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Name Type Source
Abúhukü creature
Abundant Ammunition spell
Abyssal Carcass magicitem
Abyssal Carcass magicitem
Acalica creature
Accompanying Instrument magicitem
Accompanying Instrument magicitem
Accursed Witch classoption
Acid Fog spell
Adaro creature ,
Adaro Brute creature
Adaro Chief creature
Adaro Mystic creature
Adaro Vortex-Rider creature
Adder Strike feat
Admixture Vial magicitem
Agile Swimmer feat
Ahuizotl creature
Aíje Tadpole creature
Aíje, Adult creature
Aíje, Ancient creature
Air Bubble spell
Air Walk spell
Akata Alpha creature
Akata, Common creature
Alai race
Alchemical Ooze Swarm, Melancholic creature
Alchemist’s Anytool magicitem
Alchemist’s Anytool magicitem
Algal Bloom spell
Alicanto creature
Alien Symbiote magicitem
Allip creature
Alraune creature
Alter Instrument spell
Alux creature
Amalgamite Swarm creature
Amaru creature
Amazon Archer creature
Amazon Champion creature
Amazon War Priestess creature
Amazon Warrior creature
Amnesia Tick magicitem
Amnesia Tick magicitem
Amoeba Swarm creature
Amoeba, Giant creature
Amphibious Adaptation feat
Amulet of Abhorrent Life magicitem
Amulet of Mighty Fangs magicitem
Anatomical Precision feat
Ancestral Wrath spell
Ancient Void Disciples creature
Android race
Anemone, Deep Tiger creature
Anemone, Dire Seastar creature
Anesthetist feat
Animate Aria creature
Animate Water spell
Antitech Field spell
Antitech Field spell
Aoandon creature
Ape, Colossal creature
Aquanaut classoption
Aqueous Extraction spell
Araganaqlta’a creature
Aranea creature
Arc Blaster magicitem
Arc Blaster magicitem
Arcane Charm feat
Arcane Dabbler classoption
Arena Fighter background
Armadillo creature
Armadillo, Giant creature
Armor of Insults magicitem
Armor of Life magicitem
Arnsenon creature
Artesian Spring spell
Asquenti creature
Asura, Aghasura creature
Asura, Tripurasura creature
Asura, Upasunda creature
Aswang, Balbal creature
Aswang, Wak wak creature
Athach creature
Atlas Esoterica magicitem
Atmosphere Visor magicitem
Atmosphere Visor magicitem
Atoth creature
Attic Whisperer creature
Atuikakura creature
Autograpnel magicitem
Avenge Me! spell
Avenging Axe magicitem
Avian Tiara magicitem
Awakened from Death spell
Awful Apparition spell
Azata, Bralani creature
Azata, Prydanu creature
Azata, Yamah creature
Baba Yaga’s Broom magicitem
Baba Yaga’s Chicken Hut magicitem
Back to Back feat
Backbiting Blow spell
Bahgra Scout creature
Bakekujira creature
Bakeneko creature
Bane Baldric magicitem
Banishing Blade spell
Banshee, Unseelie creature
Battle Domain classoption
Baykok creature
Beaded Lizard, Giant creature
Beaker of Plentiful Potions magicitem
Beam Saber magicitem
Beast Shape spell
Bee Swarm creature
Beetle, Chag creature
Begedhi Mother Plant creature
Begedhi Parasite creature
Begedhi Seedling creature
Beheading Blade magicitem
Belker creature
Benthonir creature
Bestial Endurance feat
Betrayer feat
Bhole creature
Bhuta creature
Bhuta creature
Bil’djool Aquamancer creature
Bil’Djool Soldier creature
Bil’djooli Commander creature
Bil’Djooli Elite Soldier creature
Bil’djooli Hunter-killer creature
Bil’djooli Navarch creature
Biting Wind magicitem
Blackgate Behemoth creature
Blade of Triumph magicitem
Bladed Belt magicitem
Blast Helmet magicitem
Bleeding Fire spell
Blessing of the Jiaolung feat
Bliss Dragon, Adult creature
Bliss Dragon, Ancient creature
Bliss Dragon, Wyrmling creature
Bliss Dragon, Young creature
Blood of Yog-sothoth creature
Blood of Yog-sothoth Abomination creature
Blood of Yog-sothoth Hunters creature
Blood of Yog-sothoth Warlock creature
Blood Pudding creature
Blood to Sap spell
Bloodspear spell
Bloodsuckle creature
Bloody Boomerang magicitem
Boarder classoption
Bodak creature
Body Shield feat
Boggard race
Boiúna creature
Bolstering Battleaxe magicitem
Bolstering Battleaxe magicitem
Bombardier classoption
Bone Knife of Servitude magicitem
Bone Ship creature
Boneless Leather magicitem
Book of the Banned magicitem
Bootcha Orc creature
Boots of Equilibrium magicitem
Boots of Sinister Shadow magicitem
Borrowing Bracer magicitem
Borrowing Token magicitem
Boulder Shield magicitem
Bountiful Scroll Case magicitem
Bowstaff spell
Breaching Leap feat
Breathless One creature
Broken Wing Gambit feat
Bulabar creature
Bulgasari creature
Bunyip creature
Burned Book magicitem
Burning Book magicitem
Bush Harness magicitem
Cackling Corset magicitem
Cacodaemon Thrall creature
Cadejo, Black creature
Cadejo, White creature
Cage of Sacred Silver spell
Caiman, Black creature
Caiman, Blood creature
Caiman, Dwarf creature
Call Companion spell
Call the Avenger spell
