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Name Type Publisher Source
Animal Magnetism feat
Black Blood feat
Blinding Gaze spell
Bloodwind creature
Burning Breath spell
Claws of Steel feat
Conversations of Death feat
Creep creature
Crippling Track spell
Demon, Pumkin creature
Detect Mark spell
Detect Shapechanger spell
Devil’s Pact spell
Dream Stalker creature
Eye Lamps spell
Forest Lord creature
Foul Flesh spell
Gormandize feat
Hell Wolf creature
Hound of Hell feat
Howling Fog spell
Hsing-sing creature
Huff and Puff spell
Ironhide spell
Kyoshi creature
Let Me In! spell
Lurker creature
Lycaeonia Curse spell
Lycus creature
Magic Circle Against Shapechangers spell
Making Blank spell
Melancholic Lycanthropia spell
Moonburst spell
Murder of Crows spell
Pack Friend spell
Possess Doll spell
Pumpkin Pact spell
Rat-Monkey creature
Scuttlebug creature
Sentinel Sphere creature
Sharpened Teeth feat
Sheep’s Clothing feat
Silencing Gaze spell
Sticky Paws spell
Thin Stranger creature
Vargulf creature
Versipellis spell
Vrykolakas creature
Werewolf Lord creature
Wolf Wall spell
Worg Form feat
Zombie, Blood creature
Zombie, Brainless creature
Zombie, Creep creature
Zombie, Fever creature
Zombie, Flesh-stitched creature
Zombie, Kyoshi creature
Zombie, Okokiyat creature