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Name Type Source
Affliction spell
Amulet of the Voided Mind magicitem
Banshee’s Anguish spell
Basilisk, Gloom creature
Belongings of the Sanguis Lord (Magic Item Set) magicitem
Blessing of the Void spell
Bloodforged Blade magicitem
Cold Edge of the Void spell
Cold Weather Camping & Resting page
Conjure Shadows spell
Corpse Hound creature
Corpse Vulture creature
Corpse Wolf creature
Dark Dimension spell
Dark Fireball spell
Dark Pact spell
Dark Path classoption
Darkbrand Armor magicitem
Despoil Undead spell
Frost Armor spell
Frost Nova spell
Frozen Soul classoption
Glacial Blade spell
Glacious spell
Helm of the Umbral Flame magicitem
Ice Wave spell
Influence spell
Investiture of Necrosis spell
Mephit, Void creature
Murmurs of the Restless spell
Path of the Hostile Lands classoption
Permafrost spell
Planar Emporium spell
Potion of Health Stealing magicitem
Rags of the Mongrel magicitem
Ring of Void Zombie Summoning magicitem
Rot spell
Rot Dragon (Black), Young creature
Shadow Roc creature
Shadow Skeleton creature
Shadow Skeleton Mage creature
Shadow Stalker creature
Soul Reaper magicitem
Staff of the Dark Tree magicitem
Terrify spell
The Void Warlock Pact classoption
Tome of Necromancy magicitem
Tome of Vile Death magicitem
Torpor Touch spell
Umbral Specter creature
Vile Omen spell
Void Dragon, Ancient creature
Void Dragon, Young creature
Void Servant creature
Void Touched Chain Mail magicitem
Void Walker classoption
Wake of Corpse Vultures creature
Way of the Frozen Disciple classoption
Wrathborne creature
Zombie, Void creature
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