Caller in Darkness creature
Calligraphy Wyrm creature
Cambion (Half-Fiend) creature
Camouflage spell
Cane of Butterflies magicitem
Captain’s Turban magicitem
Captive Blade magicitem
Captive Blade magicitem
Caracaraco classoption
Carbunclo creature
Carnivorous Plant, Giant Flytrap creature
Carnivorous Plant, Giant Pitcher Plant creature
Carnivorous Plant, Giant Sundew creature
Carreta Nagua creature
Carrion Feeder feat
Cartwheel Dodge feat
Castigate spell
Cat Burglar classoption
Catfolk race
Catoblepas creature
Cats, Great (Jaguar creature
Cats, Great (Margay) creature
Cats, Great (Ocelot) creature
Cats, Great (Puma) creature
Caulborn creature
Cauldron Bloom creature
Cavalry Baton magicitem
Ccoa creature
Celestial Chain magicitem
Centipede’s Sting spell
Cephalina creature
Cephalophores creature
Cerebric Fungus creature
Ceroptor creature
Ceroptor Spy creature
Ceroptor Swarm creature
Chainmaster classoption
Chakram of Windfire magicitem
Challenge Evil spell
Chameleon Skin spell
Chang Nam creature
Charging Hurler feat
Charm Ward spell
Charybdis creature
Chemosol 1: Artificial Hormone magicitem
Chemosol 2: Artificial Pheromones magicitem
Chemosol 3: Irritant magicitem
Chemosol 4: Stimsensitizer magicitem
Chemosol 5: Neurological Disruptor magicitem
Chemosol 6: Neurological Exciter magicitem
Chemosols magicitem
Cherufe creature
Cherufe creature
Church Grim creature
Circle Aflame spell
Circle of Blight classoption
Circle of Elements classoption
Circle of Rot classoption
Circle of Shapeless and Primal Terror classoption
Circle of Shifters classoption
Circle of Spirits classoption
Circle of Spirits classoption
Circle of the Darkwolves classoption
Circle of The Umbral Wood classoption
Circle of the Unseelie classoption
Circlet of the Imperial Dragon magicitem
Circlet of the Imperial Dragon magicitem
Cleaving Finish feat
Clever Boomerang magicitem
Clockwork Assassin Drone creature
Clockwork Leviathan creature
Clockwork Spy creature
Close Quarters Fighter classoption
Cloud Barge spell
Cloudcloth Armor magicitem
Clouds of Radiance spell
Cloudstep Boots magicitem
Clustered Shots feat
Coffer of Riches magicitem
College of Mercenaries classoption
College of Reliquaries classoption
College of Spies classoption
College of the Passage classoption
Colocolo creature
Color-Blighted Creature template
Colossus spell
Colour Out of Space creature
Commune with Spirits spell
Compassionate Ally spell
Conch Tree creature ,
Consuming Fire spell
Cool Strength spell
Corn Cob Pipe of Dreaming magicitem
Corrosive Touch spell
Corsair feat
Couatl, Tletli creature
Couatl, Xiuh creature
Crab, Mindclaw creature
Crab, Shipwrecker creature
Crabs, Jewel Crab creature
Cranial Dissectibot creature
Creeping Shadow spell
Crescent Blade of the Green Dragon magicitem
Crone Queen creature
Crown of Radiance, Major magicitem
Crown of Radiance, Major magicitem
Crown of Radiance, Minor magicitem
Crown of Radiance, Minor magicitem
Crusader Aegis magicitem
Crusader Scepter magicitem
Crypt Dragon, Adult creature
Crypt Flower creature
Cuauhxicalli (Stone Eagle) creature
Cuauhxicalli (Stone Jaguar) creature
Cuauhxicalli (Stone Jaguar), Great creature
Cuero creature
Cuero, Sporewing creature
Cultist of a Dead God classoption
Cultist of the Dead God classoption
Curupira creature
Cyberphrenic Tadpole creature
Cyclops Monocle magicitem
Cyclops Monocle magicitem
Daemon, Erodaemon creature
Daemon, Lacridaemon creature
Daemon, Locusdaemon creature
Dagger of Deception spell
Dagger of Negation magicitem
Dancing Darkness spell
Dark Matter Entropic Ooze creature
Dark-Light spell
Darkwolf Druid creature
Daunting Interface feat
Dauntless Machete magicitem
Daybreak Arrow spell
Deadly Finish feat
Death from Above feat
Death Worm creature
Debilitating Portent spell
Deceiver’s Ring magicitem
Deceptive Dagger magicitem
Deceptive Dagger magicitem
Deceptive Exchange feat
Decompose Corpse spell
Decoy Ring magicitem
Deep One creature
Deep One creature
Deep One Bishop creature
Deep One Elder creature
Deep One Hybrid Cultist creature
Deep One Hybrid Cultist creature
Defensive Weapon Training feat
Demon, Abrikandilu (Wrecker Demon, Legendary Games) creature
Denizen of Leng creature
Depth Charge spell
Desert Moon magicitem
Desert Nomad background
Devil, Handmaiden creature
Devil, Hellstoker creature
Devil, Warmonger creature
Devilfish creature
Diamantem creature
Dimensional Maw spell
Dinichthys creature
Diplomat’s Signet magicitem
Dire Werewolf, Moonbound creature
Dire Werewolf, Moonbound creature
Dirge of the Victorious Knights spell
Discern Curse spell
Discharge spell
Discharge spell
Disenchanter creature
Disengaging Flourish feat
Disrupt Silence spell
