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Publisher: Open Design

1690 Records Found

Name Type Source
A-mi-kuk creature
Aalpamac creature
Aatxe creature
Abominable Beauty creature
Abrupt Hug spell
Abrupt Hug spell
Accursed Defiler creature
Acid Ant creature
Adjust Position spell
Agile Armor magicitem
Agnibarra creature
Ahu-Nixta creature
Ahu-Nixta Cataphract creature
Ahu-Nixta Drudge creature
Ahuizotl creature
Akaasit creature
Akaasit Blade magicitem
Akhlut creature
Ala creature
Alabaster Tree creature
Alchemical Geyser spell
Alchemical Skunk creature
Ale-dritch Blast spell
Algorith creature
Alkonost creature
Alligator creature
Alligator Turtle creature
Alliumite creature
Alp creature
Alpha Fish creature
Alseid creature
Alseid race
Ambush spell
Ambush Chute spell
Ammut creature
Amphiptere creature
Anathema Locust Swarm creature
Anchor of Striking magicitem
Ancient Dragons classoption
Andrenjinyi creature
Angatra creature
Angel of Judgment creature
Angel, Eye of the Gods creature
Angel, Mead Archon creature
Angel, Uridimmu creature
Angelic Enforcer creature
Angler Worm creature
Angry Hornet magicitem
Animal Lord, Bat King creature
Animal Lord, Brother Ox creature
Animal Lord, Lord of Vultures creature
Animal Lord, Mouse King creature
Animal Lord, Queen of Birds creature
Animal Lord, Queen of Cats creature
Animal Lord, Queen of Scorpions creature
Animal Lord, Queen of Serpents creature
Animal Lord, Toad King creature
Animal Lords classoption
Animal, Bat, Vampire (Giant) creature
Animated Bearskin Rug creature
Animated Chain Mail magicitem
Animated Object Swarm spell
Aniwye creature
Ankh of Aten magicitem
Ankole creature
Ankou Soul Herald creature
Ankou Soul Seeker creature
Anointing Mace magicitem
Anophiloi creature
Anubian creature
Anzu creature
Apaxrusl creature
Aperture Orb magicitem
Apocalypse Domain classoption
Apostle creature
Apron of the Eager Artisan magicitem
Arachnocrat creature
Arborcyte creature
Arboreal Grappler creature
Arcamag creature
Arcanaphage creature
Archaeopteryx creature
Archdruid creature
Argent Mantle magicitem
Aridni creature
Armadillo, Giant creature
Armor of Cushioning magicitem
Armor of Spite magicitem
Armor of the Leaf magicitem
Armor of the Ngobou magicitem
Armor of Warding magicitem
Armored Formation spell
Arrow of Grabbing magicitem
Arrow of Unpleasant Herbs magicitem
Asanbosam creature
Ash Phoenix creature
Ashen Custodian creature
Ashes of the Fallen magicitem
Asp Vine creature
Asp’s Kiss magicitem
Assassin Snake creature
Astral Devourer creature
Astral Snapper creature
Astri creature
Attercroppe creature
August Rooster creature
Aurora Horribilis creature
Avalanche Screamer creature
Avatar of Boreas creature
Avatar of Chaos creature
Avatar of Forests creature
Avatar of Hate creature
Avatar of Nature creature
Avatar of Shoth creature
Aviere creature
Avulzor creature
Axe of Many Strikes magicitem
Axe of the Ancients magicitem
Azeban creature
Azi Dahaka creature
Azza Gremlin creature
Baba Yaga creature
Baba Yaga creature
Baba Yaga’s Horsemen creature
Babble spell
Baboon, Howler creature
Badger Hide magicitem
Bagiennik creature
Balefire Signal magicitem
Bar Brawl creature
Bardo spell
Barometz creature
Basti Cat Burglar creature
Bat, Giant Albino creature
Bat, Saber-toothed creature
Battle Chant spell
Battle Mind spell
Beads of Contemplation magicitem
Bear King creature
Bear Paws magicitem
Bearfolk creature
Bearfolk race
Bearfolk Chieftain creature
Bearmit Crab creature
Beast Trainer classoption
Beast Within spell
Beast Within spell
Beer Domain classoption
Beetle, Giant Snow creature
Beetle, Lantern creature
Beetle, Sniffer creature
Befouled Weird creature
Behtu creature
Beli creature
Bereginyas creature
Betraying Bauble spell
Bezoar magicitem
Big Dipper magicitem
Bilby creature
Bilwis creature
Birds of Clay spell
Bitter Chains spell
Black and White Daggers magicitem ,
Black Crier creature
Black Powder Domain classoption
Black Powder Sorcery classoption
Blackguard’s Blade magicitem
Blade of Petals magicitem
Blade of the Dervish magicitem
Blade of the Temple Guardian magicitem
Bleakheart creature
Blessings of the Animal Lords spell
Blizzard spell
Blood Moon Orb magicitem
Blood Spike Armor magicitem
Blood Tide spell
Blood-Soaked Hide magicitem
Bloodbow magicitem
Blooddrinker Spear magicitem
Bloodfuel Weapon magicitem
Bloodhound spell
Bloodlust spell
Bloodprice Armor magicitem
Bloodsapper creature
Bloodshot spell
Bloodspeed Elixir magicitem
Bloodstone Sentinel creature
Bloodthirsty Weapon magicitem
Bloody Bones creature
Bloom Hydra creature
Bludgeon of Nightmares magicitem
Blunted Edge spell
Boloti creature
Bolster Fortifications spell
Bombardier Beetle, Giant creature
Bombardier Beetle, Giant creature
Bombardment of Stings spell
Bombardment of Stings spell
Bone Collective creature
Bone Colossus creature
Bone Crab creature
Bone Swarm creature
Bone Whip magicitem
Bonebreaker Mace magicitem
Boneshard Wraith creature
Bonespitter creature
Bookkeeper creature
Boomer creature
Boot Grabber creature
Boreal Dragon, Adult creature
Boreal Dragon, Ancient creature
Boreal Dragon, Wyrmling creature
