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Name Type Source
Abaasy creature
Absolute Command spell
Abysswalker Derro creature
Ahu-Nixta Mechanon creature
Akanka creature
Akkorokamui creature
Alabroza creature
Alabroza, Bloodfiend creature
Alazai creature
Alke creature
Alliumite, Husker creature
Alliumite, Rapscallion creature
Alpine Creeper creature
Alseid, Woad Warrior creature
Amphibolt creature
Analyze Device spell
Angel, Kalkydra creature
Angel, Pelagic Deva creature
Angel, Psychopomp creature
Angel, Shrouded creature
Angel, Zirnitran creature
Angler Dwarf creature
Animate Construct spell
Animated Instrument creature
Animated Offal creature
Animated Quartet creature
Animated Symphony creature
Annelidast creature
Aphasian Abomination creature
Arcane Leviathan creature
Arcane Scavenger creature
Arduous Shuffle spell
Armor of the Black River magicitem
Armor of the White Rose magicitem
Armored Heart spell
Armored Shell spell
Arx creature
Ashwalker creature
Asp Vine creature
Astralsupial creature
Aural Hunter creature
Avestruzii creature
Avestruzii Champion creature
Aziza creature
Baleful Miasma creature
Bandit Lord creature
Bane of Excellence spell
Bannik creature
Barnyard Golem creature
Bastet Temple Cat creature
Beach Weird creature
Bearfolk Druid creature
Bearfolk Thunderstomper creature
Bearskin Cloak magicitem
Belu creature
Berberoka creature
Bilge Gremlin creature
Bilge Gremlin Bosun creature
Birch Siren creature
Birgemon Seal creature
Biting Gnat Swarm creature
Bitter Wind spell
Black Knight Commander creature
Black Patch creature
Black Shuck creature
Blade of Blood and Bone spell
Blaspheming Hand creature
Blemmyes creature
Blestsessebe creature
Blinding Lantern magicitem
Blood Barnacle creature
Blood Flurry creature
Blood Mage creature
Blunted Blade spell
Bone Collector creature
Bone Lord creature
Bonecage Constrictor creature
Boots of Dancing magicitem
Boots of Shadow Walking magicitem
Boots of Solid Footing magicitem
Boots of The Swift Striker magicitem
Brain Coral creature
Brawler’s Leather magicitem
Bright Sparks spell
Brine Hag creature
Broodiken creature
Broom of Sweeping magicitem
Brownie creature
Brownie Beastrider creature
Brownie Mystic creature
Brumalek creature
Bukavac creature
Buraq creature
Burglar’s Lock And Key magicitem
Burrowling creature
Cactus Drake creature
Caldera Kite creature
Capybear creature
Caretaker Weevil creature
Carrion Beetle creature
Catalyst Oil magicitem
Catamount creature
Catapult spell
Catonoctrix creature
Catterball creature
Caustic Charger creature
Cave Dragon, Ancient creature
Cave Mimic creature
Cave Sovereign creature
Centaur Chieftain creature
Chain Golem creature
Chaos Acorn magicitem
Chaos Creeper creature
Chaos Raptor creature
Charnel Banquet spell
Chemosit creature
Child of Light and Darkness spell
Chroma Lizard creature
Chronomancer’s Pocket Clock magicitem
Cikavak creature
Circle of Shadows (Druid) classoption
Citrullus creature
City Watch Captain creature
Clacker Beetle Soldier creature
Climbing Vine creature
Cloak of Splendor magicitem
Cloak of Squirrels magicitem
Cloak of The Inconspicuous Rake magicitem
Cloak of The Rat magicitem
Cloak of the Raven magicitem
Clockwork Abomination creature
Clockwork Armadillo creature
Clockwork Assassin creature
Clockwork Beetle creature
Clockwork Conductor creature
Clockwork Hand magicitem
Clockwork Hound creature
Clockwork Huntsman creature
Clockwork Myrmidon creature
Clockwork Pendant magicitem
Clockwork Pugilist creature
Clockwork Scorpion creature
Clockwork Tactician creature
Clockwork Watchman creature
Clockwork Weaving Spider creature
Clockwork Wizard School classoption