Distant Accuracy spell
Divine Charm feat
Diving Helmet magicitem
Divymm creature
Doc Cu’o’c creature
Draconic Siphon Sorcerer classoption
Drag Down feat
Dragon Fetish magicitem
Dragon, Brine (Adult) creature
Dragon, Brine (Ancient) creature
Dragon, Brine (Wyrmling) creature
Dragon, Brine (Young) creature
Dragon, Forest (Adult) creature
Dragon, Holy creature
Dragon, Meteor, Adult creature
Dragon, Meteor, Ancient creature
Dragon, Meteor, Wyrmling creature
Dragon, Meteor, Young creature
Dragon, Underworld, Adult creature
Dragonne creature
Dragonslayer’s Shield magicitem
Dragonslayer’s Shield magicitem
Drake, Coral creature
Drake, Lava creature
Drake, Mist creature
Drake, Salt (Mutant) creature
Drake, Sea creature
Draugr creature
Draugr race
Draugr Captain creature
Draugr Crew creature
Dream Dalliance spell
Dream Spectre creature
Drought spell
Drowsy Fireflies spell
Dryad’s Wreath magicitem
Duppy creature
Dweomer Cap creature
Dying Curse spell
Dying Words spell
Earthenport Plate magicitem
Eclectic Training feat
Ecorche creature
Eekhayab creature
Eel Strike feat
Eel, Electric creature
Eel, Electric creature
Eel, Giant Moray creature
Eel, Giant Moray creature
Einsaung Nat creature
Eintykára creature
Elali creature
Elder Thing creature
Eldritch Fever spell
Electroshock Glove magicitem
Element Pharaoh’s Crook magicitem
Elemental Blade classoption
Elemental Savant classoption
Elemental Savant classoption
Elemental, Obsidian creature
Elemental, Ocean creature
Elite Klaven Constable creature
Elixir of Arcane Concordance magicitem
Elixir of Hiding magicitem
Elixir of Mutable Flesh magicitem
Elixir of Mutable Soul magicitem
Encantado creature
Endless Bandolier magicitem
Energy Blade magicitem
Energy Blade magicitem
Energy Shroud Ring magicitem
Ensign of Parley magicitem
Entombed in Ice spell
Entrenchment spell
Epic 5E page
Epic Adept classoption
Epic Adept creature
Epic Bard classoption
Epic Bard creature
Epic Berserker classoption
Epic Berserker creature
Epic Cleric classoption
Epic Cleric creature
Epic Defense feat
Epic Druid classoption
Epic Druid creature
Epic Expertise feat
Epic Fighter classoption
Epic Fighter creature
Epic Herald classoption
Epic Herald creature
Epic Ranger classoption
Epic Ranger creature
Epic Resistance feat
Epic Rogue classoption
Epic Rogue creature
Epic Sorcerer classoption
Epic Sorcerer creature
Epic Warlock classoption
Epic Warlock creature
Epic Warrior feat
Epic Wizard classoption
Epic Wizard creature
Erebus Minder creature
Eruptive Pustules spell
Escape Artist’s Band magicitem
Explorer Ranger classoption
Extra Secondary Archetype feat
Extra Secondary Archetype Feature feat
Eye of Mu creature
Eye of the Storm feat
Eye Patch of Adjustment magicitem
Faceless Stalker creature
Faelori Giant Sorceress creature
Faelori Giant Warrior creature
Faience Idols magicitem
Fairy Blessing feat
Fairy Ring Mushroom magicitem
Falajitax creature
Fallen Angel creature
False Opening feat
Fanged Warclub magicitem
Fault Line spell
Fearful Rapture spell
Feargaunt creature
Feint Partner feat
Fey Crossroads spell
Fey Soul: Dryad feat
Fey Soul: Naiad feat
Fey Soul: Pixie feat
Fey Soul: Satyr feat
Feyfriend Circle classoption
Fiery Spirit feat
Fighter’s Fork magicitem
Final Witness spell
Find Weakness feat
Fire Monkey creature
Fire Phantom creature
Fire Seed spell
Fire Snake spell
Fire Vampire creature
Firebrand spell
Fires of Vengeance spell
Firespitter magicitem
Fish, Bladefish creature
Fish, Bladefish creature
Fish, Dinichthys creature
Fisher From Outside creature
Flame Darts spell
Flames of the Faithful spell
Fledgling Sorcerer creature
Fleshworm Infestation spell
Flicker spell
Flicker spell
Flight of the Chonchón spell
Flood Tide spell
Fluid Modulation Gloves magicitem
Flying Polyp creature
Flying Polyp creature
Flytrap, Giant creature
Focusing Form spell
Force Field magicitem
Force Shield spell
Forest Dragon, Adult creature
Forgetful Sap magicitem
Form of the Dragon spell
Formian Myrmarch creature
Formian Queen creature
Formian Taskmaster creature
Formian Warrior creature
Formian Worker creature
Fortified Armor Training feat
Frost Needle spell
Frosty Chiseler creature
Fuagruun creature
Funeral Pyre spell
Fungus Queen creature
Gallowdead creature
Galvanic Neck-Bolts magicitem
Gargoyle Mask magicitem ,
Gargoyle, Four-Armed (Legendary Games) creature
Gargoyle, Green Guardian (Legendary Games) creature
Gargoyle, Margoyle creature
Garuda creature
Gashadokuro creature
Gashadokuro creature
Gecko, Giant creature
Genasi race
Genie’s Bane magicitem
Ghaggurath creature
Ghast, Mold-Covered creature
Ghole creature
Ghost Food magicitem
Ghost Shackles magicitem
