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37 Records Found

Name Type Source
Big Brother spell
Cloven race
Concussion Bomb spell
Create Armored Vehicle spell
Extended Magazine spell
Fatberg creature
Fintech spell
Flutterpony race
Golem, Sugar creature
Griffon race
Heart of Cocytus spell
Hippogriff race
Hooded Eyes spell
Hunter’s Snare spell
Livewire spell
Mascot creature
Morphling creature
Parkour spell
Phoenix Wolf race
Photocopy spell
Ping spell
Pony race
Pony – Physical Tribes race
Pony – Spiritual Tribes race
Pony Satyr race
Purrsian race
Remove Malware spell
Sin Seeker creature
Siphon of Knowledge spell
Snowblind Yeti creature
Sprite, Sugar creature
Steelheart race
Sun Cat race
Technathema spell
Tsukumogami creature
Unicorn Rush spell
Wrath of Cocytus spell
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