature
Bone Crawler creature
Bone Reaper Reflection creature
Bone Swarm (Frog God Games) creature
Bone Warrior creature
Bonesucker creature
Bronze Minotaur creature
Brown Mold creature
Cadaver creature
Carrion Claw creature
Cheitan creature
Choromos Swarm creature
Crabman creature
Crathog creature
Crayfish, Giant creature
Crimson Death creature
Cryohydra, Elder creature
Dagon, Demon Lord Prince of the Sea creature
Death creature
Death Cow creature
Death Dog, Fiendish creature
Death Worm creature
Decapus creature
Demon Lord, Kostchtchie, Demon Lord of Wrath creature
Demon Lord, Maphistal, Second of Orcus creature
Demon Lord, Orcus, Demon Prince of the Undead creature
Demon Lord, Pazuzu, Demon Prince of Air creature
Demon Lord, Sonechard, General of Orcus creature
Demon Lord, Tsathogga, The Frog God creature
Demon Spider creature
Demon, Gharros creature
Demon, Mehrim (Goat Demon) creature
Demonic Knight creature
Demonic Knight creature
Demonic Mist creature
Denizen of Leng (Frog God Games) creature
Devil, Cerberus creature
Devil, Lilin creature
Dog, Medium creature
Dog, Small creature
Dog, Tiny creature
Doombat creature
Dragon Crab creature
Dragon, Smoke (Small) creature
Drake, Fire creature
Drake, Salt creature
Dwarf, Frost creature
Elemental, Ragefire creature
Encephalon Gorger creature
Eremite creature
Eye of the Deep creature
Fleshgine, Haunted Carriage creature
Fleshgine, Macabre Lift creature
Fleshgine, Mighty Pump creature
Flumph creature
Flumph (Leader) creature
Flumph Hunter creature
Flumph Master Hunter creature
Flumph Protector creature
Flumph, Common creature
Fly, Giant creature
Flying Skull creature
Fogwarden creature
Gallows Tree Zombie creature
Gar, Giant creature
Ghost (Storm Giant) creature
Ghost of a Master creature
Ghost, Greater creature
Ghoul Wolf creature
Ghoul, Gravid creature
Ghoulish Merfolk creature
Ghul Efreeti creature
Ghul Noble creature
Giant, Sand creature
Giant, Sea creature
Giant, Smoke creature
Giant, Stone (Young) creature
Giant, Volcano creature
Giant, Wood creature
Gibbering Abomination creature
Gibbering Orb creature
Gibbering Orb, Lesser creature
Glass Wyrm creature
Gloom Crawler creature
Goblin Shaman (Frog God Games) creature
Goblin Slaver creature
Goblin Thug creature
Goblin Torturer creature
Goblin Underpriest of Orcus creature
Goblin Warrior creature
Golem, Brass creature ,
Golem, Ice creature
Golem, Lesser Flesh creature
Golem, Magnesium creature
Golem, Mithral (Frog God Games) creature
Golem, Necromantic creature
Golem, Ooze creature
Golem, Orcus creature
Golem, Rope creature
Golem, Stone, Greater creature
Golem, Tallow creature
Golem, Witch-Doll creature
Golem, Wood (Frog God Games) creature
Gorgimera creature
Gray Nisp creature
Guardian Cimota creature
Gug (Frog God Games) creature
Gutslug creature
Ha-Naga creature
Half-Ogre Enforcer creature
Hangman Tree, Greater creature
Hate-Owl creature
Hell Moth creature
Hellbender creature
Hellcat creature
Herald of Darkness (Frog God Games) creature
Hog, Giant creature
Huecuva creature
Human, Crazed Cannibal creature
Inaed creature
Iron Cobra creature
Jelly, Crimson creature
Jelly, Mustard creature
Jynx creature
Karina creature
Kathlin creature
Kerberus (Frog God Games) creature
Ki-rin creature
Killer Frog creature
Killer Shrew creature
King Rat creature
Knight Gaunt creature
Kobold Assassin creature
Kobold Chieftain (Frog God Games) creature
Kraken, Sand creature
Kytha creature
Lantern Goat creature
Lava Child creature
Lavawight creature
Leech, Cave creature
Leech, Giant (Frog God Games) creature
Lemure Mass creature
Leng Spider (Frog God Games) creature
Leprechaun creature
Leucrotta (Frog God Games) creature
Lion, Dire creature
Lizard, Gnasher creature
Lost Limb creature
Lurker Above creature
Lynx creature
Lythic creature
Magmoid creature
Malignant Mouth creature
Mammoth, Woolly creature
Mandragora creature