Ghost Wolf spell
Ghost, Eldest creature
Ghostly Glow spell
Ghoul, Cinder creature
Giant Hellgrammite creature
Giant Tortoise creature
Giant, Ash creature
Giant, Ash creature
Giant, Ocean creature
Giant, Terror creature
Gibbering Mouther creature
Gibbering Mouther, Delirious Chorus creature
Gigantism feat
Glabrezu Claw magicitem
Glabrezu Claw magicitem
Gladiator classoption
Glitterfrost Buckler magicitem
Globster creature
Gloomwing creature
Gloves of Certain Grip magicitem
Gloves of the Battlemage magicitem
Gloves of the Battlemage magicitem
Gnarlthorn Rod magicitem
Gnarlthorn Rod magicitem
Gnoll race
Goblin Mask magicitem
Goldbug (Legendary Games) creature
Golden Fleece magicitem
Golden Gun magicitem
Golem, Book creature
Golem, Cannon creature
Golem, Conveyance creature
Golem, Coral creature
Golem, Gold creature
Golem, Junk creature
Golem, Lead creature
Golem, Ossuary creature
Golem, Steamwerks creature
Golem, Wood creature
Gorthek creature
Gorthek Mask magicitem
Gorthek Mask magicitem
Gorthek Rider creature
Grandfather Araganaqlta’a creature
Grappler’s Mask magicitem
Gravebound creature
Graven Guardian, A’an creature
Graven Guardian, Greater creature
Graven Guardian, Ibis creature
Graven Guardian, Moon creature
Gravity Bow spell
Great Old One, Cthulhu creature
Great Old One, Hastur creature
Great Yithian creature
Greater Diminution spell
Green Scout creature
Grenades magicitem
Griever creature
Grimlock Brute creature
Grimlock Priest creature
Grimlock Warlock creature
Groaning Spirit (Legendary Games) creature
Grove Swarm creature
Guallipen creature
Guardian classoption
Guardian classoption
Guardian Creature, Komainu creature
Guardian Creature, Stone Lion creature
Guardian Moppet magicitem
Guardian of the Village classoption
Guardian Scroll creature
Guardian Statue (Stone Dwarf) creature
Guardian Stela creature
Guariba-boia creature
Guecubu creature
Gug creature
Gug Savant creature
Guiding Star spell
Gwishin, Bulgwishin creature
Gwishin, Common creature
Gwishin, Dalgyalgishwin creature
Gwishin, Mulgwishin creature
Hag, Ash creature
Hag, Dreamthief creature
Hag, Reef creature
Hag, Storm creature
Hag’s Eye magicitem
Hag’s Eye magicitem
Hammer the Gap feat
Hangman Tree creature
Hard-Light Shield magicitem
Hardened Surface spell
Harionago creature
Harionago creature
Harionna creature
Harpspider, Arctic creature
Hated Enemy feat
Hated Supremacy feat
Hauberk-in-Motley magicitem
Haunting Mists spell
Healer’s Ring magicitem
Healing Domain classoption
Hear the Sea feat
Heartseeker Spear magicitem
Heartstone Rod magicitem
Heat Swarm creature
Heavy Metal Elemental, Elder creature
Heavy Metal Elemental, Greater creature
Heavy Metal Elemental, Huge creature
Heavy Metal Elemental, Large creature
Heavy Metal Elemental, Medium creature
Heavy Metal Elemental, Small creature
Hei matau amulet magicitem
Hei matau Amulet magicitem
Herald Wind spell
Heretic’s Bane magicitem
Hero’s Display feat
Hetzuud creature
Hetzuud Agent creature
Hetzuud Killer creature
Hetzuud Slayer creature
Hetzuud Void Sorcerer creature
Hex Hunter classoption
Hide From Enemies spell
Hide from Undead spell
Hieroglyphic Barrier spell
High Plains Drifter background
Hillfolk background
Hippocampus creature
Hoarfrost Halter magicitem
Hobgoblin Captain creature
Hobgoblin Legionnaire creature
Hobgoblin Thug creature
Hoist the Colors feat
Horned Lizard, Giant creature
Horned Warrior feat
Hound of Tindalos (Legendary Games) creature
House Spirit, Domovoi creature
House Spirit, Dvorovoi creature
House Spirit, Ovinnik creature
Huecuva creature
Huecuva (Legendary Games) creature
Hundun creature
Hungry Fog creature
Hunter creature
Hurricane spell
Hyakume creature
Ice Ship spell
Iguana, Giant creature
Immortal Ichor creature
Improved Steelwood spell
Incutilis creature
Inevitable, Arbiter creature
Inscribed Enemy spell
Inspector’s Bullhorn magicitem
Inspector’s Bullhorn magicitem
Instant Armor spell
Invertebrate, Deep Tiger Anemone creature
Invertebrate, Mindclaw creature
Invertebrate, Monstrous Seastar creature
Invigorate spell
Invincible Cuirass magicitem
Ioun Wyrd creature
Ironrot Lichen creature
Irresistible Onslaught spell
Jagladine creature
Jagladine Biomorph creature
Jagladine Commander creature
Jagladine Genetic Surgeon creature
Jagladine Psi-surgeon creature
Jagladine Scientist creature
Jarjacha creature
Jellyfish Swarm creature
Jellyfish, Crimson creature
Jellyfish, Sapphire creature
Jester classoption
Jester’s Cosh magicitem
Jiang-Shi creature
Jikki-Nikki-Gaki creature
Jinete de Tormento creature
Jinmenju creature
Jinxed classoption
Jolting Portent spell
Jorezistent creature
Jorganth creature