Boreal Dragon, Young creature
Boreas’ Chosen creature
Bouda creature
Bound Haze spell
Boundless Reserves feat
Bow of Accuracy magicitem
Bracers of Ganis’briel magicitem
Brachyura Shambler creature
Brawn Armor magicitem
Brawn Armor magicitem
Brazen Bulwark magicitem
Breaker Lance magicitem
Broodmother of Leng creature
Bucca creature
Buccaneer classoption
Bulbous Violet creature
Bull creature
Bullseye Arrow magicitem
Burning Cyclone spell
Burst Occulus spell
Burst Stone spell
Butatsch creature
Butterfly Effect spell
Buzzing Blade magicitem
Cactid creature
Cadaver Sprite creature
Call Bibliolethe spell
Calm Beasts spell
Cambium creature
Camel, War creature
Campaign Field Tent magicitem
Candied Axe magicitem
Cantrip Adept classoption
Carnivorous Ship creature
Carnivorous Sod creature
Cat Burglar classoption
Cat Domain classoption
Cataloging Book magicitem
Catfolk race
Catfolk, Basti creature
Catscratch creature
Caustic Blood spell
Caustic Sphere spell
Cavalry Camel creature
Cavelight Moss creature
Centaur race
Cephalopod Breastplate magicitem
Cestus magicitem
Chain Cilice magicitem
Chain Counterspell spell
Chainbreaker Blade magicitem
Chained Angel creature
Chains of Perdition spell
Chameleon Hydra creature
Champion’s Plate magicitem
Chaplain classoption
Charming Aesthetics spell
Chatterlome creature
Chelicerae creature
Chernomoi creature
Cherufe creature
Chieftain’s Axe magicitem
Child of the Briar creature
Child of Yggdrasil creature
Chill Haunt creature
Chillblain Armor magicitem
Chimeric Phantom creature
Chronalmental creature
Chronomatic Enhancer creature
Circle of Ash classoption
Circle of Bees classoption
Circle of Crystals classoption
Circle of Dust classoption
Circle of Fermentation classoption
Circle of Sand classoption
Circle of the Evergyre classoption
Circle of the Green classoption
Circle of the Land classoption
Circle of the Moon classoption
Circle of the Shapeless classoption
Circle of the Weald classoption
Circle of Wind classoption
Circle Spellcaster feat
Clacker Beetle Soldier creature
Clear the Board spell
Cloak of Tentacles magicitem
Cloak of the Elements magicitem
Clockwork Archon creature
Clockwork Beetle Swarm creature
Clockwork Companion, Assassin Snake creature
Clockwork Companion, Clockwork Gardener creature
Clockwork Companion, Clockwork Guardian creature
Clockwork Companion, Clockwork Lantern creature
Clockwork Companion, Clockwork Owl creature
Clockwork Companion, Clockwork Tutor creature
Clockwork Domain classoption
Clockwork Domain (Simplified) classoption
Clockwork Gardener creature
Clockwork Kestrel creature
Clockwork Lantern creature
Clockwork Mace of Divinity magicitem
Clockwork Tutor creature
Clockwork Warhorse creature
Clurichaun creature
College of Criminology classoption
College of Echoes classoption
College of Entropy classoption
College of Investigation classoption
College of Shadows classoption
College of Sincerity classoption
College of Tactics classoption
College of the Arts classoption
College of the Cat classoption
Commander’s Plate magicitem
Compsognathus creature
Conjure Construct spell
Conjure Fiends (Open Design) spell
Conjure Minor Voidborn spell
Conjure Spectral Allies spell
Conjure Voidborn spell
Connections magicitem
Constant Dagger magicitem
Consuming Rod magicitem
Convey Inner Peace spell
Court Servant background
Courtfolk Halfling race
Crab, Keelbreaker creature
Crab, Sporous creature
Crimson Carpet magicitem
Crimson Mist creature
Crimson Shambler creature
Crimson Starfall Arrow magicitem
Crocodile Armor magicitem
Crocotta creature
Crown of Thorns spell
Crusader’s Shield magicitem
Crusher feat
Crushing Curse spell
Dagger of the Barbed Devil magicitem
Dagon creature
Damaging Intel spell
Darakhul race
Dark Lord’s Mantle spell
Darkness Domain classoption
Darkstone Sculptor creature
Dau creature
Dawn Blade classoption
Dawn Shard magicitem
De Ogen creature
Dead Walking spell
Deadfall Arrow magicitem
Deadly Salvo spell
Death Barque creature
Death Butterfly Swarm creature
Death Butterfly Swarm, Greater creature
Death Vulture creature
Deathspeaker creature
Deathweaver creature
Deathwisp creature
Deep One creature
Deep One Archimandrite creature
Deep One Hybrid Priest creature
Deepstone Cestus magicitem
Demon Lord of Apes creature
Demon Lord of Bats and Fire creature
Demon Lord of Conquest creature
Demon Lord of Night creature
Demon Lord of Rats creature
Demon Lord of the Devouring Worm creature
Demon Lord, Akyishigal, Lord of Cockroaches creature
Demon Lord, Father of Monsters creature
Demon Lord, The Demon Queen of Witches creature
Demon Within spell
Demon, Culicoid creature
Demon, Echo creature
Demon, Neophron creature
Demon, Plaresh creature
Derro race
Derro Dement creature
Derro Explorer creature
Derro Guard creature
Derro Pariah creature
Derro Shadowseeker creature
Derro, Fetal Savant creature
Derro, Shadow Antipaladin creature
Derro, Speaker to the Darkness creature
Desert Runner background
Destined background
Destructive Resonance spell
Devil, Blood Imp creature
Devil, Cecum creature
Devil, Chort creature
Devil, Lunar creature
Devil, Nephirron creature
