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Name Type Publisher Source
Aboleth, Nihilith creature
Ala creature
Algorith creature
Alseid creature
Amphiptere creature
Andrenjinyi creature
Angatra creature
Angel, Chained creature
Angel, Fidele creature
Angel, Kinnara creature
Angler Worm creature
Animal Lord, Lord of Vultures creature
Animal Lord, Queen of Birds creature
Aridni creature
Avatar of Shoth creature
Bearfolk creature
Beli creature
Bereginyas creature
Boot Grabber creature
Cavelight Moss creature
Chelicerae creature
Clurichaun creature
Crimson Shambler creature
Deep One Archimandrite creature
Deep One Hybrid Priest creature
Demon Lord of Bats and Fire creature
Demon, Neophron creature
Dorreq creature
Dragon, Wasteland (Adult) creature
Dragon, Wasteland (Ancient) creature
Dragon, Wasteland (Wyrmling) creature
Dragon, Wasteland (Young) creature
Drake, Alehouse creature
Drake, Ash creature
Drake, Cave creature ,
Drake, Coral creature
Fellforged creature
Flying Polyp (Open Design) creature
Galidroo creature
Ghast of Leng creature
Ghost Dwarf creature
Ghul creature
Giant, Desert creature
Goblin, Dust creature
Goblin, Dust (Chieftain) creature
Grindylow creature
Gug (Open Design) creature
Gugalanna creature
Kelp Eel creature
Korrigan creature
Leonino creature
Lindwurm creature
Lorelei creature
Mahoru creature
Mamura creature
Mindrot Thrall creature
Nightgarm creature
Qwyllion creature
Shadhavar creature
Sleipnir creature
Son of Fenris creature
Troll, Desert creature
Tusked Skyfish creature
Water Leaper creature
Wind Eater creature
Wraith, Boneshard creature
Zaratan creature
Zimwi creature
Zmey creature