Jorogumo creature
Jyoti creature
Kabandha creature
Kaiju, Mogaru creature
Kanca race
Kappa creature
Kapre creature
Karkinoi creature
Karn-tor creature
Kaulvrex Drone creature
Kaulvrex Master Controller creature
Kaulvrex Master Soldier creature
Kawa Akago creature
Keeper Of The Yellow Sign creature
King Ape, Colossal creature
Kirin creature
Kitsune creature
Klaven Commander creature
Klaven Elite Marine creature
Klaven Foot Soldier creature
Klaven Infiltrator creature
Klaven Mindhunter creature
Klaven Piranha Troop creature
Klaven Savage creature
Klaven Shocktrooper creature
Klaven Void Zombie creature
Klaven Warbeast creature
Kmoch Pray creature
Knight Hospitaler classoption
Kokowai magicitem
Kongamato creature
Kori creature
Kraken Breed Klaven creature
Krampus creature
Krang creature
Kting Voar creature
Kyeryong, Fire creature
Kyeryong, Mountain creature
Kyeryong, Snow creature
Kyton, Feral creature
Labyrinth Domain classoption
Lakuma creature
Lamp Blighter creature
Lasher Scallop creature
Lasiodon creature
Laughing Spirit Bow magicitem
Lava Collar magicitem
Lava Shaper feat
Leaden Blows spell
Leech, Giant creature
Legendary Accuracy feat
Legendary Fortitude feat
Legendary Ninja class
Legendary Resistance feat
Legendary Shaman class
Leng Spider creature
Leng Spider creature
Leprechaun King creature
Leshy, Leaf creature
Leshy, Seaweed creature
Liberating Command spell
Lighthouse Buckler magicitem
Lightning Field spell
Limpocait creature
Linnorm, Fjord creature
Linnorm, Midgard Serpent creature
Litany of Castigation spell
Litany of Rebuke spell
Litany of Rest spell
Litany of Vulnerability spell
Litany of Woe magicitem
Living Island creature
Living Lightning Gun magicitem
Living Lightning Gun magicitem
Living Nebula creature
Lizard Scales spell
Lizard, Giant Iguana creature
Llorona creature
Locust Rod magicitem
Loran race
Loran Monk creature
Lu Nat creature
Luison creature
Lusca creature ,
Lycanthrope, Werecaiman creature
Lycanthrope, Werejaguar creature
Lycanthrope, Werejaguar Nagual creature
Lycanthrope, Wereshark creature
Madremonte creature
Madremonte creature
Maenad creature
Mage Slayer classoption
Magha Battle Lord creature
Magi’s Duster magicitem
Magic Circle Against Technology spell
Magic Circle Against Technology spell
Magical Armaments feat
Magüi creature
Make Whole spell
Manananggal creature
Manifold Selves spell
Mantis Shrimp, Giant creature
Mantis, Blood creature
Mantis, Giant creature
Mantle of Doubt spell
Map of the Trailblazer magicitem
Mapinguary creature
Marid’s Blessing spell
Marid’s Curse spell
Martial Artist classoption
Marwolaeth creature
Master Alchemist’s Anytool magicitem
Master Alchemist’s Anytool magicitem
Masura creature
Mazacoatl creature
Mboi Tu’i creature
Megalania creature
Megatherium creature
Merfolk Guardian creature
Mi-Go creature
Mi-Go Priest creature
Mico Brujo creature
Midnight Beacon magicitem
Military Society background
Mind Mirror magicitem
Mindwyrm creature
Minotaur Brute creature
Mirror Strike spell
Mischief Domain classoption
Mist Ladder spell
Mistdweorg race
Mistling race
Mitre of the Hierophant magicitem
Moa creature
Mockingfey creature
Mogaru creature
Mongrelfolk race
Monster Conjurer feat
Moon Dog creature
Moon-Beast creature
Moon-Beast Master creature
Moonbound Dire Werewolf creature
Moonbound Dire Werewolf creature
Mooncalf creature
Moonflower creature
Moonlight (Legendary Games) spell
Moonlight Stalker feat
Moonstruck spell
Morhg King creature
Morlock (Legendary Games) creature
Mothman creature
Mountain Mallet spell
Mu Spore (Legendary Games) creature
Muckbones creature
Muckraker creature
Mud Cream magicitem
Muki creature
Mulyong creature
Mundane Paradigm spell
Mundane Paradigm spell
Mundane Resistance spell
Mundane Resistance spell
Munuane creature
Murk spell
Musical Staff magicitem
Naga-folk Blademaster creature
Naga-folk Sorcerer creature
Naga-folk Warlock creature
Naga-folk Warrior creature
Naga, Dark, Nightmare creature
Naga, Defiled creature
Naga, Flame creature
Naga, River creature
Naga, Scalding (Poisoned) creature
Naga, Warden creature
Nagaji Monk creature
Nagaji Warrior creature
Named Bullet spell
Namonti Benthonir creature
Nanotech Infuser classoption
Narav Lizard creature
Narav Lizard, Young creature
Natural Summoner classoption
Naval Commander feat
Neak Ta creature
Neh-thalggu creature
Neh-thalggu Master creature
Nereid creature
New Best Friend feat
New Fighter Fighting Styles classoption
Nian creature
Nightgaunt creature
Nightstalker classoption
Nightwatch Helm magicitem
Nightwing Dusk spell
Noh Mask of the Shapech anger magicitem
Nullblade magicitem
Nullblade magicitem
Oath of Discovery classoption