Devil, Orobas creature
Devil, Salt creature
Devil, Scribe creature
Devil, Wind’s Harp creature
Devouring Darkness spell
Dhampir race
Dhampir race
Diehard feat
Dimensional Net magicitem
Dimensional Shambler creature
Dimensional Shove spell
Dinosaur, Spinosaurus creature
Diplomat background
Dirgeblade magicitem
Dirk of Daring magicitem
Divine Retribution spell
Domovoi creature
Door of the Far Traveler spell
Doppelrat creature
Dorreq creature
Downtime page
Draconic Rune Casting feat
Draconic Rune Casting page
Dragon Domain classoption
Dragon Skeleton template
Dragon, Energy creature
Dragon, Flame, Young creature
Dragon, Mithral, Adult creature
Dragon, Mithral, Ancient creature
Dragon, Mithral, Young creature
Dragon, Soulhoarder creature
Dragon, Vile creature
Dragon, Wasteland (Adult) creature
Dragon, Wasteland (Ancient) creature
Dragon, Wasteland (Wyrmling) creature
Dragon, Wasteland (Young) creature
Dragonette, Keyhole creature
Dragonkin race
Dragonstooth Blade magicitem
Drake, Alehouse creature
Drake, Ash creature
Drake, Bathhouse creature
Drake, Cave creature ,
Drake, Coin creature
Drake, Coral creature
Drake, Crater creature
Drake, Crimson creature
Drake, Deep creature
Drake, Diminution creature
Drake, Elder Shadow creature
Drake, Fey creature
Drake, Forest creature
Drake, Hoard creature
Drake, Hoarfrost creature
Drake, Kelp creature
Drake, Light creature
Drake, Liminal creature
Drake, Moon creature
Drake, Pact creature
Drake, Paper creature
Drake, Peluda creature
Drake, Rust creature
Drake, Sanddrift creature
Drake, Skull creature
Drake, Spider creature
Drake, Star creature
Drake, Vine creature
Dread Walker, Excavator creature
Dreamwine spell
Drow race
Drown spell
Dryad, Mountain creature
Dune Mimic creature
Dunewalker Elf race
Dust Goblin race
Dust Goblin race
Dust Goblin Firstblade creature
Eel Hound creature
Egret Harpy creature
Einherjar creature
Elemental, Earthstorm creature
Elemental, Fire-Infused Water creature
Elemental, Firestorm creature
Elemental, Ice creature
Elemental, Icestorm creature
Elemental, Magnetic creature
Elemental, Mudslide creature
Elemental, Steamrage creature
Elemental, Volcanic creature
Emerald Eyes spell
Emperor’s Hyena creature
Empty Cloak creature
Empusa creature
Enchanted Bloom spell
Encouraging Armor magicitem
Enraging Ammunition magicitem
Ensnaring Ammunition magicitem
Entrenching Mattock magicitem
Eonic Drifter creature
Eonic Savant creature
Epic Elemental creature
Erina race
Erina Defender creature
Erina Scrounger creature
Eruption spell
Esquire’s Rowels magicitem
Ethereal Stairs spell
Exchanged Knowledge spell
Execrable Shrub creature
Expeditious Attack spell
Exploding Toad creature
Exsanguinating Blade magicitem
Extract of Dual-mindedness magicitem ,
Eye of Horus magicitem
Eye of the Gods creature
Eye of the Gods creature
Eyes of the Portal Masters magicitem
Fabricator creature
Faceless Wanderer creature
Faerie Fire, Mass spell
Fallen Angel creature
Falsifier Fog creature
Familiar Master classoption
Fane Spirit creature
Far Darrig creature
Far Dorocha creature
Far Wanderer creature
Fear Liath creature
Fear Smith creature
Feather Token, World Tree Sapling magicitem
Feint spell
Felid Dragon creature
Fellforged creature
Fellforged Armor magicitem
Fennec Fox creature
Fenrir creature
Fey Food spell
Fey Revenant creature
Fey-Touched Blade spell
Feysworn Contract magicitem
Feyward Tree creature
Fidele Angel creature
Field Commander creature
Fig of the Benevolent Sultan magicitem
Figurine of Wondrous Power, Amber Bee magicitem
Fire Shield of Rathume magicitem
Fireforge Dwarf race
Fireforge Dwarf race
First Harbinger: Strife creature
First Servant creature
Flame Eater Swarm creature
Flame Wave spell
Flame-Scourged Scion creature
Flash Bullet magicitem
Flesh Reaver creature
Fleshdreg creature
Fleshpod Hornet creature
Fleshspurned creature
Fletcher’s Retort Gloves magicitem
Flithidir creature
Floriographer feat
Flutterflesh creature
Fly Whisk of Authority magicitem
Flying Polyp creature
Fog Stone magicitem
Folk of Leng creature
Forced Reposition spell
Forest Denizen feat
Forest Dweller background
Forest Emperor creature
Forest Falcon creature
Foretell Distraction spell
Forgefire Hammer magicitem
Former Adventurer background
Formulaic Mind spell
Fountmail magicitem
Fourth Harbinger: Death creature
Foxin creature
Fragrite creature
Fraughashar creature
Freebooter background
Frenzied Bolt spell
Friend of the Forest feat
Frog, Resinous creature
Frost Mole creature
Frostfell Elf race
Frozen Razors spell
Fugitive background
Furious Wail spell
Fuse Armor spell
Future Assassin creature
Gale spell
Gale Javelin magicitem
Galidroo creature
Gamekeeper background
Gargoyle, Bloodstone creature
Gaunt One creature
Gauntlets of the Arcane Fist magicitem
Gearforged race
Gearforged race
Gearforged race
Gelatinous Cube, Dire creature
Gelatinous Cube/Ochre Jelly Hybrid creature
Ghast of Leng creature
Ghast of Leng, Greater creature
Ghastly Stave magicitem
Ghillie Dubh creature
Ghost Barding magicitem
Ghost Boar, Elder creature
Ghost Dragon creature
Ghost Dwarf creature
Ghost Machine creature
