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Name Type Source
A-Smite spell
Air Axe spell
Air Guitar spell
Akanka creature
Alien Invader background
Animate Robot spell
Apogee class
Arcane School of Lasermancy classoption
Archer’s Focus spell
Armor Resonator spell
Astral Attack spell
At One feat
Automatize spell
Awestruck spell
Beat Booster classoption
Beat Breaker classoption
Beat Mixer classoption
Binding Bomb spell
Bladed Deflection feat
Blood Shot spell
Blood Tracking spell
Bravado Buffer spell
Brawler’s Spirit spell
Brawlroom Blitz spell
Bubble Vision spell
Can Trip spell
Can’t Rip spell
Ceran race
Checkpoint spell
Chrome Sheen spell
Circle of The Corrupted classoption
Cliché Master feat
Concussive Beats spell
Copy Smite spell
Corporate Overlord classoption
Counter Illusion spell
Crank Caller spell
Cure/Cause Corruption spell
Cure/Cause Cuts spell
Danger Zone spell
Data Compiler classoption
De-frag Aura spell
De-Fragger class
Dead’s Command spell
Death Throes spell
Death Throw spell
Derez spell
Destiny Bond spell
Domain of Action classoption
Double Jump feat
Dream Champion classoption
Dream Weaver spell
Drive-Thru spell
Eclipsed Heart spell
Ego Boost spell
Elemental Line spell
End Smite spell
Energy Respite spell
Esuna Burst spell
Ether Bees spell
Ether Vandal classoption
Eurythmics spell
Exploding Fruit spell
Extra Attunement feat
Extreme Speed feat
Facsimile Smite spell
Fake Trap spell
Fateless Apogee Fate Path classoption
Firing Squad spell
Flash Smite spell
Focused Bounce feat
Fore Smite spell
Freeze Frame spell
Fury-fu Monk classoption
Ghost Potion spell
Glitch Hunter class
Grasping Graves spell
Groundhog’s Bane spell
Guilty Feet spell
Heart Container spell
Heel background
Henshin class
Heroic Holler spell
Highlight spell
Hiveborn race
Illusory Armor spell
Jazz Hands spell
Laser Beam spell
Light Blades spell
Linked Shadow spell
Load Smite spell
Lock Smite spell
Luck Aura spell
Mad Scientist background
Magic Whistle spell
Memetic Intrusion spell
Mercenary background
Mind Blow spell
Minor Missile spell
Mom’s Spaghetti spell
Monsterologist background
Moon’s Song spell
Muscle Sorcerer classoption
New Mutation feat
Nightmare Being spell
Oath of Awesome classoption
Old Friends spell
Orbital Beam spell
Parallel Power feat
Paralyzing Wave spell
Party Ball spell
Path of the Techno Viking classoption
Peanut Gallery spell
Phantasmal Orchestra spell
Phasewalker feat
Player background
Power Word Fist spell
Prodigy background
Queen of Scorpions creature
Quick Mask spell
Rai race
Rebel background
Redirect spell
Regen Aura spell
Resilient Frame feat
Restless race
Revving Smite spell
Rise Up spell
Risen Apogee Fate Path classoption
Rocker feat
S-Smite spell
Safeword Nikto spell
Screech spell
Shade Style classoption
Shadow Claw spell
Sharp Tones spell
Shattered Apogee Fate Path classoption
Shield Specialist feat
Shiny Adaptation feat
Silent Scream spell
Skin Krwlr spell
Slimeatize spell
Split Concentration feat
Statberry Jam spell
Swift Stars spell
Synth Weaver class
Synthetic race
Tape Skip spell
Temporal Tub spell
Third Person spell
Translucent spell
Transport to Cantina spell
Trip Wire spell
Trogs race
Unkind Rewind spell
Unlucky feat
Vaccine Compiler classoption
Vector Aura spell
Virus Compiler classoption
Wall of Sound spell
Warped Weapons spell
Whiplash spell
Wild Smite spell
Wily Step spell
Wo’nari race
Wrestler classoption
Wrestling Legend feat
Write Smite spell
Wub Blast spell
Xarche spell
Yilanka creature
Zilaq creature
Zwana Lion creature
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