Oath of Exorcism classoption
Oath of Pearl classoption
Oath of Wyrmslaying classoption
Oath of Zeal classoption
Ocean Protector classoption
Ogre Boss creature
Ogre Brute creature
Ogre Glutton creature
Ogre Wereboar creature
Oil of Stone Shape magicitem
Okpe creature
Onaryx creature
Onaryx Commander creature
Onaryx Shockwarden creature
Onaryx Shockwarden Lieutenant creature
Onaryx Skylord creature
Onaryx Soldier creature
Onaryx, Dread creature
Onaryx, Dread Strike Wing creature
Onaryx, Elder creature
One with Nature creature
Oni Magus creature
Oni, Go-zu creature
Ooze, Choke creature
Open Mind spell
Open Mind spell
Opening Volley feat
Oppressive Boredom spell
Orang-Pendak creature
Orc Champion creature
Orc Chieftain creature
Orc Scout creature
Orc Subchief creature
Orc War Drummer creature
Orgiastic Rite spell
Ottunni race
Oubliette spell
Oulbaene creature
Out of Sight spell
Outrider background
Override Baton magicitem
Overwheling Grief spell
Owlbear Dander magicitem
Paper Fan spell
Paper Vessel spell
Papercraft Sheet magicitem
Papinijuwari creature
Path of Primal Fury classoption
Path of the Arcanagoth classoption
Path of the Ballistic Barbarian classoption
Path of the Beastlord classoption
Path of the Carcharodon classoption
Path of the Defender classoption
Path of the Destroyer classoption
Path of the Jungle classoption
Path of the Plains Runner classoption
Path of the Spirit Warrior classoption
Path of the Warlord classoption
Path of the Warsong classoption
Path of the Witch Hunter classoption
Peacebond spell
Pecking Strike feat
Pelkrev creature
Penanggalen creature
Pendant of Life Sense magicitem
Pernicious Poison spell
Peuchen creature
Phalanx Captain creature
Phalanx General creature
Phalanx Veteran creature
Phalanx Warrior classoption
Phalanx Warrior creature
Phantom Rigging spell
Phial of the Land magicitem
Phoenix Wings spell
Physician feat
Pin Down feat
Pinahuitzli creature
Pipefox creature
Pirate Brand magicitem
Pirate Brand magicitem
Pisacha creature
Planar Assassin creature
Planar Explorer classoption
Playful Creature feat
Polong creature
Porosi creature
Potion of Acid Breath magicitem
Potion of Blur magicitem
Potion of Burrowing magicitem
Potion of Detonation magicitem
Potion of Dreaming magicitem
Potion of Heroism magicitem
Potion of Magma Form magicitem
Potion of Mental Strength magicitem
Potion of Rainbow Hues magicitem
Potion of Rainbow Hues magicitem
Potion of Regeneration magicitem
Potion of Shielding magicitem
Powerslave spell
Practicing Chirurgeon feat
Predator’s Rhythm spell
Primeval Interdiction spell
Prone Shooter feat
Protection Domain classoption
Protection From Technology spell
Protection from Technology spell
Pruning Sickle magicitem
Pruning Sickle, Greater magicitem
Psychic Leech spell
Purifying Mist spell
Purity Obercommander creature
Purity Oberhauptmann creature
Purity Patrol Oberfahn creature
Purity Squad Obersolder creature
Pyrausta creature
Pyrausta, Elder creature
Pyroclastic Rod magicitem
Qasogonaga creature
Qualm spell
Queborrin creature
Quetzal creature
Quick Breath spell
Quyrua creature
Radiant Pharaoh’s Mail magicitem
Radiant Rod magicitem
Rahara creature
Raider background
Rain of Sacred Lotus Petals spell
Rainbow Lenses magicitem
Rakshasa Ambari creature
Rakshasa, Maharaja creature
Rakshasa, Raktavarna creature
Raktavarna creature
Rampart spell
Rapture Chip magicitem
Rapture Chip magicitem
Rapture Ray magicitem
Rapture Ray magicitem
Rat Swarm, Hivemind creature
Ray of Clumsiness spell
Rebuke Technology spell
Rebuke Technology spell
Receding Reef spell
Reckless Infatuation spell
Reef Growth spell
Reefhammer creature
Reloading Hands spell
Remove Fatigue spell
Remove Radioactivity spell
Remove Radioactivity spell
Rending Claw Blades magicitem
Repel Elementals spell
Repel Elementals spell
Repel Undeath spell
Restore Corpse spell
Returning Weapon spell
Reviving Finale spell
Rhu-chalik creature
Ring of Backstepping magicitem
Ring of Delayed Doom magicitem
Ring of Erudite Alacrity magicitem
Ring of Erudite Alacrity magicitem
Ring of Foe Focus magicitem
Ring of Foe Focus magicitem
Ring of the Grasping Grave magicitem
Ring of the Sorcerous Adept magicitem
Ring of the Treacherous Advisor magicitem
Ring of Truth magicitem
Ring of Warmth magicitem ,
Ring of Wings magicitem
Ringblade magicitem
Rising Sun spell
Robot, Arachnid creature
Robot, Surgeon creature
Robot, Walking Eye creature
Rocket Launcher magicitem
Rod of Feytouched Summoning magicitem
Rod of Forcefangs magicitem
Rod of Nettles magicitem
Rod of Shadow Puppetry magicitem
Rod of the Arcane Cenotaph magicitem
Rod of the Ebb Tide magicitem
Rod of the Monkey King magicitem