Cloudhoof Assassin creature
Coastline Reaper creature
Cobbleswarm creature
College of Shadow (Bard) classoption
Collegian background
Comfy Slippers magicitem
Conjure Acorns spell
Conjure Ferryman spell
Conjure Giant spell
Conjure Rats spell
Conniption Bug creature
Conscript background
Copperkill Slime creature
Corpse Mound creature
Corpselight Moth creature
Cosmic Symphony creature
Courtesan background
Crab, Duffel creature
Crab, Garroter creature
Crab, Razorback creature
Crab, Samurai creature
Crystallite creature
Cueyatl Warchief creature
Cult Leader creature
Curse of Incompetence spell
Cyonaxin creature
Daeodon creature
Darakhul General creature
Dawnfly creature
Death Worm creature
Deep One creature
Deep Roots of the Moon spell
Demon Lord, Camazotz npc
Demon Lord, Mechuiti npc
Demon Lord, Qorgeth npc
Demon, Apau Perape creature
Demon, Balbazu creature
Demon, Berstuc creature
Demon, Inciter creature
Demon, Kishi creature
Demon, Kogukhpak creature
Demon, Maha creature
Demon, Malakbel creature
Demon, Psoglav creature
Demon, Rubezahl creature
Demon, Vetala creature
Desert Slime creature
Desolation Nymph creature
Despair and Anger creature
Detect Life spell
Devil, Arch-Devil, Ia’Affrat npc
Devil, Automata creature
Devil, Crystalline creature
Devil, Gilded creature
Devil, Ink creature
Devil, Koralk creature
Devil, Moldering creature
Devil, Rimepacted creature
Devilbound Gnomish Prince creature
Devilflame Juggler creature
Devouring Angel creature
Dinosaur, Mbielu creature
Dinosaur, Ngobou creature
Dinosaur, Spinosaurus, Young creature
Diomedian Horse creature
Dipsa creature
Dire Lionfish creature
Dire Owlbear creature
Dire Pangolin creature
Dire Wildebeest creature
Dissimortuum creature
Div creature
Diving Gel creature
Dogmole creature
Dogmole Juggernaut creature
Dokkaebi creature
Doom Creeper creature
Doom of False Friends spell
Doom of Poor Fortune spell
Doom of Stacked Stones spell
Doom of Summer Years spell
Doppelixir creature
Dragon Eel creature
Dragon, Cave, Adult creature
Dragon, Cave, Wyrmling creature
Dragon, Cave, Young creature
Dragon, Flame, Adult creature
Dragon, Flame, Wyrmling creature
Dragon, Mithral, Wyrmling creature ,
Dragon, Sea, Adult creature
Dragon, Sea, Wyrmling creature
Dragon, Sea, Young creature ,
Dragon, Void, Adult creature
Dragon, Void, Ancient creature
Dragon, Void, Wyrmling creature
Dragon, Void, Young creature
Dragon, Wind, Adult creature
Dragon, Wind, Ancient creature
Dragon, Wind, Wyrmling creature
Dragon, Wind, Young creature
Dragonette, Barnyard creature
Dragonette, Sedge creature
Dragonleaf Tree creature
Drake, Bakery creature
Drake, Vapor creature
Drakon creature
Draught of Forgetfulness magicitem
Dread Examiner creature
Dream Eater creature
Drizzle spell
Drowned Maiden creature
Drudge Pitcher creature
Dryad, Duskthorn creature
Dubius creature
Dullahan creature
Duskwilt creature
Dust Grazer creature
Dwarf, Pike Guard creature
Dwarf, Pike Guard Captain creature
Dwarven Firecracker creature
Dwarven Ringmage creature
Eala creature
Earrings of Eclipse magicitem
Eater of Dust creature
Ebon Tide spell
Ebony Beetle Armor magicitem
Edimmu creature
Eel Hound creature
Einherjar creature
Elemental Locus creature
Elemental, Blood creature
Elemental, Permafrost creature
Elemental, Rockslide creature
Elemental, Solar creature
Elemental, Void creature
Elf Shot spell
Elf, Shadow Fey Duelist creature
Elf, Shadow Fey Forest Hunter creature
Elvish Veteran Archer creature
Ember Glider creature
Emerald Eye creature
Emerald Goblet spell
Emerald Goblet magicitem
Empowering Amplifier magicitem
Empty Cloak creature
Empyrean Kobold creature
Eonic Drifter creature
Equitox creature
