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Name Type Source
Aboleth Behemoth creature
Aboleth Engulfer creature
Aboleth Manipulator creature
Ahemset creature
Anemone Behemoth creature
Arrows of Healing magicitem
Bedtime Guardian spell
Bit of Blood spell
Blood Bolts spell
Blood Mimic spell
Blood Oath spell
Blood to Tar spell
Blood-Soaked Armament spell
Bloodquake spell
Bogey Ward spell
Branded feat
Brands page
Cantripothurge class
Casting Circles page
Cerbearus creature
Cloak of Bad Advice magicitem
Conjure Stirge spell
Convalesce spell
Criocore creature
Detect Somnifer spell
Dracopotamus creature
Dracopus creature
Dream Banquet spell
Dream Conjuration spell
Dream Debate spell
Dream Jaunt spell
Dream Preparation spell
Dream, Lesser spell
Dreamblade spell
Dreambond spell
Eldmage class
Flavorless Blood spell
Gadget Crossbows page
Giant-buster magicitem
Grunthumplema creature
Guide Companions page
Guldami creature
Harpoon Weed creature
Headless race
Infinite Staff magicitem
Karnnoloup creature
Larval Aboleth Swarm creature
Lashray creature
Living Puppet Box magicitem
Livyathan creature
Lykopard creature
Lyngbakr creature
Magic Mishap Items page
Magnetize Blood spell
Muculent Husk creature
Naiad creature
Night School spell
Night Shift spell
Night Terrors spell
Pillow Trick spell
Piranha-Man creature
Potion of Wonders magicitem
Prophetic Dreams spell
Prophetic Dreams, Greater spell
Prophetic Dreams, Lesser spell
Protective Lullaby spell
Protoaboleth creature
Razor Shoal creature
Rune Adept feat
Rune Expert feat
Rune Mark magicitem
Rune Talisman magicitem
Runecaster class
Sanguinary Shield spell
Sarcophagus Clam creature
Sealed Brand feat
Sektaf creature
Serpohipp creature
Seven-league Boots magicitem
Shadow Warrior classoption
Shadow Whip spell
Siege Bow magicitem
Skum, Cetacean creature
Slime Golem creature
Soul Sword magicitem
Swarm of Acid Jellyfish creature
Sweet Dreams spell
Sword of Flaming/Frost magicitem
Tentacle Crab creature
Tentacle Staff magicitem
The Sword of Fighting magicitem
The Sword of Kings magicitem
Therianthropic Beast creature
Tinkerer class
Toothwraith creature
Tower Great Shield magicitem
Towers of Gore spell
Trash Gryphon creature
Ulat-Kini (aka Skum) creature
Warband, Airborne Unit creature
Warband, Centaur creature
Warband, City Watch Unit creature
Warband, Infiltrator Gargantuan Troop creature
Warband, Zombie Horde creature
Wave Horse creature
Weredeinonychus creature
Werefrog creature
Wereorca creature
Wereowl creature
Werescorpion creature
Weretyrannosaurus creature
Werewolverine creature
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