Rod of the Monkey King magicitem
Rod of the Moon magicitem
Rokurokubi creature
Romsiwamnari creature
Roperunner’s Cord magicitem
Roperunner’s Cord magicitem
Rotting Grasp spell
Royal Naga creature
Rudis creature
Rumble Hammer magicitem
Saci Perere creature
Saddle of Shared Pain magicitem
Saddle of Shared Pain magicitem
Saguaroi creature
Sahkil creature
Sahuagin Wereshark creature
Sahuagin, Selachim creature
Samisen of the Seven Spheres magicitem
Samurai background
Sand Glutton creature
Sand Spray spell
Sanguinary Torque magicitem
Sapling Rod magicitem
Sargassum Fiend creature
Satan creature
Sayona creature
Scabbard of Keen Edges magicitem
Scaly Barrier spell
Scarab Scourge magicitem
Scarf of Slashing Steel spell
Scarlet Walker creature
Scepter of Forgotten Time magicitem
Scepter of Heaven magicitem
Scepter of Heaven magicitem
School of Alchemy classoption
School of Alchemy classoption
School of Eclectic Magic classoption
School of the Mind classoption
Scitalis creature
Scout’s Spyglass magicitem
Screecher magicitem
Scroll of Extension magicitem
Scroll of Extension, Greater magicitem
Scroll of Passage magicitem
Scroll of Spell Shaping magicitem
Scylla creature
Sea Bonze creature
Sea Dragon, Adult creature
Sea Legs feat
Sea Reaver background
Sea Serpent creature
Sea Shooter feat
Sea Sight feat
Sea Singer feat
Sea Strider Boots magicitem
Séance Candle magicitem
Searing Sight spell
Seaweed Siren creature
See Shapechangers spell
See Shapechangers spell
Seize the Heart spell
Seize the Moment feat
Selkie creature
Sentient Item feat
Servant Samovar magicitem
Sewer Suit magicitem
Shade of The Umbral Wood creature
Shadow Barbs spell
Shadow Beast creature
Shadow of Doubt spell
Shadow Roper, Amphibious creature
Shadow, Blast creature
Shake It Off feat
Shantak creature
Shapechanging Reversion spell
Shard Slag creature
Share Breath feat
Shark Rider classoption
Shark, Megalodon creature
Sharkskin Suit magicitem
Shattered Folk Cannibal creature
Shield of Determination magicitem
Shield of Determination magicitem
Shield of the Encroaching Forest magicitem
Shikki-Gaki creature
Shinen-Gaki creature
Shinigami creature
Ship of Fools spell
Ship Sage feat
Shocktrooper Armor magicitem
Shoggoth, Elder creature
Shoki creature
Shrimp, Giant Mantis creature
Shulsaga creature
Siege Engineer feat
Siéhnam creature
Signet of the Life Pharaoh magicitem
Sihuanaba creature
Silk Self spell
Sinew Cadaver creature
Sinslain Minion creature
Siren creature
Skeleton Champion creature
Skimming Weapon magicitem
Skreevar creature
Sky Dragon, Adult creature
Sky Spore creature
Skystrider Harness magicitem
Skystrider Harness magicitem
Slaughtermaw Lamprey creature
Sleepwalk spell
Slippers of Star-Striding magicitem
Slipstream spell
Sloth creature
Slow Fall feat
Smug Narcissism spell
Snake, Anaconda creature
Snake, Anaconda (Giant) creature
Snapdragon Fireworks spell
Sniper Scope I, II, III, IV, V magicitem
Snowball Sling magicitem
Soldier background
Soldier of Fortune classoption
Soldier of Fortune classoption
Soldier’s Endurance feat
Solid Note spell
Sombreron creature
Sorcerous Origin: Nereid classoption
Sorcerous Origin: Norn classoption
Soucouyant creature
Soul Cage spell
Soulknife classoption
Soulpiercer spell
Sovereign Dragon, Adult creature
Spatter Solution magicitem
Spawn of Yog-sothoth creature
Spawned Yaoguai creature
Specter, Advanced creature
Spellsword classoption
Spellsword classoption
Spider Wand magicitem
Spiked Crevasse spell
Spinelash magicitem
Spirit of Abandon creature
Spirit of the Wind spell
Spirit Pharaoh’s Staff magicitem
Spirit Scabbard magicitem
Spirit Tamer classoption
Spirit Trance spell
Split Spirit spell
Squid, Giant creature
Srin-Po creature
Staff of Armory magicitem
Staff of Earth and Stone magicitem
Staff of Hoarding magicitem
Staff of Mastery magicitem
Staff of the Fey Queen magicitem
Staff of the River spell
Stained Glass Knight, Greater creature
Stained Glass Knight, Lesser creature
Star Blight creature
Star-Spawn of Cthulhu creature
Stasis Grenade magicitem
Steal Voice spell
Stealth Synergy feat
Steaming Breath spell
Steelwood spell
Stickytongue Mask magicitem
Stone Eater creature
Stone Hull spell
Strangling Straps magicitem
Stumble Gap spell
Sturdy Form feat
Subjective Reality spell
Submarine Skirmish feat
Substitutionary Idol spell
Sugegasa of Rising Waters magicitem
Sunrise Icon magicitem
Supermassive Singularity creature
Survivalist’s Arrow magicitem
Sustenance spell
Swarm of Tuyango Hatchlings creature
Sword String Violin magicitem
Syaandi Soldier creature
Symbol of Life spell
Tactician’s Treatise magicitem
Taino-Kar race
Talented feat