Erina Tussler creature
Erina, Common creature
Ethereal Drake creature
Faerie Toast spell
Fanged Mask magicitem
Fate Eater creature
Faux-Garou creature
Feast of Flesh spell
Feather Token: World Tree Sapling magicitem
Fext creature
Fey Portal spell
Fighter Subclass: Skirmisher classoption
Find The Flaw spell
Fire Dance spell
Firebird creature
Fireflies spell
Firegeist creature
Firestorm Giant creature
Fist of Iron spell
Flame Dragon, Ancient creature
Floe Hag creature
Flowering spell
Forest Marauder creature
Foul Air spell
Frostjack creature
Frostveil creature
Garmvvolf creature
Gbahali (Postosuchus) creature
Gear Barrage spell
Gear Shield magicitem
Gearforged Templar creature
Gearmass creature
Genie, Al-Aeshma creature
Gerridae creature
Ghost Armor magicitem
Ghost Knight creature
Ghost Knight Templar creature
Ghoul, Beggar creature
Ghoul, Bonepowder creature
Ghoul, Imperial creature
Ghoul, Iron creature
Giant Ant creature
Giant Flea creature
Giant Mantis Shrimp creature
Giant Mole Lizard creature
Giant Pufferfish creature
Giant Walking Stick creature
Giant, River creature
Gift of The Golden Tongue spell
Gigantura creature
Glacial Crawler creature
Glass Gator creature
Glide spell
Glidecloak magicitem
Gliding Cloak magicitem
Gloaming spell
Gloves of the Walking Shade magicitem
Glowstone Helmet magicitem
Gnaw spell
Gnawing Leap spell
Gnoll, Havoc Runner creature
Gnomish Distiller creature
Gnyan creature
Goat-Man creature
Goblin Siege Engine creature
Grave Keeper background
Grave Keeper background
Grim Harvest spell
Grim Shadows spell
Grinding Gears magicitem
Grivid creature
Grolar Bear creature
Grolar Bear Alpha creature
Gryllus Swarm creature
Guardian Archaeopteryx creature
Gullkin creature
Gullkin Hunter creature
Haakjir creature
Hag, Mirror creature
Hag, Red creature
Hag, Sand creature
Haladron creature
Hardening Polish magicitem
Harvest Horse creature
Heartstop magicitem
Hellfire Giant creature
Hellforged Derro creature
Hellforging magicitem
Herald of Blood creature
Herd Skulker creature
Hero of Fable spell
Hibernation spell
Hinderling creature
Hippopotamus creature
Hirudine Stalker creature
Hollow One creature
Host of Diminutive Humans spell
Hound of The Night creature
Howler of The Hill creature
Hvalfiskr creature
Ibexian creature
Ice Golem creature
Ice Urchin creature
Ice Willow creature
Iceworm creature
Imbue Spell magicitem
Imperator creature
Incandescent One creature
Infernal Tutor, Common creature
Infernal Tutor, Lesser creature
Interminable Yarn spell
Ion Slime creature
Irritating Kazoo spell
Jeholopterus creature
Jinnborn Pirate, Air creature
Jubjub Bird creature
Judicial Champion background
Jungle Mess Kit magicitem
Juniper Sheriff creature
Kadag Ogre creature
Karkadann creature
Keeper Domain (Cleric) classoption
Keeper of Hounds creature
Keeper of Ravens creature
Khamaseen creature
Khargi creature
Knife of Fate spell
Knight of Shadows creature
Kobold Ettin creature
Kobold Ghost Hunter creature
Kobold King background
Kobold Leviathan Hunter creature
Kobold Planes Hunter creature
Kobold Sapper creature
Kobold, Drake Rider creature
Lakescourge Lotus creature
Lantern Giant creature
Leashed Lesion creature
Leech Demon creature
Lemurfolk creature
Ley Wanderer creature
Lich Hound creature
Life Broker creature
Lifeblood Gear magicitem
Light Eater creature
Light Weaver Sorcerous Origin (Sorcerer) classoption
Likho creature
Liosalfar creature
Living Soot creature
Living Wick creature
Lobe Lemur creature
Lock Armor magicitem
Lord of the Hunt creature
Lost spell
Lost and Wandering spell
Lotion of Pure Filth magicitem
Loxoda creature
Lullaby spell
Lunar Devil, Lesser creature
Lunar Elf race
