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Name Type Source
Angelic Wrath spell
Apocalyptic Mutation: Claws feat
Apocalyptic Mutation: Horns feat
Apocalyptic Mutation: Scales feat
Ashen Angel creature
Band of the Leper magicitem
Banishing Bell magicitem
Banishing Strike feat
Beacon of Hope feat
Bellatrix creature
Black Pudding, Lethe-Corrupted creature
Blood Chant spell
Blood of the Lost classoption
Blood Ritual spell
Bottled Dread spell
Bow of the Spirit spell
Broken Maggot creature
Cacodaemon, Cackling creature
Cacodaemon, Rampant creature
Cacodaemon, Shrieking creature
Call of Cthulhu spell
Catoblepas creature
Cendiary creature
Chuul, Acheron-Corrupted creature
Close to Undeath feat
Conjure Dream-Dwellers spell
Conjure Flying Polyp spell
Contact Deep Ones spell
Corpse Mother creature
Courage feat
Crawling Horde creature
Crown of the Underhell magicitem
Curse Bearer feat
Damned Soul Swarm, Hazy creature
Damned Soul Swarm, Livid creature
Damned Soul Swarm, Roiling creature
Dark Abyss spell
Deadly Bark spell
Deep One Might feat
Deep One Toughness feat
Defiant feat
Dire Wolf, Styx-Corrupted creature
Divine Rescue spell
Dreamer feat
Dreamlands Cat race
Effortless March spell
Elemental (Fire), Hades-Corrupted creature
Empyrean Blade magicitem
Enlightenment of the Blind Idiot God spell
Erudite Feaster feat
Eye of the Ice Wizard magicitem
Eyes of the Watcher feat
Fanged Skulls magicitem
Fiend Hunter feat
Fiend-Marked feat
Fiend’s Breath magicitem
Fiendish Blood Shard magicitem
Fiendish Gauntlets magicitem
Fiendish Investiture spell
Fiendish Tongue feat
Fleshbound Tome magicitem
Four-Armed Fighting feat
Future Yithian creature
Gadarene creature
Gargoyle, Annwn-Corrupted creature
Ghoul race
Giant (Stone), Gehenna-Corrupted creature
Giant Scorpion, Tartarus-Corrupted creature
Girdle of Truth magicitem
Gnorri race
Gorgon, Dis-Corrupted creature
Green Hag, Pandemonium-Corrupted creature
Gryllus, Leering creature
Gryllus, Preening creature
Gryllus, Shining creature
Halo of Spines spell
Hell Hound Alpha creature
Hellsmith feat
Hellwalker feat
Helmet of Salvation magicitem
Hortator creature
Howling Maggot creature
Imp’s Fingerbone magicitem
Imposter spell
Incantation of Raaaee spell
Infernal Shackles magicitem
Insulating Insanity feat
Lash of Hunger magicitem
Leaping Skin creature
Leng Spider, Mature creature
Leng Spider, Old creature
Mad Passion feat
Magdalene creature
Maggot Defenders spell
Mandrake creature
Markings of the Order feat
Mi-Go Dimension Walker creature
Mi-Go Scout creature
Mi-Go Warrior creature
Minotaur, Cocytus-Corrupted creature
Mist of R’lyeh spell
Mythos Survivor background
Naga (Spirit) Cocytus-Corrupted creature
Nuckelavee creature
Ogre, Phlegethon-Corrupted creature
Orne’s Black spell
Otherworldly Humans race
Otyugh, Tartarus-Corrupted creature
Path of the Trophy Hunter classoption
Philter creature
Plague Tower magicitem
Powder of Ibn Ghazi spell
Purify Grounds spell
Quick Tail feat
Raparee creature
Remortification spell
Restless creature
Ritual Dagger magicitem
Roper, Cocytus-Corrupted creature
Sacred Vial magicitem
Sarnath Sigil spell
Scrapper’s Jar magicitem
Secutor creature
Seed of the Old Forest magicitem
Seeking Hellfire spell
Serpentfolk creature
Serpentfolk Alchemist creature
Shahmaran creature
Shambling Fragment creature
Shattering Weapon magicitem
Shield Guardian, Annwn-Corrupted creature
Shriek of the Byakhee spell
Siege Dragon Engine creature
Simpering Maggot creature
Skelebow magicitem
Skelebrain magicitem
Skelemallet magicitem
Skelemaul magicitem
Skelemirror magicitem
Skelenquin magicitem
Skelesphere magicitem
Skeletong magicitem
Slime Mold creature
Star Vampire creature
Styx-Corrupted Behir creature
Sun Sphere spell
Supernatural Feline feat
Survivor feat
Sweeping Tail feat
Sword of the Spirit spell
Tactile Sense feat
Tardigrade creature
The Branded classoption
The Scrapper classoption
Three-Armed Fighting feat
Track Creature spell
Treant, Acheron-Corrupted creature
Underfiend, Bonestrike creature
Underfiend, Flesheater creature
Underfiend, Skincloak creature
Underhell Elemental creature
Wamp creature
Warder feat
Way of the Wastelands classoption
Windwalker creature
Winged Guardian feat
Wyvern, Sheol-Corrupted creature
Yithian, Past creature
Yothan Commander creature
Yothan Designer creature
Yothan Warrior creature
Zoog race
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