Tall Grass spell
Tamer’s Whip spell
Tangle Scarf spell
Tanuki creature
Tauslek creature
Tauslek Matriarch creature
Technomancy spell
Technomancy spell
Technopath feat
Teju Jagua creature
Tempest classoption
Tenebrous Worm creature
Terra-Cotta Rider creature
Terra-Cotta Soldier creature
Terrible Hybrid Thing creature
Terrible Remorse spell
Terror Giant creature
Thalassic Tincture magicitem
Thawn Slasher creature
The Sea Lord classoption
The Seducer classoption
The Thing In The Basement creature
The Trickster classoption
The Unbroken Blade magicitem
The Unbroken Blade magicitem
Thieving Vial magicitem
Thorn of Courage magicitem
Thoth’s Crescent spell
Threefold Moons of Thoth spell
Threefold Thunder spell
Throne of Sacred Mistletoe spell
Thunder Stomp spell
Thunderbird creature
Thunderbird creature
Thundergun magicitem
Thundergun magicitem
Tiberolith creature
Tiddalik creature
Tiger Trap spell
Tiger’s Fang magicitem
Tililcoatl creature
Time Dragon, Adult creature
Time Dragon, Ancient creature
Time Dragon, Wyrmling creature
Time Dragon, Young creature
Time Maestro creature
Timeless Unguent magicitem
Tlahuelpuchi creature
Token of Return magicitem
Toll the Dead spell
Tomb Tapper magicitem
Tomb Tapper magicitem
Tombo Fan magicitem
Tombo Fan magicitem
Tophet creature
Torius creature
Torrid Scion classoption
Tortoise, Ancient One creature
Tortoise, Common creature
Tortoise, Island creature
Tosetáx creature
Toshigami creature
Toss Enemy feat
Touch of the Sea spell
Toxic Eradicator creature
Toxic Scabbard magicitem
Toxic Scabbard magicitem
Tranquil thoughts spell
Transfixion Circle spell
Trapmaster classoption
Trapper creature
Treant, Sovereign creature
Treebark Sap magicitem
Triad Bracelet magicitem
Triad Bracelet magicitem
Triton creature
True Love’s Kiss feat
Tsamtás creature
Tsuchigumo creature
Tunche creature
Tunneling spell
Turbid Tide spell
Tuyango creature
Twine Double spell
Two Weapon Master feat
Tzitzimitl creature
Ultar creature
Ultari Bureaucrat creature
Ultari Commander creature
Ultari General creature
Ultari Inquisitor creature
Ultari Techlord creature
Umbral Blade spell
Umibozu creature
Unadulterated Loathing spell
Undercutting Axe magicitem
Undercutting Axe magicitem
Understalker classoption
Undertow spell
Underworld Dragon, Adult creature
Unfortunate Origami spell
Unholy Choir (Fleshgine) creature
Unicorn Charger classoption
Unraveling Silks magicitem
Unseelie Ovate creature
Unwilling Bond spell
Urchin Smock magicitem
Urchin Swarm, Ravenous creature
Urchin, Hunter creature
Vampire Sorceress creature
Veiled Master creature
Velachif creature
Vengeance Quest feat
Vexgit Gremlin creature
Vigorous Health feat
Viper Spit spell
Vitriolic Mist spell
Void Grim creature
Void-Stirge creature
Vomit Swarm spell
Voordine creature
Voyager background
Wako Matriarch creature
Wako Pup creature
Wako, Mature creature
Wall of Brine spell
Wall of Coral spell
Wall of Sound spell
Wall of Wood spell
Wand of Aquafire magicitem
Wand of Ash Storm magicitem
Wand of Burning Flames magicitem
Wand of Conjuration magicitem
Wand of Distraction magicitem
Wand of Extinguishing magicitem
Wand of Extinguishing magicitem
Wand of Illumination magicitem
Wand of Rime magicitem
Wand of Souls magicitem
Wand of Traps magicitem
Wandering Star Motes spell
Warning Bell spell
Warp Sound spell
Warrior of Rot creature
Wasted Years spell
Water of Life spell
Wavebreaker magicitem
Waxwork Wyvern creature
Way of Balance classoption
Way of Balance classoption
Way of Infinite Worlds classoption
Way of Peace classoption
Way of Peace classoption
Way of the Nitaínem classoption
Way of the Striker classoption
Weakening Touch spell
Weapon Detonation spell
Whale, Great White creature
Whale, Great White Whale creature
Whalebone Helm magicitem
White Peacock Crown magicitem
Wield Anything feat
Wight, Lunar creature
Wind Compass spell
Wind Shaft spell
Winter Coat feat
Winterbark Barding magicitem
Witch-Thorn Tangler Grenade magicitem
Withering Touch spell
Withheld Strikes feat
Wolf Hair Shirt magicitem
Wolf Hair Shirt magicitem
World Turtle creature
Worldly Linguist feat
Worm That Walks creature
Wyvern Watch spell
Xenoid Creature template
Xicalcoatl creature
Xipe Totec creature
Xolo Guardian creature
Xoraphond creature
Xtabay creature
Xydragis creature
Yamata-no-Orochi creature
Yeren creature
Yeth Hound Thrall creature
Yllosan creature
Yohualtepoztli creature
Yuki-onna creature
Yurei creature
Zemi Medium classoption
Zephyr Movement spell
Zero Blaster magicitem
Zoetic Wall creature
Zombie Skin Shield magicitem
Zombie, Fast creature
Zuishin creature
Zuvembie creature
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