Lunar Transfer spell
Luring Melody spell
Lycanthrope, Werebat creature
Machine Sacrifice magicitem
Machine Speech magicitem
Machine’s Load magicitem
Maelstrom Devil creature
Maggot spell
Malmbjorn creature
Mark of Fate spell
Mass Repair Metal magicitem
Mavka creature
Mechanical Union magicitem
Meerkat creature
Megantereon creature
Memory Thief creature
Mentors and Rivals page
Midnight Armor magicitem
Midnight Sun creature
Millitaur creature
Mimic, Map creature
Mimwood Armor magicitem
Mindshard creature
Mirager creature
Miremal creature
Mngwa creature
Molefolk creature
Monkey’s Bane Vine creature
Monolith Champion creature
Moon Weaver creature
Moonbeam Chain Mail magicitem
Moonless Hunter creature
Moonlight Sending spell
Moonlit King creature
Moonshadow Catcher creature
Moonweb creature
Moppet creature
Mortifera creature
Mother of Sorrows (Warlock) classoption
Move The Cosmic Wheel magicitem
Mudmutt creature
Mulcher creature
Mummy, Peat creature
Muraenid creature
Mush Marcher creature
Musk Deer creature
Myrmex creature
Myrmex Speaker creature
Myrmidon Rakshasa creature
Nariphon creature
Nautiloid creature
Navigate spell
Nebulii race
Nebulii Traveler creature
Nebulii Traveler creature
Necrohydra creature
Necrotech Reaver creature
Necrotech Thunderer creature
Nidhogg’s Tooth magicitem
Nihileth creature
Nihilethic Dominator creature
Niya-atha Raja creature
Niya-Atha Sorcerer creature
Niya-Atha Warrior creature
Nkosi creature
Nkosi Pridelord creature
Noctiny creature
Note of Discord spell
Note of Harmony spell
Nothing to See Here spell
NPC, Apostle creature
NPC, Atavist creature
NPC, Breathstealer creature
NPC, Field Commander creature
NPC, First Servant creature
NPC, Fixer creature
NPC, Frost-Afflicted creature
NPC, Infested Duelist creature
NPC, Infiltrator creature
NPC, Merchant Captain creature
NPC, Psychophant Cultist creature
NPC, Warlock of the Genie Lord creature
NPC, Wind Acolyte creature
Nullicorn creature
Oaken Sentinel creature
Oath of Radiance classoption
Oathrot Wraith creature
Obeleric creature
Obfuscate Object spell
Obsidian Ophidian creature
Oculo Swarm creature
Offal Walker creature
Ogre Chieftain, Corrupted creature
Ogre, Alleybasher creature
Ogre, Black Sun creature
Ogre, Cunning Artisan creature
Ogre, Rainforest creature
Ogre, Rockchewer creature
Old Salt (Undead Pirate) creature
Oliphaunt creature
Ominous Winds spell
Oozasis creature
Ooze, Blood creature
Ooze, Leavesrot creature
Ooze, Manure creature
Ooze, Scintillating creature
Ooze, Sinoper creature
Ooze, Snow creature
Orb of Enthralling Patterns magicitem
Order of Revenge spell
Origami Golem creature
Ostinato creature
Overclock magicitem
Painted Phantasm creature
Patch Ship spell
Path of the Undying classoption ,
Pelagic Blush Worm creature
Pendulum magicitem
Percipient Pearl Earrings magicitem
Peri creature
Pescavitus creature
Pesta Hag creature
Phantom Crew spell
Phoenixborn creature
Phoenixborn Sorcerer creature
Pilot classoption
Plague Harpy creature
Planewatcher creature
Politician background
Polychromatic Bubble spell
Pombero creature
Possessed Pillar creature
Potion of Persistence magicitem
Potion of Regurgitation magicitem
Power Word Restore magicitem
Pratfall spell
Primordial Matriarch creature
Primordial Surge creature
Prismatic Dragon, Adult creature
Prismatic Dragon, Ancient creature
Prismatic Dragon, Wyrmling creature
Prismatic Dragon, Young creature
Púca creature
Puffinfolk creature
Pustakam Rakshasa creature
Pyrite Pile creature
Pyrrhic Podthrower creature
Quagga creature
Queen of Mammoths creature
Queen of Night and Magic creature
Queen of Witches creature
Quicksilver Siege Orb creature
Quickstep race
