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Name Type Publisher Source
Aboleth, Veiled Master creature
Adaro creature
Adaro Vortex-Rider creature
Adder Strike feat
Admixture Vial magicitem
Agile Swimmer feat
Air Bubble spell
Air Walk spell
Alai race
Alchemical Ooze Swarm, Melancholic creature
Alien Symbiote magicitem
Amphibious Adaptation feat
Amulet of Abhorrent Life magicitem
Anatomical Precision feat
Ancestral Wrath spell
Ancient Void Disciple creature
Anemone, Deep Tiger creature
Anemone, Dire Seastar creature
Anesthetist feat
Ape, Colossal creature
Aqueous Extraction spell
Arcane Charm feat
Arcane Dabbler classoption
Arena Fighter background
Artesian Spring spell
Asquenti creature
Baba Yaga’s Broom magicitem
Baba Yaga’s Chicken Hut magicitem
Back to Back feat
Backbiting Blow spell
Bakeneko creature
Beast Shape spell
Beheading Blade magicitem
Benthonir creature
Betrayer feat
Bhole creature
Biting Wind magicitem ,
Blackgate Behemoth creature
Blessing of the Jiaolung feat
Blood of Yog-sothoth creature
Blood of Yog-sothoth Abomination creature
Blood of Yog-sothoth Hunters creature
Blood of Yog-sothoth Warlock creature
Bloodsuckle (Legendary Games) creature
Bloody Boomerang magicitem
Body Shield feat
Boggard race
Bone Ship creature
Book of the Banned magicitem
Bootcha Orc creature
Borrowing Token magicitem
Bountiful Scroll Case magicitem
Breaching Leap feat
Broken Wing Gambit feat
Bunyip creature
Burned Book magicitem
Caller in Darkness creature
Cane of Butterflies magicitem
Cartwheel Dodge feat
Cavalry Baton magicitem
Centipede’s Sting spell
Cephalina creature
Cerebric Fungus creature
Chainmaster classoption
Charging Hurler feat
Charybdis creature
Circle Aflame spell
Circle of Shapeless and Primal Terror classoption
Cleaving Finish feat
Clever Boomerang magicitem
Clockwork Leviathan creature
Cloud Barge spell
Cloudcloth Armor magicitem
Clouds of Radiance spell
Cloudstep Boots magicitem
Clustered Shots feat
College of Reliquaries (Bard College) classoption
Color-Blighted Creature template
Colossus spell
Colour Out of Space creature
Commune with Spirits spell
Conch Tree creature
Consuming Fire spell
Corsair feat
Crab, Mindclaw creature
Crab, Shipwrecker creature
Crabs, Jewel Crab creature
Cranial Dissectibot creature
Creeping Shadow spell
Crusader Aegis magicitem
Cultist of the Dead God (Rogue Archetype) classoption
Cyberphrenic Tadpole creature
Dagger of Deception spell
Dark-Light spell
Dauntless Machete magicitem
Deadly Finish feat
Death from Above feat
Deceiver’s Ring magicitem
Deceptive Exchange feat
Decompose Corpse spell
Deep One (Legendary Games) creature
Deep One (Legendary Games) creature
Deep One Bishop creature
Deep One Elder creature
Deep One Hybrid Cultist creature
Deep One Hybrid Cultist creature
Defensive Weapon Training (Legendary Games) feat
Denizen of Leng (Legendary Games) creature
Desert Moon magicitem
Desert Nomad background
Desert Nomad (Background) background
Devil, Warmonger creature
Devilfish creature
Diplomat’s Signet magicitem
Dirge of the Victorious Knights spell
Disenchanter creature
Disengaging Flourish feat
Divine Charm feat
Drag Down feat
Dragon, Holy creature
Dragon, Underworld, Adult creature
Drake, Coral (Open Design) creature
Drake, Lava creature
Drake, Mist creature
Drake, Sea creature
Draugr race
Draugr (Legendary Games) creature
Draugr Captain creature
Draugr Crew creature
Dream Dalliance spell
Drowsy Fireflies spell
Dryad’s Wreath magicitem
Duppy creature
Dying Curse spell
Earthenport Plate magicitem
Eclectic Training feat
Eekhayab creature
Eel Strike feat
Eel, Electric creature
Eel, Giant Moray creature
Elder Thing creature
Elemental Blade classoption
Elemental, Ocean creature
Elixir of Mutable Flesh magicitem
Elixir of Mutable Soul magicitem
Entombed in Ice spell
Epic 5E page
Epic Adept class
Epic Adept creature
Epic Bard class
Epic Bard creature
Epic Berserker class
Epic Berserker creature