Ghoul Bat creature
Ghoul, Bloated creature
Ghoul, Darakhul creature ,
Ghoul, Darakhul Captain creature
Ghoul, Darakhul High Priestess creature
Ghoul, Darakhul Shadowmancer creature
Ghoul, Darakhul Spy creature
Ghoulsteed creature
Ghul creature
Ghul creature
Giant Ant, Queen creature
Giant Foe feat
Giant Husk creature
Giant-foe feat
Giant, Abbanith creature
Giant, Blood creature
Giant, Cacus creature
Giant, Cave creature
Giant, Cave Giant Shaman creature
Giant, Corpse Swallower creature
Giant, Desert creature
Giant, Flab creature
Giant, Haunted creature
Giant, Jotun creature
Giant, Laestrigonian creature
Giant, Mountain creature
Giant, Phase creature
Giant, Shadow creature
Giant, Snow creature
Giant, Thin creature
Giant, Thursir creature
Giant, Void creature
Giantstrike Cestus magicitem
Giggling Orb magicitem
Gird the Spirit spell
Glacial Corrupter creature
Glacier Behemoth creature
Glare spell
Glazed Blade magicitem
Glimpse of the Void spell
Gloomflower creature
Glyph of Shifting spell
Gnarljak creature
Gnawing Spear magicitem
Gnoll race
Goat, Cave creature
Goblin Shield magicitem
Goblin, Chaos-Spawn creature
Goblin, Dust creature
Goblin, Dust (Chieftain) creature
Goblin, Shadow creature
Godstone Elemental creature
Going in Circles spell
Goldbug (Open Design) creature
Golden Bolt magicitem
Golden Bolt magicitem
Golden Griffon Shield magicitem
Golem, Alchemical creature
Golem, Altar Flame creature
Golem, Armory creature
Golem, Bearing creature
Golem, Blasphemous creature
Golem, Bone creature
Golem, Bronze creature
Golem, Death Shroud creature
Golem, Doom creature
Golem, Dragonflesh creature
Golem, Eye creature
Golem, Fractal creature
Golem, Hair creature
Golem, Hoard creature
Golem, Keg creature
Golem, Lesser creature
Golem, Lotus creature
Golem, Manastorm creature
Golem, Mud creature
Golem, Paper creature
Golem, Salt creature
Golem, Smaragdine creature
Golem, Steam creature
Golem, Vine creature
Golem, War Machine creature
Golem, Wood creature
Goliath Longlegs creature
Gorao-ka creature
Goreling creature
Gorgon Scale magicitem
Graknork creature
Grasping Shield magicitem
Grave Behemoth creature
Grave Reagent magicitem ,
Grave Ward Armor magicitem
Gravebinding classoption
Gravedigger background
Graveyard Dragon creature
Gray Thirster creature
Great Gray Owl creature
Greed Swarm creature
Green Knight of The Woods creature
Green Mantle page
Green Spirit creature
Greenleaf College classoption
Grim Escutcheon magicitem
Grim Jester (Open Design) creature
Grimmlet creature
Grimmlet Swarm creature
Grindylow creature
Grinning Skull magicitem
Group Themes page
Grove Bear creature
Grove Warden classoption
Guard Hives magicitem
Gug (Open Design) creature
Gugalanna creature
Guiguai creature
Gulon creature
Gulper Behemoth creature
Gumienniki creature
Gunslinger classoption
Gygazaks creature
Gypsosphinx creature
Hag, Blood creature
Haleshi creature
Hallowed Reed creature
Hammer Holly creature
Hammer of Decrees magicitem
Hammer of Throwing magicitem
Handy Scroll Quiver magicitem
Hantu Penanggal creature
Harbinger of the Apocalypse creature
Harbinger of Wrath creature
Hardening Polish magicitem
Harefolk creature
Harpy, Owl creature
Harrier feat
Harry spell
Harrying Hounds spell
Haugbui creature
Haunted Warden classoption
Headrest of the Cattle Queens magicitem
Healer’s Hand Amulet magicitem
Healthful Honeypot magicitem
Heart to Heart spell
Heart-Seeking Arrow spell
Heartglow Lantern magicitem
Hearth and Home creature
Heaven’s Chosen feat
Heavenly Scribe feat
Hedge Magic page
Hedgecraft feat
Hedgehog Dozen spell
Heggarna creature
Helashruu creature
Heliotrope Heart magicitem
Hellfire Armor magicitem
Helm of Velamish magicitem
Herald of Darkness creature
Herald of Slaughter creature
Herald of the Void creature
Hewer’s Draught magicitem
Hexen Blade magicitem
Hidden Armament magicitem
High Ground spell
Hill Giant Behemoth creature
Hinterfolk Halfling race
Hivemaster classoption
Hoarfrost spell
Hodag creature
Holler Spider creature
Homing Pigeon creature
Honey Bee, Giant creature
Honey Buckle magicitem
Hongaek creature
Hooden Horse creature
Horakh creature
Horned Serpent creature
Horrormancer creature
Hound of Tindalos (Open Design) creature
Huecambra creature
Huli Jing creature
Hulking Whelp creature
Humble Cudgel of Temperance magicitem
Hundun creature
Hunger Domain classoption
Hungering classoption
Hungry Ghost, Gaki creature
Hungry Ghost, Preta creature
Hunt Domain classoption
Hunter in Darkness classoption
Hunter’s Endurance spell
Hunting Domain classoption
Hunting Stand spell
Husk creature
Hverhuldra creature
Hypnagogia spell
Hypnic Jerk spell
Ice Bogie creature
Ice Maiden creature
Iceblink magicitem
Ichneumon creature
Idolic Deity creature
Ijiraq creature
Ikuchi creature
Ill-Fated Word spell
Illhveli, Kembingur creature
Illhveli, Nauthveli creature
Illuminate Spoor spell
Immolating Gibbet spell
Impact Club magicitem
Impaling Weapon magicitem
Imperial Dragon, Adult creature
Imperial Dragon, Ancient creature
Imperial Dragon, Wyrmling creature
Imperial Dragon, Young creature
Imy-Ut Ushabti creature
Incarnate Gloom creature
