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Publisher: Ghostfire Gaming

74 Records Found

Name Type Source
Amorphous Horror creature
Angel of Empyreus creature
Anguisher creature
Animated Flame Tongue creature
Apparmarole creature
Arcane Anomaly, Chalk Chatterling creature
Arcane Anomaly, Inkfester creature
Arcane Anomaly, Tallow Toad creature
Arcanist Inquisitor, Hunter creature
Arcanist Inquisitor, Judge creature
Arcanist Inquisitor, Knight creature
Arcanist Inquisitor, Priest creature
Arcanist Inquisitor, Warder creature
Beast Blight, Faith Finch creature
Beast Blight, Pox Dog creature
Beast Blight, Sitri Cat creature
Bladewhirl creature
Blazehorn creature
Blightwalker creature
Blightwind creature
Blood Brooder creature
Blood Bulb creature
Blood Ooze creature
Blood Tracker creature
Bloodbonded creature
Bloodwood Giant creature
Bloodwood Giant Chieftain creature
Bloodwood Giant, Vine Caller creature
Bloody Avenue creature
Bog Crawler creature
Bogfoul creature
Bolejack creature
Bone Trader creature
Braerog creature
Bugbear race
Bugbear Thrall creature
Cadeer creature
Candlelight Daemon creature
Caprathorn creature
Carvaloth creature
Catacomb Haunt creature
Cauchemange, Corporeal creature
Cauchemange, Incorporeal creature
Cauchemange, Larva creature
Deathmoss creature
Faevlin race
Forgeblight creature
Gnoll race
Grudgel race
Jungeist creature
Lupilisk creature
Lupilisk Elder creature
Lupilisk Whelp creature
Magebane Ooze creature
Mageplant, Flash Freeze creature
Mageplant, Lightning Vine creature
Mageplant, Thunderblossom creature
Maiden’s Hair, Greater creature
Maiden’s Hair, Lesser creature
Malcinder creature
Malcinder Alpha creature
Malefic Broker creature
Malikirian Imp creature
Marra creature
Maskenmagier creature
Mausgeist creature
Memori Lich creature
Morbus Kobold race
Rage-Infected Bugbear creature
Shifting Hulk creature
Thornlamm creature
Werebear Ascetic creature
Werewolf Ravager creature
Whipskein Horror creature
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