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Name Type Source
Animist feat
Ariser feat
Ashborn creature
Body Control feat
Buccaneer classoption
Circle of the Clans classoption
Clinging Shambler creature
Clockwork Creature template
Clockwork Sprite creature
College of the Roads classoption
Crawling Shambler creature
Darkfiend Vulture creature
Fey Noble creature
Fey Reveler creature
Fiendish Creature template
Gloomwraith creature
Grim Aggregate (Large) creature
Grisly Remnant, Vile Limb creature
Grisly Remnant, Viscera creature
Night People race
Oath of the Rose classoption
Path of the Wasteland classoption
Peacekeeper classoption
Primal classoption
Psychic feat
Psychic Shield feat
Psychic Weapon feat
Radiant Domain classoption
Reawakened background
Rebel classoption
Refugee background
Rhy-cat creature
Rhy-Fen creature
Rhy-horse creature
Rhy-wolf creature
Rhydan race
School of the Psyche classoption
Sea-folk race
Seer feat
Serpent People race
Serpentkin classoption
Shadow Hunter classoption
Shadow Wolf creature
Shadow-Scarred background
Shadow-Touched Creature template
Shaper feat
The Autumn King classoption
The Winter Queen classoption
Valor classoption
Vata race
Way of the Spirit Dance classoption
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