Incinis creature
Inconspicuous Facade spell
Inexorable Summons spell
Infernal Centaur creature
Infernal Swarm creature
Initiate of The Elder Elementals creature
Inkling creature
Inner Resilience feat
Innkeeper background
Inspiring Speech spell
Instant Armored Vehicle spell
Instant Snare spell
Interplanar Paint magicitem
Invested Champion spell
Irid creature
Iron Gut spell
Iron Sphere creature
Isonade creature
Jaanavar Jal creature
Jack of Strings creature
Jaculus creature
Jagged Forcelance spell
Jambiya of the Ebon Night magicitem
Jarring Growl spell
Jarring Growl spell
Javelin of Teleportation magicitem
Jester’s Stein magicitem
Jiangshi creature
Jinmenju creature
Jinnborn race
Jinnborn race
Jörmungandr creature
Justice Domain classoption
Kachlian creature
Kafligkaal creature
Kalke creature
Kamaitachi creature
Kappa creature
Kaveph creature
Keeper Domain classoption
Keffiyeh of Serendipitous Escape magicitem
Kelgror’s Hammer magicitem
Kelp Eel creature
Kezai creature
Khodumodumo creature
Kijani race
Kijani race
Kijani creature
Kijani Seedling magicitem
Kikimora creature
Killing Fields spell
Kinnara creature
Kirikari creature
Kissing Blade of Tik’mbesi magicitem
Kitsune creature
Knight Ab-errant creature
Knight-Sergeant’s Surcoat magicitem
Knockabout Billet magicitem
Kobold race
Kobold Alchemist creature
Kobold Chieftain creature
Kobold Spellclerk creature
Kobold Trapsmith creature
Kobold War Machine creature
Kongamato creature
Korrigan creature
Koschei creature
Kot Bayun creature
Krake Spawn creature
Kushite Sorcerer creature
Labrys of the Raging Bull magicitem
Labyrinth Domain classoption
Labyrs of the Raging Bull magicitem
Lady in White creature
Lamassu creature
Lambent Witchfyre creature
Lamia race
Lamia race
Lamia, Serpentine creature
Lamia, Serpentine Matriarch creature
Lance spell
Lantern Dragonette creature
Larkmail magicitem
Lava Keeper creature
Lay to Rest spell
Lazavik creature
Leaf-Bladed Sword magicitem
Leech Swarm creature
Leech, Giant creature
Legionary classoption
Legionnaire classoption
Lemurfolk Greyfur creature
Leonino creature
Leshy, Common creature
Less Fool, I spell
Less Fool, I spell
Ley Ferryman magicitem
Library Automaton creature
Lich, Virtuoso creature
Life Burst spell
Life Drain (6th Level) spell
Life from Death spell
Lightless Torch spell
Lindwurm creature
Linnorm, Vent creature
Litany of Sure Hands spell
Litham of Breath magicitem
Living Juggernaut magicitem
Living Jungle Druid creature
Living Shadows spell
Lizard, Giant Frilled creature
Lockbreaker magicitem
Locksmith creature
Locksmith’s Oil magicitem
Long Game spell
Longbow of the Elder magicitem
Lorelei creature
Luck Leech creature
Lunarchidna, Greater creature
Lunarchidna, Lesser creature
Lunarchidna, Transcendent creature
Lunarian creature
Lure Prey creature
Luring Perfume magicitem
Lycanthrope, Werecrocodile creature
Lycanthrope, Wereowl creature
Lycanthrope, Wereshark creature
Lymarien creature
Lymarien Swarm creature
Mad Piper creature
Mad Spring Behemoth Template template
Maddening Horns magicitem
Maddening Whispers spell
Mage Hunter’s Armor magicitem
Mage-King creature
Magma Octopus creature
Magma Spray spell
Mahoru creature
Mail of the Sword Master magicitem
Maim spell
Malleable, Major creature
Malleable, Massive creature
Malleable, Minor creature
Malleable, Moderate creature
Mallqui creature
Malphas (Storm Crow) creature
Mamura creature
Mandrake (Open Design) creature
Mandrake, Great creature
Mandriano, Ancient creature
Manggus creature
Manticore King creature
Manticore’s Tail magicitem
Mantle of the Brave spell
Mantle of the Lion magicitem
March of the Dead spell
Mari Lwyd creature
Mark Prey spell
Markum’s Glaive magicitem
Marsh Dire creature
Martyr’s Rally spell
Masher Basher magicitem
Mask of the Leaping Gazelle magicitem
Mbira of Strong Emotions magicitem
Medic’s Sash magicitem
Megaloceros (Open Design) creature
Megapede creature
Megaraptor creature
Megawolf creature
Mei Jiao Shou creature
Memento Mori magicitem
Mercenary Company Scion background
Mercenary Recruit background
Merchant Captain creature
Mercy Domain classoption
Merlin Ambrosius creature ,
Meteoric Plate magicitem
Mi-Go creature
Mind Maze spell
Mindrot Thrall creature
Minotaur race
Minotaur race
Minotaur, Lost creature
Minotaur, Ravening creature
Mirror Realm spell
Mirrored Armor magicitem
Misdirection spell
Mithral Dragon’s Might page
Moirai creature
Momentblade magicitem
Mongoose, Giant creature
Monkey’s Bane Vine creature ,
Monolith Footman creature ,
Monstrous Adoptee background
Moon Domain classoption
Moonkite creature
Moonsteel Weapon magicitem
Mordant Blade magicitem
Mordant Snare creature
Morgan le Fay creature
Morphoi creature
Morregi Divination Board magicitem
Morrígan creature
Mosquito, Carrier creature
Moss Lurker creature
Moth, Giant creature
Mother of Vampires creature
Mountain Domain classoption
Mountain Hewer magicitem
Mountain Strider creature
Mountaineer’s Crossbow magicitem
Mud spell
Muffled Armor magicitem
Mummy, Scroll creature
Mummy, Venomous creature
Murgrik creature
Mushroomfolk race
Muted Foe spell
Mutineer’s Blade magicitem
