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61 Records Found

Name Type Publisher Source
Abominable Beauty creature
Accursed Defiler creature
Acid Ant creature
Agnibarra creature
Ahu-Nixta creature
Ahuizotl creature
Alabaster Tree creature
Alkonost creature
Alliumite creature
Alp creature
Ammut creature
Angel, Eye of the Gods creature
Angel, Ophanim creature
Angel, Sammael creature
Angel, Song creature
Angel, Zoryas creature
Animal Lord, Bat King creature
Animal Lord, Brother Ox creature
Animal Lord, Mouse King creature
Animal Lord, Queen of Cats creature
Animal Lord, Queen of Serpents creature
Animal, Bat, Vampire (Giant) creature
Arboreal Grappler creature
Barometz creature
Bat, Giant Albino creature
Bearfolk Chieftain creature
Bearmit Crab creature
Bilwis creature
Bone Colossus creature
Broodmother of Leng creature
Death Barque creature
Demon Lord of Rats creature
Demon, Echo creature
Drake, Bathhouse creature
Dread Walker, Excavator creature
Execrable Shrub creature
Gaunt One creature
Giant, Mountain creature
Goblin, Chaos-Spawn creature
Golem, Alchemical creature
Goliath Longlegs creature
Green Mantle page
Harefolk creature
Horned Serpent creature
Hungry Ghost, Gaki creature
Krake Spawn creature
Linnorm, Vent creature
Mithral Dragon’s Might page
Moth, Giant (Open Design, Challenge 1/8) creature
Nightgaunt (Open Design) creature
Ooze, Giant Shark Bowl creature
Piasa (Challenge 6) creature
Rift Swine creature
Ring Warden page
Snow Cat creature
Sunset Raptor creature
Undead Phoenix creature
Wind Weasel creature
Worg, Fang of the Great Wolf creature
Ziphius creature
Zoog creature