Epic Cleric class
Epic Defense feat
Epic Druid class
Epic Expertise feat
Epic Fighter class
Epic Herald class
Epic Ranger class
Epic Resistance feat
Epic Rogue class
Epic Sorcerer class
Epic Warlock class
Epic Warrior feat
Epic Wizard class
Explorer (Ranger Archetype) classoption
Extra Secondary Archetype feat
Extra Secondary Archetype Feature feat
Eye of Mu creature
Eye of the Storm feat
Faceless Stalker creature
Fairy Blessing feat
False Opening feat
Fanged Warclub magicitem
Fearful Rapture spell
Feint Partner feat
Feyfriend Circle (Druid Circle) classoption
Fiery Spirit feat
Find Weakness feat
Fire Vampire creature
Fish, Bladefish creature
Fish, Dinichthys creature
Fisher From Outside creature
Flame Darts spell
Flood Tide spell
Fluid Modulation Gloves magicitem
Flying Polyp (Legendary Games) creature
Form of the Dragon spell
Fortified Armor Training feat
Funeral Pyre spell
Gargoyle Mask magicitem
Genasi (Mike Myler) race ,
Giant, Ocean creature
Giant, Terror creature
Gibbering Mouther, Delirious Chorus creature
Gladiator classoption
Glitterfrost Buckler magicitem
Globster creature
Gnoll (Mike Myler) race ,
Goldbug (Legendary Games) creature
Golden Gun magicitem
Golem, Book creature
Golem, Cannon creature
Golem, Coral (Legendary Games) creature
Golem, Gold creature
Golem, Junk creature
Grappler’s Mask magicitem
Graven Guardian, A’an creature
Graven Guardian, Ibis creature
Graven Guardian, Moon creature
Great Old One, Cthulhu creature
Great Old One, Hastur creature
Great Yithian creature
Greater Diminution spell
Green Scout creature
Grove Swarm creature
Guardian classoption
Guardian (Fighter Martial Archetype) classoption
Guardian Scroll creature
Gug creature
Gug Savant creature
Hag, Reef creature
Hag, Storm creature
Hammer the Gap feat
Harpspider, Arctic creature
Hated Enemy feat
Hated Supremacy feat
Hauberk-in-Motley magicitem
Hear the Sea feat
Heartstone Rod magicitem
Herald Wind spell
Hero’s Display feat
Hieroglyphic Barrier spell
High Plains Drifter background
Hillfolk background
Hippocampus creature
Hoarfrost Halter magicitem
Hoist the Colors feat
Hound of Tindalos (Legendary Games) creature
Hunter creature
Hurricane spell
Incutilis creature
Inscribed Enemy spell
Ioun Wyrd creature
Jellyfish Swarm creature
Jellyfish, Crimson creature
Jellyfish, Sapphire creature
Jester (Bard College) classoption
Jorezistent creature
Jorganth creature
Kaiju, Mogaru creature
Kanca race
Karkinoi creature
Knight Hospitaler classoption
Kyeryong, Snow creature
Lasher Scallop creature
Lasiodon creature
Lava Collar magicitem
Lava Shaper feat
Legendary Accuracy feat
Legendary Fortitude feat
Legendary Ninja class
Legendary Resistance feat
Leng Spider (Legendary Games) creature
Leprechaun King creature
Leshy, Seaweed creature
Linnorm, Fjord creature
Linnorm, Midgard Serpent creature
Living Island creature
Lizard, Giant Iguana creature
Locust Rod magicitem
Loran race
Loran Monk creature
Lusca creature
Lycanthrope, Wereshark (Legendary Games) creature
Magical Armaments feat
Manifold Selves spell
Mantle of Doubt spell
Map of the Trailblazer magicitem
Marwolaeth creature
Merfolk Guardian creature
Merlin Ambrosius creature
Mi-Go (Legendary Games) creature
Mi-Go Priest creature
Midnight Beacon magicitem
Military Society background
Mind Mirror magicitem
Mistdweorg race
Mistling race
Mongrelfolk race
Monster Conjurer feat
Moon-Beast (Legendary Games) creature
Moon-Beast Master creature
Moonbound Dire Werewolf (Challenge 5) creature
Moonbound Dire Werewolf (Challenge 9) creature
Mooncalf creature
Moonflower creature
Moonlight spell
Moonlight Stalker feat
Morlock (Legendary Games) creature
Mu Spore (Legendary Games) creature
Muckbones creature
Namonti Benthonir creature
Naval Commander feat
Neh-thalggu creature
Neh-thalggu Master creature
Nereid creature
Nightgaunt (Legendary Games) creature
Noh Mask of the Shapech anger magicitem
Oil of Stone Shape magicitem
Opening Volley feat