Myconid, Deathcap creature
Mydnari creature
Myling creature
Mysterious Origins background
Mytholabe creature
Nachzehrer creature
Naga, Moonchild creature
Naga, Swamp creature
Naina creature
Naizu-ha creature
Nalusa Falaya creature
Narshark creature
Nature Giant creature
Necklace of Monsters magicitem
Necrolord creature
Nether Weapon spell
Never Surrender spell
Never Surrender spell
Nharyth creature
Nian creature
Nichny creature
Níðhöggr creature
Nightgarm creature
Nightgaunt creature
Nightingale’s Shade magicitem
Nightmare Predator creature
Nihilethic Dominator creature
Nihilith creature
Ninefold Swarmdagger magicitem
Northern Minstrel background
Noth-norren creature
Nyctli creature
Nyctli Swarm creature
Nymph, Moon creature
Nymph, Mountain creature
Nymph, Mountain creature
Oak Heart Figurine magicitem
Oath of Justice classoption
Oath of Safeguarding classoption
Oath of the Elements classoption
Oath of the Guardian classoption
Oath of the Hearth classoption
Oath of the Plaguetouched classoption
Oathbound Implement spell
Occultist background
Ocean Domain classoption
Odd Bodkin magicitem
Odin creature
Odorless Oil magicitem
Ogre, One-horned creature
Ogre, Tusked Crimson creature ,
Ogrepede creature
Oil of Concussion magicitem
Oil of Defoliation magicitem
Oil of Extreme Bludgeoning magicitem
Oil of Numbing magicitem
Oil of Sharpening magicitem
Old Wood classoption
Oliphaunt, Warbeast creature
Onyx Magistrate creature
Ooze Plasma magicitem
Ooze, Amber creature
Ooze, Amber creature
Ooze, Corrupting creature
Ooze, Eldritch creature
Ooze, Giant Shark Bowl creature
Ooze, Ichor creature
Ooze, Mineral creature
Ooze, Tar creature
Open Sky Psychopomp Domain classoption
Ophanim creature
Ophidiotaur creature
Ophinix creature
Ophio Fungus creature
Oracle Charm magicitem
Orb of Obfuscation magicitem
Orc, Gray creature
Orc, Green Abyss creature
Orniraptor creature
Orphan of the Black creature
Ortifex creature
Ostrich, War creature
Otterfolk creature
Ouroboros creature
Outmaneuver spell
Overshadow creature
Oversized Paws spell
Oversized Paws spell
Owlbear, Dire creature
Pact Paper magicitem
Paired Gauntlets of Striking magicitem
Pal-Rai-Yuk creature
Pale Screamer creature
Pantheist Domain classoption
Parfumier background
Parrot creature
Part of the Pack feat
Part of the Pack feat
Parzz’val creature
Path of Booming Magnificence classoption
Path of Hellfire classoption
Path of Mistwood classoption
Path of the Ancestors classoption
Path of the Blizzard’s Heart classoption
Path of the Dragon classoption
Path of the Dragon classoption
Path of the Dragon classoption
Path of the Herald classoption
Path of the Hive Tender classoption
Path of the Inner Eye classoption
Path of the Shadow Chewer classoption
Path of Thorns classoption
Peat Mammoth creature
Pestilence Swarm creature
Pestilent Spear magicitem
Phase Arrow magicitem
Phidjetz Spinner magicitem
Philter of Luck magicitem
Piasa creature
Pick of Ice Breaking magicitem
Pierce the Veil spell
Pigeon, Homing creature
Pillar Guardian creature
Pincer spell
Pine Doom creature
Piper’s Lure spell
Pistol of the Umbral Court magicitem
Pit Terrier creature
Pixie’s Umbrella creature
Pixiu creature
Plague Spirit creature
Planar Lodestone magicitem
Planar Nomad background
Pocket Oasis magicitem
Poison Strand magicitem
Portal Domain classoption
Portal Jaunt spell
Portal Trap spell
Potent Cure-All magicitem
Potion Belt magicitem
Potion of Air Breathing magicitem
Potion of Augmented Reality magicitem
Potion of Bad Taste magicitem
Potion of Bouncing magicitem
Potion of Buoyancy magicitem
Potion of Dire Cleansing magicitem
Potion of Ebbing Strength magicitem
Potion of Effulgence magicitem
Potion of Empowering Truth magicitem
Potion of Freezing Fog magicitem
Potion of Gelatinous Form magicitem
Potion of Infinite Possibilities magicitem
Potion of Malleability magicitem
Potion of Sand Form magicitem
Potion of Skating magicitem
Potion of Submission magicitem
Potion of Transparency magicitem
Potion of Worg Form magicitem
Pouch of Runestones magicitem
Power Word Fling spell
Power Word Rend spell
Prayer Mat magicitem
Primal Oozer creature
Primordial classoption
Primordial Scale magicitem
Prophecy Domain classoption
Protection From The Void spell
Protection from the Void spell
Pugilist classoption
Pumpkin King creature
Purple Slime creature
Pustulent Shambler creature
Putrescent Slime creature
Putrid Haunt creature
Pygmy Woolly Rhinoceros creature
Qiqirn creature
Qiqirn, Tormented creature
Quickserpent creature
Quickstep creature
Quiet Soul creature
Quoreq creature
Qutrub creature
Qwyllion creature
Radiant Pikeman classoption
Rageipede creature
Raid Survivor background
Rain of Chaos magicitem
Rainbow Extract magicitem
Ramag race
Rat King creature
Ratatosk creature
Ratatosk Warlord creature
Ratfolk race
Ratfolk Mercenary creature
Ratfolk Warlock creature
Ravager’s Axe magicitem
Raven-Blooded Sorcerous Bloodline classoption
Ravenala creature
Ravenfolk race
Ravenfolk Doom Croaker creature
Ravenfolk Scout creature
Ravenfolk Warrior creature
Reaper’s Knell spell
Rebounding Bolt spell
Reciprocating Portal spell
Redcap creature
