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Name Type Source
Ancestor Cleric Domain classoption
Arcane Spiritualist feat
Arcanographer creature
Assistant Collector creature
Assistant Collector, Inquisitor creature
Assistant Collector, Sibyl creature
Assistant Collector, Wraithling creature
Awakened background
Brooch of Soul Protection magicitem
Carrière creature
Circle of the Lost classoption
Cloak of the Mist magicitem
Coagulated Ooze creature
College of Legacy classoption
Cowl of the Wraith magicitem
Create Haunting spell
Death Caster creature
Deathseer classoption
Ectoplasm Armor magicitem
Ectoplasm, Greater creature
Ectoplasm, Lesser creature
Ether Knight classoption
Ether Whip magicitem
Eye of the Wraith magicitem
Fury Specter creature
Ghastly Siphon creature
Ghost Dragon, Ancient creature
Ghost Hunter background
Ghost Hunter’s Pistol magicitem
Ghost Shroud magicitem
Ghostfire Gloves magicitem
Gluttongeist creature
Haunted Accomplice classoption
Haunted Armor creature
Haunted Rocking Horse creature
Haunted Ventriloquist Dummy creature
Helm of the Spiritbender magicitem
Keyclasp Ring magicitem
Lantern of Spirits magicitem
Mirror of Curse Detection magicitem
Mournful Apparition creature
Necromantic Alchemist feat
Nightbutcher’s Apron magicitem
Nightbutcher’s Blade magicitem
Oath of Exorcism classoption
Occult Detection classoption
Path of the Wrathful Spirit classoption
Poltergeist’s Fury spell
Possessed Graverobber creature
Qualmcloak magicitem
Rat-Tooth Necklace magicitem
Raven’s Dagger magicitem
Rotseed Specter creature
Scarecrow Colossus creature
Scarecrow Minion creature
Shadow Cleave spell
Shrieking Sword Cane magicitem
Spectacles of the Bizarre magicitem
Spirit -Touched feat
Spirit Assassin creature
Spiritlight magicitem
Spiritsphere magicitem
Sword of Sacrifice magicitem
Tattoo of the Confident Hunter magicitem
Tattoo of the Lich God magicitem
The Reaper classoption
The Unshackled creature
Tombstone Golem creature
Unfathomable Spirit creature
Vengeance Seeker classoption
Wand of Undead Command magicitem
Way of Harmonious Spirits classoption
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