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Name Type Source
Abominable Amorphous Amoeba spell
Abyssal Basilisk, Greater creature
Acid Bolt spell
Acid Cloud spell
Acid Mist spell
Acid Scourge spell
Acid Storm spell
Adder Sandals magicitem
Adhesion spell
Afanc creature
Afu-Abtem creature
Aldinach (Demon Lord) creature
Algoid creature ,
Amulet of Clairvoyance magicitem
Amulet of Natural Armor magicitem
Amulet of Weapon Deflection magicitem
Animated Object, Cart creature
Animated Object, Chains creature
Animated Object, Huge creature ,
Animated Object, Large creature ,
Animated Object, Medium creature ,
Animated Object, Small creature ,
Animated Object, Tiny creature ,
Ant Lion creature ,
Ape, Dire creature
Ara creature
Ara Cleric creature
Arcane Arbitration spell ,
Arcanoplasm creature ,
Arnaut Bush creature
Aspect of Rahotep creature
Atmu-thoth-rahat creature
Augmented Olfaction spell
Baboonwere creature
Baboonwere creature
Baboonwere creature
Bake Kujira creature
Bas-f-py (Subaltern) creature
Basalt Warhound creature ,
Bat, Fungus creature
Bear, Cave creature
Beluiri (The Temptress) creature
Berberoka creature
Binguai creature
Black Serpent creature
Blood Kaktos creature
Blood Orchid creature
Blood Orchid Savant creature
Blue Demon creature
Boar Demon creature
Bog Corpse creature
Boiling Oil spell
Bone Cobbler creature
Bone Needle, Greater creature
Bone Needle, Lesser creature
Bone Reaper creature
Bonesucker creature ,
Borderer creature
Bramble creature
Bramble Zombie creature
Brown Fiend creature
Buoyancy spell
Burning Blood spell
Burning Dervish creature
Buxiu (Immortal Guard) creature
Carapace Symbiont creature
Cat, Undead Feral creature
Caterwaul creature
Caustic Burst spell
Cavalry Soldier creature
Cave Fisher creature
Celestial Paragon creature
Cerebral Stalker creature
Chaos Knight creature
Charnel Reek spell
Churr creature
Cloak of Serpents spell
Cloud of Hept-na spell
Cobra Flower creature
Collar of Immunity magicitem
Control Fluid spell
Control Vapor spell
Copper Skeleton creature
Corpsespinner creature
Corpsespun creature
Corrosive Solvent spell
Craniform creature
Craniform Priestess creature
Crawling Hand creature
Crawling Offspring creature
Crystalbrittle spell
Dark Creeper creature
Dark Stalker creature
Death Domain classoption
Death Smoke spell
Death Weaver creature
Death Worm creature ,
Deepmind creature
Demi-Lich creature
Demi-Lich, Greater creature
Demon of Iubeni creature
Demon, Abrikandilu (Wrecker Demon, Necromancer Games) creature
Demon, Alu creature
Demon, Cacodemon creature
Demon, Charonademon creature
Demon, Daraka creature
Demon, Fox creature
Demon, Gallu creature
Demon, Hundred-Eyed creature
Demon, Hydrodemon creature
Demon, Mezzalorn creature
Demon, Nabasu creature
Demon, Nerizo (Bloodhound Demon) creature
Demon, Nysrock (Cobra Demon) creature
Demon, Piscodemon creature
Demon, Shrroth creature
Demon, Skitterdark creature
Demon, Stirge creature
Demoncroc creature
Denizen of Ong creature
Desecrate spell
Detect Curse spell
Devil, Alastor (Executioner of Hell) creature
Devil, Amaimon creature
Devil, Ammon (Duke of Malbolge, Keeper of the Kennels, Lord of the Ditches) creature
Devil, Baalzebal (Prince of Stygia, Lord of Flies) creature
Devil, Baaphell (Grand Duke of Covetous Regent of Belial) creature
Devil, Belial (Prince of the Covetous, Lord of Lusts) creature
Devil, Caasimolar (Former President of Hell) creature
Devil, Flayer creature
Devil, Ghaddar creature
Devil, Gorson (Blood Duke of Aplistia) creature
Devil, Hellstoker creature
Devil, Lilith (Former Queen of Hell), Arch Devil creature
Devil, Nupperibo creature
Devil, The Lightbringer (Prince of Darkness, Prince of Infernus) creature
Devil, Tormentor Devil creature
Dinosaur King, Triceratops creature
Dinosaur King, Tyrannosaurus creature
Dinosaur, Allosaurus creature
Dinosaur, Ankylosaurus creature
Dinosaur, Diplodocus creature
Dinosaur, Hadrosaur creature
Dinosaur, Iguanodon creature
Dinosaur, Pteranodon creature
Dinosaur, Pterodactyl creature
Dinosaur, Raptor creature
Dinosaur, Raptor (Mutant) creature
Dire Corby creature
Disperse Vapor spell
Dokkaebi creature
Draug creature
Draug Captain creature
Drider-Goblin creature
Drider-Goblin Spellcaster creature
Duppy creature
Egui creature
Ekimmu creature
Elemental, Smoke creature
Elf, Steel creature
Evaporate Fluid spell
Fa-t-tep creature
Faceless creature
False Avatar of Amun creature
Fear Guard creature
Feed Fiend spell
Fei Shei creature
Fen Witch creature
Feng Xianji (Wind Fey) creature
Fey Giant Toad creature
Filth Fairy creature
Flowershroud creature
Fluttercat creature
Forest Child creature
Forest Stalker creature
Fungal Creeper creature
Fyr creature
Gauntlet spell
Genie, Sequana creature
Gerhit creature
Gholl (Demon Lord) creature
Gholle creature
Ghoul of Khemit creature
Ghoul, Lacedon creature