Quivering Tail spell
Qumdaq creature
Radiant Beacon spell
Radiant Shield spell
Rafflesian creature
Ragged Shroud magicitem
Ramag creature
Ramag Portal Master creature
Rat Plague spell
Rat’s Tail magicitem
Ratatosk race
Ratatosk race
Ratatosk Assassin creature
Ratatosk Commoner creature
Ratatosk Monk creature
Ratatosk Warlock creature
Ratfolk creature
Ratfolk Rogue creature
Rattleback Troll creature
Ravening Minotaur creature
Razorfeather Raptor creature
Read Memory magicitem
Red Lady’s Scalpel magicitem
Reef Drake creature
Refresh Air spell
Relentless Hound creature
Repair Metal magicitem
Resounding Bell magicitem
Restorative Gargle magicitem
Revenge’s Eye spell
Rime Worm, Adult creature
Ring of Giant Mingling magicitem
Rings of Embassy magicitem
Riptide Drake creature
Risen Reaver creature
Ritual of Spiritbinding spell
River King creature
River Spirit creature
Riverine Blade magicitem
Roachling Lord creature
Roachling Scout creature
Roachling Servitor creature
Roachling Skirmisher creature
Roachling Soldier creature
Robe of Shards magicitem
Rock Salamander creature
Rockwood creature
Rose Golem creature
Rot spell
Royal Chimera creature
Ruin Scarab creature
Rum Gremlin creature
Rum Story Keeper creature
Rupture spell
Sable Elf creature
Sable Elf race
Sable Elf Hierophant creature
Sacred Hippopotamus creature
Sand Dragon, Adult creature
Sand Dragon, Ancient creature
Sand Dragon, Wyrmling creature
Sand Dragon, Young creature
Sand Silhouette creature
Sandwyrm creature
Sap Demon creature
Sarcophagus Slime creature
Sathaq Worm creature
Savior Lumen creature
Sazakan creature
Scarf of Deception magicitem
Scarsupial creature
Scitalis creature
Scorchrunner Jackal creature
Scorpion Cultist creature
Scorpion, Night creature
Scorpion, Stygian Fat-Tailed creature
Scoundrel’s Gambit magicitem
Sea Dragon, Ancient creature
Sealskin Cloak magicitem
Selang creature
Servitor Rakshasa creature
Sewer Weird creature
Shadow Adaptation spell
Shadow Arcane Tradition (Wizard) classoption
Shadow Beast creature
Shadow Domain (Cleric) classoption
Shadow Fey race
Shadow Fey creature
Shadow Fey Bandit creature
Shadow Fey Enchantress creature
Shadow Fey Executioner creature
Shadow Fey Guardian creature
Shadow Gnawer (Barbarian) classoption
Shadow Goblin race
Shadow Goblin Chieftain creature
Shadow Goblin Scribe creature
Shadow Lurker creature
Shadow Portal spell
Shadowhound’s Muzzle magicitem
Shadowspider Swarm creature
Shepherd Drake creature
Shetani creature
Shifting Shirt magicitem
Shire Giant creature
Shoal Ooze creature
Shoes of The Shingled Canopy magicitem
Shoreline Scrapper creature
Shovel Dragonette creature
Siege Archon creature
Signet Ring of the Kobold Prince magicitem
Silent Crier creature
Sinkhole Ooze creature
Sinstar creature
Skeleton, Sharkjaw creature
Skin Bat creature
Skipstone magicitem
Skitterhaunt creature
Slayer Rakshasa creature
Slippers of Subtlety magicitem
Slithy Tove creature
Slow Storm creature
Snake, Black Viper creature
Snake, Swamp Adder creature
Snallygaster creature
Snatch Bat creature
Snow Queen creature
Sodwose creature
Soil Snake creature
Solar Elemental creature
Soul Eater creature
Soul Fire spell
Spark creature
Spawn of Arbeyach creature
Spawn of the Demon Lord of Cockroaches creature
Spear of Yggdrasil spell
Spice Box Spoon magicitem
Spider Grenade magicitem
Spider Song spell
Spider Thief creature
Spider, Ghostwalk creature
Spider, J’ba Fofi creature
Spider, Sand creature
Spin magicitem
Spire Walker creature
Spiritfarer Erina race
Splinter Matron creature
Spoil Food and Water spell
Staff of The Artisan magicitem
Stained-glass Moth creature
Star Spawn of Cthulhu creature