Orgiastic Rite spell
Ottunni race
Out of Sight spell
Outrider background
Papercraft Sheet magicitem
Path of Primal Fury classoption
Path of the Arcanagoth classoption
Path of the Ballistic Barbarian classoption
Path of the Beastlord classoption
Path of the Destroyer classoption
Path of the Plains Runner classoption
Path of the Spirit Warrior classoption
Path of the Warlord classoption
Path of the Warsong (Barbarian Primal Path) classoption
Pecking Strike feat
Pin Down feat
Planar Assassin creature
Porosi creature
Potion of Blur magicitem
Potion of Burrowing magicitem
Potion of Heroism magicitem
Potion of Shielding magicitem
Powerslave spell
Practicing Chirurgeon feat
Primeval Interdiction spell
Prone Shooter feat
Psychic Leech spell
Pyroclastic Rod magicitem
Quick Breath spell
Radiant Pharaoh’s Mail magicitem
Raider background
Receding Reef spell
Reef Growth spell
Restore Corpse spell
Rhu-chalik creature
Ring of Backstepping magicitem
Ring of the Treacherous Advisor magicitem
Ring of Truth magicitem
Rod of Shadow Puppetry magicitem
Rod of the Arcane Cenotaph magicitem
Rod of the Ebb Tide magicitem
Rod of the Moon magicitem
Rudis creature
Rumble Hammer magicitem
Sahuagin, Selachim creature
Samisen of the Seven Spheres magicitem
Samurai background
Sargassum Fiend creature
Satan creature
Scarab Scourge magicitem
Scepter of Forgotten Time magicitem
Scout’s Spyglass magicitem
Scroll of Passage magicitem
Scylla (Challenge 23) creature
Sea Bonze creature
Sea Legs feat
Sea Reaver background
Sea Serpent creature
Sea Shooter feat
Sea Sight feat
Sea Singer feat
Seaweed Siren creature
Seize the Moment feat
Selkie creature
Sentient Item feat
Servant Samovar magicitem
Sewer Suit magicitem
Shadow Barbs spell
Shadow of Doubt spell
Shake It Off feat
Shantak (Legendary Games) creature
Shapechanging Reversion spell
Share Breath feat
Shark, Megalodon creature
Shield of the Encroaching Forest magicitem
Ship Sage feat
Shoggoth, Elder creature
Shrimp, Giant Mantis creature
Siege Engineer feat
Signet of the Life Pharaoh magicitem
Siren (Legendary Games) creature
Skimming Weapon magicitem
Slaughtermaw Lamprey creature
Slippers of Star-Striding magicitem
Slow Fall feat
Snowball Sling magicitem
Sorcerous Origin: Nereid classoption
Sorcerous Origin: Norn classoption
Soulknife classoption
Spawn of Yog-sothoth creature
Spirit Pharaoh’s Staff magicitem
Spirit Trance spell
Squid, Giant creature
Staff of the Fey Queen magicitem
Staff of the River spell
Stained Glass Knight, Greater creature
Stained Glass Knight, Lesser creature
Star-Spawn of Cthulhu creature
Stealth Synergy feat
Strangling Straps magicitem
Sturdy Form feat
Subjective Reality spell
Submarine Skirmish feat
Sugegasa of Rising Waters magicitem
Survivalist’s Arrow magicitem
Taino-Kar race
Talented feat
Tamer’s Whip spell
Terrible Hybrid Thing creature
Thieving Vial magicitem
Thoth’s Crescent spell
Threefold Moons of Thoth spell
Tiger Trap spell
Tiger’s Fang magicitem
Time Maestro creature
Token of Return magicitem
Torius creature
Toss Enemy feat
Treant, Sovereign creature
Triton creature
True Love’s Kiss feat
Twine Double spell
Umbral Blade spell
Unicorn Charger (Ranger Archetype) classoption
Unraveling Silks magicitem
Urchin Swarm, Ravenous creature
Urchin, Hunter creature
Vengeance Quest feat
Vigorous Health feat
Void-Stirge creature
Voyager background
Voyager (Background) background
Wall of Coral spell
Wand of Aquafire magicitem
Wand of Ash Storm magicitem
Wand of Conjuration magicitem
Wand of Distraction magicitem
Wand of Illumination magicitem
Wand of Rime magicitem
Wasted Years spell
Wavebreaker magicitem
Whale, Great White creature
Whale, Great White Whale creature
White Peacock Crown magicitem
Wield Anything feat
Wight, Lunar creature
Wind Shaft spell
Winterbark Barding magicitem
Withheld Strikes feat
World Turtle creature
Worldly Linguist feat
Xenoid Creature template
Xolo Guardian creature
Zuvembie creature