Ghoul, Vampiric creature
Ghul creature
Ghul creature
Ghulaz creature
Giant Crocodile of Sebk creature
Giant, Aberrant creature
Giant, Sea creature ,
Giant, Volcano creature ,
Gillmonkey creature
Gloom Demon creature
Gnarlwood creature
Gnome, Spriggan creature
Golem Idol of Rahotep creature
Golem, Clay (Lesser) creature
Golem, Lesser Flesh creature ,
Golem, Mithral creature
Golem, Shedu creature
Gray Nisp creature ,
Greater Priest Ghost creature
Green Brain creature
Gribbon creature
Grimstalker creature
Groaning Spirit (Necromancer Games) creature
Gronk creature
Guardian Fiend creature
Guardian Shade creature
Ha-Naga creature ,
Hamephat creature
Hep-thait creature
Hept-f-hra creature
Hetet-f (Platoon Sergeant) creature
Hippodilemon creature
Hippopotamus creature
Hoar Spirit creature
Hold Vapor spell
Horror from Below creature
Hu-benti (Priest of Set) creature
Huangshe’yao creature
Hush spell
Hyaenodon, Undead creature
Immortal Master creature
Inphidian creature
Iron Mummy creature
Jackalwere creature
Jackalwere creature
Jelly, Whip creature
Jokao creature
Jupiter Bloodsucker creature
Kaiju, Daguros creature
Kaiju, Galazon creature
Kaiju, Xarakhan creature
Khonsu-khaibet creature
Leech, Giant Sea creature
Leechfolk creature
Leopard creature
Lionwere creature
Liquid Modulation spell
Liquid Sphere spell
Livestone creature
Living Lake creature
Malefic Domain classoption
Mammon, The Miser, Prince of Apllistia, Arch Devil creature
Manatee/Sea Cow creature
Mandragora creature ,
Mane, Blood creature
Mane, Ice creature
Mane, Stygian creature
Mane, Styx creature
Maq-t creature
Masked Spirit creature
Merha-aptut (Priest of Hapy) creature
Mogwai Silent Assassin creature
Mogwai, Ice creature
Mogwai, Mi-Go creature
Monster of Set creature
Monstrous Crayfish creature
Mummy of Khemit creature
Mummy, Great Spider creature
Mummy, Lightning-Quick creature
Murder Born creature
Murder Crow creature
Mus creature
Mus Sorcerer creature
Mus Swashbuckler creature
Musk Ox creature
Nazalor creature
Nefertem creature
Nehsi creature
Nektinefar creature
Nemekh (Cavalry Sergeant) creature
Neutralize Gas spell
Niutomi creature
Nixie creature
Nixie, Bog creature
Ooze, Crystal creature
Ooze, Giant Red Amoeboid creature
Ophidile creature
Orb of Containment spell
Owlwere creature
Pansbek creature
Pewter Knight creature
Platybelodon creature
Preservation of the Flesh spell
Property Transference spell
Protection From Nonmagical Gas spell
Protection from Serpents spell
Pyrolisk creature
Quickling creature
Rahotep’s Tomb Mummy creature
Rat King creature
Red Jester creature
Rhacos creature
Ring of Stone Passage magicitem
River Domain classoption
Rusting Grasp spell
Sahu of the Duat creature
Sak creature
Sand Devil creature
Sba-bennu creature
Scorpion-Snake creature
Scorpion, Cave creature
Sebk-Golem Statue creature
Seelie creature
Sefer creature
Sekem of the Duat creature
Sepulchral Guardian creature
Serpent Hands spell
Serpent of the Duat creature
Serpent Plague spell
Sha creature
Shadow Rat creature
Shadow Wolf creature
Shadow, Greater creature
Shell Folk creature
Shenau creature
Shining Child creature ,
Shroom creature
Silaal creature
Singa creature
Skelzi creature
Skelzi, Vampiric creature ,
Snake, King Cobra creature
Soul Vampire creature
Spiny Horror creature
Sporc creature
Spore Rat creature
Stank Hog, Mature creature
Stank Hog, Piglet creature
Stegocentipede creature ,
Sticks to Snakes spell
Stone Flame spell
Stone Maiden creature
Stroke Lad creature
Stunjelly creature
Surf Lurker creature
Swarm of Adamantine Wasps creature
Swarm of Bladecoins creature
Swarm of Carnivorous Fish creature
Swarm of Eye Spiders creature
Swarm of Flying Scorpions creature
Swarm of Hostile Birds creature
Swarm of Miniature Mermaids creature
Swarm of Stirges creature
Swarm of Undead Bats creature
Swarm of Undead Hummingbirds creature
Swarm of Undead Rats creature
Talisman of Recall magicitem
Tangagumak creature
Tangagumak Shaman creature
Tangagumak Warrior creature
Tcharqu (Scribe) creature
Teratashia (Demon Princess of Dimensions) creature
Thunder Terrier creature
Tongue of The Frog God spell ,
Troll Pony creature
Troll, Black creature
Troll, Sea creature
Tusk Lord creature ,
Unholy Mace magicitem
Unmasked Priest of Tsathoggus creature
Unseelie creature
Vargouille creature
Venom Ward spell
Vepar creature
Vitriolic Sphere spell
Wakandagi creature
Wall of Serpents spell
Weird, Blood creature
Weird, Fungus creature
Weredactyl creature
White Monster creature
Witch Tree creature
Wolfwere creature
Zombie, Aqueous creature
Zombie, Carcharodon creature
Zombie, Goblin creature
Zombie, Gug creature ,
Zombie, Juju creature ,
Zombie, Mummy creature
Zombie, Otyugh creature ,
Zombie, Poisonous Snake creature
Zombie, Sphinx creature
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