Star Thrall creature
Star-Nosed Diopsid creature
Stargazer creature
Starry Brilliance spell
Starving Specter creature
Steal Memories spell
Steam Blast magicitem
Steam Whistle magicitem
Stone-Eater Slime creature
Storm Door spell
Strife creature
Stryx creature
Stuhac creature
Stygian Shade race
Styx Boots magicitem
Subek creature
Sublime Ravenfolk race
Summon Asteroid spell
Summon Gremlins magicitem
Suncatcher Scarab creature
Sunflower Sprite creature
Suturefly creature
Swampgas Shade creature
Swarm of Clacker Beetles creature
Swarm of Fleas creature
Swarm of Ice Borers creature
Swarm of Meerkats creature
Swarm of Musk Deer creature
Swarm of Penguins creature
Swarm of Swamp Slirghs creature
Swarm of Vampire Blossoms creature
Swarm, Fire Dancers creature
Swarm, Manabane Scarabs creature
Swarm, Prismatic Beetles creature
Swarm, Sluagh creature
Swarm, Wharfling creature
Swarm, Wolf Spirits creature
Tactile Unguent magicitem
Tailor’s Clasp magicitem
Talus Flow creature
Tar Golem creature
Tatzelwurm creature
Teeth of Old Naga-Nar magicitem
Temple Dog creature
The Fish And The Rose magicitem
The Flesh creature
Therizinosaurus creature
Thousand Darts magicitem
Thrice-Cursed Heart magicitem
Thrice-Cursed Heart magicitem
Thripper creature
Thuellai creature
Thundercall Hadrosaur creature
Thursir Armorer creature
Thursir Hearth Priestess creature
Tick Stop magicitem
Tick Stop Watch magicitem
Tigebra creature
Time In a Bottle magicitem
Time Jump spell
Timeless Engine spell
Tipstaff magicitem
Tireless spell
Titan, Ancient creature
Titan, Degenerate creature
Torch Mimic creature
Tosculi, Drone creature
Tosculi, Elite Bow Raider creature
Tosculi, Hive-Queen creature
Tosculi, Warrior creature
Treacle creature
Treant, Weeping creature
Trickster’s Boots magicitem
Tripwire Patch creature
Troll, Breakwater creature
Troll, Gutter creature
Troll, Lake creature
Trollkin Fire Shaman creature
Trollkin Ironmonger creature
Trollkin Ragecaster creature
Truant Devourer creature
Tuberkith creature
Tumor Troll creature
Ugly Duckling spell
Umbral Binder (Rogue) classoption
Umbral Human race
Umbral Shambler creature
Umbral Tailor creature
Unbound Satarre race
Underworld Sentinel creature
Uraeus creature
Ursan Archon creature
Urushi Constrictor creature
Ushabti Royal Guard creature
Ushabti, Corrupted creature
Vagrant’s Nondescript Cloak spell
Vampire Patrician creature
Vampire Warlock creature
Vampire, Pact creature
Vampire, Priestess creature
Vampire, Umbral creature
Vampiric Knight creature
Vampiric Vanguard creature
Vapor Lynx creature
Vengeful Spirit, Beheaded creature
Venom Drake creature
Veritigibbet creature
Vesiculosa creature
Vila creature
Vile Barber (Siabhra) creature
Vine Lord creature
Void Constructor creature
Void Elemental creature
Void Fungus creature
Void Knight creature
Void-Blessed Ogre creature
Voidclaw Zombie creature
Voidwarped Derro creature
Volguloth creature
Vorthropod creature
Wakwak creature
Wandering Haze creature
Wandering Pond creature
Waterkledde creature
Way of the Prophet (Monk) classoption
Werecrocodile creature
Wereotter creature
Wharfling creature
Whispering Cloak magicitem
Whispering Powder magicitem
White Ape creature
Wight, Mask creature
Wild Sirocco creature
Wilderness Crone creature
Wind Witch creature
Winding Key spell
Witchalder creature
Wolfskin Cloak magicitem
Wood Hag creature
Word Archon creature
Wormhearted Suffragan creature
Wrackwraith creature
Write Memory spell
Wyrd Gnome race
Xecha creature
Yali creature
Yggdrasil Net magicitem
Young Myrmex creature
Zilaq creature
Zmey Headling creature
Zombie, Smokeplume creature
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