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Name Type Source
Arcane Heartbeat feat
Bodyguard classoption
Cataclysm Warlock Patron classoption
Circle of the Bough classoption
Circle of the Dragonfriend classoption
College of Harmony classoption
Crystal Tiefling race
Dark Trapper classoption
Epithets classability
Exhaustive Burnout feat
Explosive Treatment feat
Eyes of Ice feat
Fencer classoption
Hearthguard classoption
Herald of Lightning creature
Herbalist classoption
Hidden Potential feat
Holy Clergy page
Ignition Resistance feat
Improviser classoption
Inquisition Domain classoption
Mental Haze feat
Mistlurker creature
Necroharmonic feat
Nerve Assault feat
Oath of Banishment classoption
Oath of Enlightenment classoption
Path of Infiltration classoption
Path of the Abomination classoption
Path of the Alchemical Brute classoption
Path of the Whispering Voice classoption
Petal Knight class
Precious Elements feat
Primordial Agent creature
Rimeknife classoption
Robust Genealogy feat
Ruby Champion creature
Scrapper classoption
Seership Domain classoption
Shadow Hand creature
Stargazer classoption
Sword Saint class
Temple Raider classoption
Tiefling, Obsidian creature
Trade Domain classoption
Tree Stalker feat
Waldwalker creature
Way of Mundanity classoption
Way of the Crystal Hand classoption
Way of the Snow White Sleeve classoption
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