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Name Type Publisher Source
Aasimar race
Aboleth, Veiled Master creature
Agile Swimmer feat
Alai race
Amphibious Adaptation feat
Anatomical Precision feat
Anesthetist feat
Bhole creature
Blackgate Behemoth creature
Blessing of the Jiaolung feat
Blood of Yog-sothoth creature
Blood of Yog-sothoth Abomination creature
Blood of Yog-sothoth Hunters creature
Blood of Yog-sothoth Warlock creature
Boggard race
Breaching Leap feat
Cerebric Fungus creature
Colour Out of Space creature
Corsair feat
Deep One creature
Deep One Bishop creature
Deep One Elder creature
Deep One Hybrid Cultist creature
Denizen of Leng creature
Eekhayab creature
Eel Strike feat
Elder Thing creature
Eye of Mu creature
Eye of the Storm feat
Faceless Stalker creature
Fire Vampire creature
Fisher From Outside creature
Flying Polyp creature
Genasi race
Gibbering Mouther, Delirious Chorus creature
Gnoll race
Goldbug creature
Golem, Book creature
Golem, Junk creature
Great Old One, Cthulhu creature
Great Old One, Hastur creature
Great Yithian creature
Guardian Scroll creature
Gug creature
Gug Savant creature
Hear the Sea feat
Hoist the Colors feat
Hound of Tindalos creature
Kanca race
Leng Spider creature
Mi-Go creature
Mi-Go Priest creature
Mistdweorg race
Mistling race
Mongrelfolk race
Moon-Beast creature
Moon-Beast Master creature
Moonbound Dire Werewolf (Challenge 5) creature
Moonbound Dire Werewolf (Challenge 9) creature
Mooncalf creature
Moonflower creature
Morlock creature
Mu Spore creature
Naval Commander feat
Neh-thalggu creature
Neh-thalggu Master creature
Nightgaunt creature
Ottunni race
Practicing Chirurgeon feat
Rhu-chalik creature
Sea Shooter feat
Sea Sight feat
Sea Singer feat
Shantak creature
Share Breath feat
Ship Sage feat
Shoggoth, Elder creature
Siege Engineer feat
Spawn of Yog-sothoth creature
Star-spawn of Cthulhu creature
Submarine Skirmish feat
Taino-Kar race
Terrible Hybrid Thing creature
Void-Stirge creature
Wight, Lunar creature
Withheld Strikes feat