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Name Type Publisher Source
Big Brother spell
Cloven race
Concussion Bomb spell ,
Create Armored Vehicle spell ,
Extended Magazine spell ,
Fatberg creature
Fintech spell ,
Flutterpony race
Golem, Sugar creature
Griffon race
Heart of Cocytus spell ,
Hippogriff race
Hooded Eyes spell ,
Hunter’s Snare spell ,
Livewire spell ,
Mascot creature
Morphling creature
Parkour spell ,
Phoenix Wolf race
Photocopy spell ,
Ping spell ,
Pony race
Pony – Physical Tribes race
Pony – Spiritual Tribes race
Pony Satyr race
Purrsian race
Remove Malware spell ,
Sin Seeker creature
Siphon of Knowledge spell ,
Sprite, Sugar creature
Steelheart race
Sun Cat race
Technathema spell ,
Tsukumogami creature
Unicorn Rush spell ,
Wrath of Cocytus spell
Yeti, Snowblind creature