Mandrake (Frog God Games) creature
Mantidrake creature
Margoyle, Advanced creature
Marid creature
Marsh Jelly creature
Megaloceros (Frog God Games) creature
Megaraptor, Blind Fiendish creature
Mephit, Air creature
Mephit, Earth creature
Mephit, Fire creature
Mephit, Lightning creature
Mimic, Undead creature
Monkey (Frog God Games) creature
Monkey, Magical creature
Moon Beast (Frog God Games) creature
Mordnaissant creature
Morlock (Frog God Games) creature
Mu Spore (Frog God Games) creature
Mummy creature
Mummy Lord creature
Mummy of the Deep creature
Mummy Priest of Orcus creature
Mummy, Djinn creature
Mummy, Greater creature
Mummy, Guardian creature
Mustard Jelly creature
Naga, Dark creature
Naga, Guardian (Fiendish) creature
Naga, Water creature
Negotiator feat
Neothelid creature
Netherspark creature
Nymph, Fire creature
Obsidian Minotaur creature
Oil Shark creature
Onyx Deer creature
Ooze, Undead creature
Ophidian (Frog God Games) creature
Orc, Greenskin Elfhunter creature
Ox, Giant creature
Pixie creature
Priest of Orcus (Challenge 10) creature
Priest of Orcus (Challenge 6) creature
Priest of Tsathogga creature
Pteranodon creature
Purple Worm, Fiendish creature
Pyrohydra, Twelve-headed creature
Python, Lockjaw creature
Quantum creature
Raggoth creature
Rakklethorn Toad creature
Ravager Spawn (Brawler) creature
Ravager Spawn (Crawler) creature
Ravager Spawn (Flier) creature
Ravager, Brawler creature
Ravager, Crawler creature
Ravager, Flier creature
Roach-Man creature
Sahuagin Acolyte creature
Sahuagin Four-Armed creature
Sahuagin High Priest creature
Sahuagin Lord creature
Sahuagin Shaman creature
Salamander Monarch (Frog God Games) creature
Salamander Noble creature
Salamander Noble Priest creature
Sea Serpent, Deep Hunter creature
Sepia Snake creature
Shadow Hunter creature
Shadow Hunter Hatchling creature
Shantak (Frog God Games) creature
Shape of Fire creature
Shining Child creature
Siren (Frog God Games) creature
Skeletal Knight creature
Skeleton, Black creature
Skeleton, Lead creature
Slime Crawler, Larval creature
Slime Crawler, Mature creature
Sloth, Giant (Frog God Games) creature
Stag Beetle, Giant creature
Stegocentipede creature
Stirge Swarm creature
Survivor feat
Sword Wight creature
Tangtal (Challenge 1) creature
Tangtal (Challenge 4) creature
The Horned Lord creature
Tick, Giant creature
Tick, Giant creature
Titan Cyclops creature
Topiary Beast creature
Trapper creature
Treant, Stone creature
Treant, Vampiric creature
Troblin creature
Troll, River (Frog God Games) creature
Troll, Rock creature
Troll, Swamp (Frog God Games) creature
Tsathar creature
Tsathar Monk creature
Tsathar Priest creature
Tsathar Sorcerer creature
Tunnel Worm creature
Undead Hummingbird Swarm creature
Underpriest of Orcus creature
Valkyrie (Frog God Games) creature
Vampire Lord (Frog God Games) creature
Vampire Warlord creature
Water Weird creature
Wight, Barrow creature
Wight, Barrow creature
Wilderness Knight creature
Witchlight (Frog God Games) creature
Witchlight, Elder creature
Wizard’s Shackle creature
Worm That Walks creature
Wraith, Oblivion creature
Yeti creature
Yithian creature
Zombie Horde creature
Zombie, Ancient Black Dragon creature
Zombie, Basilisk creature
Zombie, Behir creature
Zombie, Brain-Eating creature
Zombie, Brine creature
Zombie, Carcharodron creature
Zombie, Cauldron-born creature
Zombie, Fire Beetle creature
Zombie, Giant Crayfish creature
Zombie, Giant Octopus creature
Zombie, Giant Rat creature
Zombie, Gray Render creature
Zombie, Gug creature
Zombie, Juju creature
Zombie, Otyugh creature
Zombie, Plague creature
Zombie, Purple Worm creature
Zombie, Pyre creature
Zombie, Rhinoceros Beetle creature
Zombie, Spellgorged creature
Zombie, Strangling creature
Zombie, Troll creature
Zombie, Vrock creature
Zombie, Warhorse creature
Zombie, Yellow Mold Encrusted Troll creature