Reef Splitter magicitem
Remove Insulation spell
Reposition spell
Repository creature
Repulsing Wall spell
Reset spell
Resonant Body classoption
Retribution spell
Retribution Armor magicitem
Reverberate spell
Rift Swine creature
Rifthopper classoption
Righteous Sentinel creature
Rime Worm, Grub creature
Rimecaster feat
Rimecaster feat
Ring of Being Anchored in Time magicitem
Ring Strike spell
Ring Warden classoption
Ring-Bound feat
Riptide spell
Rise of the Green spell
Rive spell
Riverfolk Halfling race
Riverine Blade magicitem
Robodragon creature
Rock Roach creature
Rockfall Ward spell
Rod of Planar Travel magicitem
Rod of the Infernal Realms magicitem
Rotsam creature
Rotsam Swarm creature
Rotting Wind creature
Rowdy’s Club magicitem
Royal Jelly magicitem
Ruby Crusher magicitem
Rum Gremlin creature
Rum Lord creature
Runeswarm creature
Rust Monster Shell magicitem
Sacrifice Pawn spell
Sacrificial Healing spell
Sacrificial Knife magicitem
Saddle of the Cavalry Casters magicitem
Safe Transposition spell
Sahuagin race
Sahuagin race
Salamander Monarch creature
Sammael creature
Sand Arrow magicitem
Sand Suit magicitem
Sandals of the Desert Wanderer magicitem
Sandman creature
Sanguine Lance magicitem
Sap Demon creature
Sapper classoption
Sapphire Jelly creature
Sarsaok creature
Sasquatch creature
Satarre race
Satarre, Destroyer creature
Satarre, Mystic creature
Savager creature
Scarlet Ibis creature
Scheznyki creature
School of Black Powder classoption
School of Liminality classoption
Scimitar of the Desert Winds magicitem
Scoundrel background
Scourge of Devotion magicitem
Scribe of Hell creature
Scrofin creature
Scroll of Conjuring magicitem
Scroll of Fabrication magicitem
Scroll of Treasure Finding magicitem
Scrolls of Correspondence magicitem
Sea Witch’s Blade magicitem
Searing Whip magicitem
Second Harbinger: War creature
Secret Blind spell
Sema creature
Sentinel in Darkness creature
Sentry background
Serpent Domain classoption
Serpent’s Scales magicitem
Serpent’s Tooth magicitem
Serpentfolk of Yig creature
Serpentine Sandals magicitem
Serpopard creature
Servant of the Unsated God creature
Servant of Yig creature
Set of Runes magicitem
Shade race
Shade race
Shadhavar creature
Shadow Boxer creature
Shadow Domain classoption
Shadow Fey race
Shadow Fey Duelist creature
Shadow of Death creature
Shadow River Lord creature
Shadow Tree spell
Shadow Trove spell
Shadow Watcher classoption
Shadow Wolf creature
Shadow’s Brand spell
Shadowrock Render creature
Shantak creature
Shard Swarm creature
Shared Frenzy spell
Sharkskin Vest magicitem
Shattershot Arrow magicitem
Shellycoat creature
Shepherd’s Flail magicitem
Shield of Gnawing magicitem
Shield of Missile Reversal magicitem
Shield of the Drakeslayer magicitem
Shield of the Fallen magicitem
Shield of the Seven Heavens magicitem
Shiftshroom creature
Shimmer Seal creature
Shoal Gnome race
Shocker Lizard creature
Shocking Volley spell
Shoggoth creature
Shriekbat creature
Shroud creature
Shukankor creature
Shurale creature
Sickle of Thorns magicitem
Siege Arrow magicitem
Sightburst spell
Signaling Ammunition magicitem
Silenal creature
Silvershout spell
Simian, Kapi creature
Simian, Monkey King creature
Simian, Sulsha creature
Simian, Vanara creature
Skein Witch creature
Skeleton, Cackling creature
Skeleton, Swordbreaker template
Skeleton, Swordbreaker (Veteran) creature
Skeleton, Vine Troll creature
Sleipnir creature
Slick Cuirass magicitem
Slimeblade magicitem
Sling Stone of Screeching magicitem
Slippers of the Cat magicitem
Slippers of the Serpent magicitem
Slipshod Hammer magicitem
Sloth, Giant creature
Smelting Blast spell
Smoking Plate of Heithmir magicitem
Smuggler background
Smuggler classoption
Snake, Swamp Adder creature
Sneer spell
Snow Beetle, Giant creature
Snow Cat creature
Snow Terror creature
Somberweave creature
Son of Fenris creature
Song Angel creature
Sorcerous Vigor feat
Soulbound Servant spell
Soulbound Wraps magicitem
Soulspy classoption
Spark Swarm, Radiant creature
Spawn of the Prince of Swarms creature
Spear of the North magicitem
Spear of the Stilled Heart magicitem
Spear of the Weald classoption
Spear of the Western Whale magicitem
Spearbiter magicitem
Spectral Blade magicitem
Spectral Guardian creature
Speed Domain classoption
Spell Imbuement spell
Spellhound creature
Spellsmith classoption
Spice Box of Zest magicitem
Spider of Leng creature
Spider, Balloon creature
Spider, Red-Banded Line creature
Spiked Barricade spell
Spindrift Dwarf race
Spinning Axes spell
Spirit of the Hills creature
Spirit Usher creature
Spite spell
Sporcery classoption
Ssadar creature
Staff of the First Labyrinth magicitem
Staff of the Wild Harvest magicitem
Stalker feat
Standard of Divinity magicitem
Stasis Stone magicitem
Steadfast Splint magicitem
Steam Gout spell
Stellar Rorqual creature
Stinger magicitem
Stone Aegis spell
Stone Creeper creature
Stone Fetch spell
Storm Maiden creature
Storm of Axes spell
Storm of Wings spell
Stormboar creature
Stormheart Bow magicitem
Strobing Fungus creature
Stunning Sniper feat
Sturdy Scroll Tube magicitem
Subliminal Aversion spell
