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Name Type Source
Absorb Mana spell
Academic background
Acid Shambler creature
Activist background
Adamantine Undead page
Adaptable feat
Aetherai creature
Aim feat
Air Ship magicitem
Alibi spell
Alley Reaper creature
Amalthean Goat creature
Amulet of The Sky Captain magicitem
Amulet of Weakness magicitem
Arcane Devourer creature
Arcane Parry spell
Armor of The Golden Warrior magicitem
Artist background
Ashcloud creature
Asuran Lockwatcher creature
Bare-knuckled Brawler feat
Bargain Finder feat
Basilisk, Ice creature
Battlecry spell
Battlefield Glance feat
Bayou Seer creature
Beacon of The Undead magicitem
Berserker Wasp creature
Bite Fighter feat
Blood Maiden creature
Blood Trail spell
Bloodman creature
Bloodmare creature
Boat of Folding magicitem
Body of Sand spell
Bone Bosun creature
Bone Lord creature
Born Rider feat
Broken Sword Initiate feat
Brutal Hit feat
Burned Ones creature
Cabalist feat
Call of Community feat
Campaigner feat
Cautious feat
Chain Master feat
Chains of Binding spell
Champion’s Steed creature
Circle of Blood classoption
Circle of Sounds spell
Cloak of Silence spell
Cloudsting creature
Compel feat
Compost spell
Confident feat
Conjunctive Attunement feat
Contortionist feat
Cutting Blow feat
Dark Flame spell
Daydream Orb magicitem
Deep Elven Adept feat
Deft Climber feat
Delayed Spell Box magicitem
Desperate Rites feat
Devil, Sleet creature
Diehard feat
Dreadful feat
Dwarven Bear Rider creature
Efficient Artisan feat
Emperor Stag creature
Enchanted Forest Dweller background
Energetic Lamp magicitem
Enrage spell
Entertainer background
Entrance Animal spell
Exile From Nature spell
Explorer background
Expression Blank feat
Eyeburst spell
Farmer background
Feral creature
Flailing Dreadnaught creature
Flames of the Heart feat
Flask of Unexpected Fortitude magicitem
Flay Beast creature
Fleet of Foot feat
Flesh Corruptor creature
Flesh Eater feat
Forge Wight creature
Free Scion background
Gambler feat
Ghost Speaker feat
Giant, Celestian creature
Giant, Flayed creature
Giant, Stone (Marauder) creature
Glyph Adept feat
Glyph of Stealth magicitem
Goblin, Cave creature
Goblin, Coal creature
Goblin, Forest creature
Goblin, Skull Breaker creature
Goblin, Spider-Eye creature
Golem, Gallows creature
Golem, Hive creature
Golem, Lead creature
Golem, Mithril creature
Golem, Serpent creature
Gorgon, High creature
Gorgon, High creature
Gorgon, Low creature
Granite Armor magicitem
Gray Lancer creature
Great Fortitude feat
Great Harrier creature
Great Ogre creature
Halo Effect feat
Hamadryad creature
Healing Interdiction spell
Hear the Cries feat
Hearthfinder feat
Hearty Constitution feat
Hellfire Bloodshark creature
Historian background
Hope creature
Hunter’s Hound creature
Huror creature
Hustler feat
Hydraulic Exoskeleton magicitem
Imbue Weapon spell
Improved Initiative feat
Incredible Might feat
Inn-Wight creature
Iron Mind feat
Iron Tusker creature
Ironskin feat
Jellyfish, Blood Sea creature
Jungle Squid creature
Keel Crusher creature
Key of Infinite Locks magicitem
Legionnaire feat
Lightning Reflexes feat
Lost the Faith background
Lurker Below creature
Magic Vestment spell
Magical Crafter feat
Manster creature
March of Will feat
Mark of the Fallen feat
Marrow Knight creature
Medic background
Memory-Eater creature
Metamagic Mimicry spell
Military Student feat
Minotaur Slaver creature
Mirror of Echoes magicitem
Mnemonic Mastery feat
Moon Cat creature
Mosaic Custodian creature
Murder Sprite creature
Mushroom, Shrieker creature
Mystical Multitask feat
Naga, Crown creature
Narleth creature
Nature’s Favor feat
Necklace of Truth magicitem
Nimble feat
NPC, Bard creature
NPC, Cutpurse creature
NPC, Highway Bandit creature
NPC, People of The Plains creature
NPC, Ranger of the Wood creature
NPC, Sea Raider creature
NPC, Shadow Blade creature
NPC, Vile Cultist creature
Observant Heart feat
Occultist background
Opportunist feat
Orafaun creature
Orb of Death magicitem
Orb of Turning magicitem
Orc race
Orc, Ambassador creature
Orc, Raid Master creature
Pain Doll creature
Path of the Huror classoption
Pious feat
Pixie race
Pixie Prankster creature
Plaguecat creature
Practiced Drinker feat
Proud creature
Pure Mind feat
Quicksilver Stalker creature
Quicksilver Wit feat
Rainbow Aura feat
Rallying Respite spell
Rancorous feat
Reasoned feat
Ring of Safe Passage magicitem
Rod of The Heavens magicitem
Rune Caster class
Savant feat
Scientist background
Scout (Onyx Path Publishing) classoption
Sea Dog feat
Self-Educated background
Serpent Root creature
Shadow Mage feat
Shadow Raven creature
Shark-folk creature
Shield Ally spell
Shield The Gathering spell
Sigils of The Gatekeeper magicitem
Skeleton Assassin creature
Skeleton Knight creature
Skeleton Minion creature
Skill Focus feat
Skilled feat
Source Awareness feat
Source Interference spell
Source Sink spell
Source Tap feat
Spawn, Aetherspawn creature
Spawn, Cryospawn creature
Spawn, Infernospawn creature
Spawn, Terraspawn creature
Speed Burst feat
Spellscholar feat
Spellslinger feat
Stalwart feat
Steadfast Companion feat
Steel Beetle creature
Student background
Summoner’s Strength feat
Swarm of Pixies creature
Sword of Mighty Defense magicitem
Sympathetic Sorcery feat
Tenacity spell
Thrown Weapons Master feat
Titan, Stone creature
Tree Giant creature
Trogodon creature
Troll, Steppe (Warrior) creature
Trollkin race
Unicorn, Hornsaw creature
Urban background
Veteran background
Violent Scream spell
Wall of Mana spell
Wild Scent feat
Willow Tree Warrior creature
Windigo creature
Windrider creature
Woodland Bow magicitem
Working Poor background
Writer background
Wyvern, Sand creature
Zombie, Blood creature
Zombie, Blood Fever creature
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