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Name Type Publisher Source
Acid Shambler creature
Aetherai creature
Alley Reaper creature
Amalthean Goat creature
Basilisk, Ice creature
Bayou Seer creature
Bite Fighter feat
Bone Bosun creature
Born Rider feat
Burned Ones creature
Cabalist feat
Campaigner feat
Chain Master feat
Cloudsting creature
Deep Elven Adept feat
Deft Climber feat
Dreadful feat
Efficient Artisan feat
Ferocious feat
Flesh Eater feat
Ghost Speaker feat
Glyph Adept feat
Huror creature
Ironskin feat
Jellyfish, Blood Sea creature
Legionnaire feat
Magical Crafter feat
Mark of the Fallen feat
Military Student feat
Nimble feat
Path of the Huror page
Pious feat
Rancorous feat
Savant feat
Scout (Onyx Path Publishing) page
Sea Dog feat
Shadow Mage feat
Stalwart feat
Wild Scent feat