Sudden Sleuth spell
Sudden Slue spell
Sudden Stampede spell
Summon Clockwork Beast spell
Sunset Raptor creature
Suppress Regeneration spell
Suppress Regeneration spell
Survival Knife magicitem
Survivor feat
Swamp Lily creature
Swampgas Bubble creature
Swarm of Bees creature
Swarm of Clacker Beetles creature
Swarm of Compsognathus creature
Swarm of Death creature
Swarm of Esteron creature
Swarm, Paper Golem creature
Swarmfoe Suit magicitem
Sweet Nature magicitem
Sword of Fallen Saints magicitem
Tamer’s Whip magicitem
Tembril creature
Tendril Puppet creature
Tenebrous Flail of Screams magicitem
Tetomatli creature
The Axe of Forseti magicitem
The Chained Thing creature
The Desiccated One creature
The Gaoler creature
The Genie Lord classoption
Third Harbinger: Famine creature
Thirsting Scalpel magicitem
Thirsting Thorn magicitem
Thornheart Guardian creature
Threshold Slip spell
Thrummren creature
Tidehunter creature
Time Construct magicitem
Time Domain classoption
Time Step spell
Time Vortex magicitem
Time-Lost Traveler background
Timeblade classoption
Timingila creature
Tincture of Moonlit Blossom magicitem
Tipstaff magicitem
Titanoboa creature
Toadstool Ring spell
Tonic for the Troubled Mind magicitem
Tonic of Blandness magicitem
Toothless Beast spell
Tophet creature
Tosculi (Hiveless) race
Toxic Pollen spell
Tracer spell
Tracking Dart magicitem
Travel Domain classoption
Treant, Mangrove creature
Tree Heal spell
Tree Skinner creature
Tricenatorus creature
Trident of the Vortex magicitem
Trident of the Yearning Tide magicitem
Troll Skin Armor magicitem
Troll, Deep creature
Troll, Desert creature
Trollish Charge spell
Trollkin race
Trollkin race
Trollkin Fire Shaman creature
Trollkin Grunt creature
Trollkin Ironmonger creature
Trollkin Raider creature
Trollkin Reaver creature
Trollkin Shaman creature
Trollsblood Elixir magicitem
Trophy Hunter background
True Authority (requires attunement) magicitem
Tundra Walker feat
Tunnel Watcher classoption
Tusked Skyfish creature
Tyrant’s Whip magicitem
Ulnorya creature
Umbral Chopper magicitem
Undead Phoenix creature
Underfoot feat
Underfoot classoption
Undine Plate magicitem
Unerring Mark spell
Unquiet Dagger magicitem
Unseen Servant, Greater spell
Unstable Bombard magicitem
Urban Halfling race
Urochar creature
Ushabti creature
Vættir creature
Valkruung creature
Valkyrie creature
Valkyrie’s Bite magicitem
Vallowex creature
Vampire, Psychic creature
Vampire, Thrall creature
Vangsluagh creature
Verdant Elixir magicitem
Verdant Elixir magicitem
Vermin Domain classoption
Verses of the Deathbringer magicitem
Vessel of Deadly Venoms magicitem
Vexxeh creature
Victory Banner magicitem
Viiret creature
Vile Reconstructor creature
Vine Carpet spell
Vines of Nemthyr creature
Void Channeler feat
Void Domain classoption
Void Rift spell
Void Scribe feat
Void Speaker classoption
Void Strike spell
Voidling creature
Voidling’s Fang magicitem
Voidpool creature
Wafer of Warmth magicitem
Wall of Time magicitem
Walled Horror creature
Wampus Cat creature
Wanyudo creature
War Horn spell
War Pig creature
War-Badger creature
Wardu creature
Warlock of the Genie Lord creature
Warlock’s Trumpetbloom creature
Warmth Thief creature
Wasteland Strider classoption
Wastelander classoption
Watch Owl creature
Water Horse creature
Water Leaper creature
Water Scorpion, Giant creature
Water Skate, Spurred creature
Way of Concordant Motion classoption
Way of the Dragon classoption
Way of the Humble Elephant classoption
Way of the Still Waters classoption
Way of the Tipsy Monkey classoption
Way of the Unerring Arrow classoption
Way of the Wildcat classoption
Weapon of Blood magicitem
Weapon of Nightmares magicitem
Weasel War Dancer feat
Werelion race
Werynax creature
Whispering Gardens spell
Wicked Skull creature
Wight, Warlock creature
Wild Hunt spell
Willowhaunt creature
Wind Domain classoption
Wind Eater creature
Wind Lash spell
Wind Weasel creature
Windy Wailer creature
Winterfolk Halfling race
Winterfolk Halfling race
Winterghast creature
Wintergrim creature
Wisp of the Void magicitem
Witch’s Brew magicitem
Witchlight creature
Woe Siphon creature
Wolverine creature
Wood Ward creature
Woolly Rhinoceros, Pygmy creature
Word Of Misfortune spell
Worg, Fang of the Great Wolf creature
Wraith Bear creature
Wraith, Boneshard creature
Wraith, Flayed creature
Wraith, Oathrot creature
Wraithstones magicitem
Wrathful Vapors magicitem
Wyrdweaver classoption
Wyvern Knight creature
Xanka creature
Xenabsorber creature
Xhkarsh creature
Xing Tian creature
Xiphus creature
Yaga Goo creature
Yakirian creature
Yann-An-Oed creature
Yaojing creature
Yathon creature
Yavalnoi creature
Ychen Bannog creature
Yowler creature
Yskarakta creature
Yumerai creature
Zalikum creature
Zaratan creature
Zebra, Riding creature
Zeitgeist creature
Zimwi creature
Ziphius creature
Zmey creature
Zombie, Blood creature
Zombie, Cavefish creature
Zombie, Lord creature
Zombie, Mold creature
Zombie, Nihilethic creature
Zombie, Web creature
Zoog creature
Zoryas creature
Zouyu creature
Zymurgic Aura spell
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