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66 Records Found

Name Type Source
Animate Blades spell
Ape, Winged creature
Backbiter Shield spell
Beastman Cursemaker creature
Beastman Hunter creature
Beastman Warchief creature
Beastman Warrior creature
Black Circle Agent creature
Black Circle Wizard creature
Bloodlust Cloud spell
Chosen Cultist creature
Cult Priest creature
Cyclops creature
Dark Servant of Carcosa creature
Deep One Halfbreed creature
Defy Death spell
Dragon, Brute creature
Draining Mist spell
Dwarf, Stone race
Eagle, Crested creature
Eidolon, Polar creature
Elf, Fading race
Elk creature
Frost Corpse creature
Giver of Eyes creature
Gnoph-keh of Serex creature
Group Telepathy spell
Halfling, Jungle race
Human, Atlantean race
Mi-go, Starcrown creature
Moon-beast creature
Mosasaur creature
Musk Ox creature
Nessk Champion creature
Nessk Charmer creature
Nightgaunt creature
Phoori Beastmaster creature
Phoori Dark Shaman creature
Phoori Death Adder creature
Plague Nomad creature
Pnak Otic Word spell
Priest of Set creature
Rakshasa Honor Guard creature
Rakshasa Swordspirit creature
Rakshasa, Infiltrator creature
Rakshasa, Raja creature
Saber-tooth Cat creature
Serpent Fingers spell
Serpentmancer creature
Seven Knives Darkblade creature
Seven Knives Enforcer creature
Seven Knives Thug creature
Shoggoth creature
Short-faced Bear creature
Slave of the Chalice creature
Sloth, Abominable creature
Snake Swarm spell
Star-thing of Nheb creature
Summon Mi-go spell
Summon Moon-Beast spell
Summon Nightgaunt spell
Summon Star-Thing spell
Temple Guard of Set creature
The Fourth Knife creature
Viper, Giant creature
Visions of Madness spell
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