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Publisher: Sneak Attack Press

33 Records Found

Name Type Source
Biting Book creature
Bookworm creature
Crushing Wall spell
Devil, Author creature
Drake, Radiant creature
Fire Bug creature
Golem, Chain creature
Golem, Rope creature
Great Wall spell
Illusionary Wall spell
Instant Barricade spell
Instant Palisade spell
Lantern Archon creature
Living Prismatic Sphere creature
Living Wall spell
Net Wall spell
Shambling Wall spell
Shelf of Biting Books creature
Shielding Wall spell
Snimic creature
Swarm of Fire Bugs creature
Tuffy creature
Wall of Bees spell
Wall of Cacophony spell
Wall of Corpses spell
Wall of Death spell
Wall of Fear spell
Wall of Lightning spell
Wall of Paper spell
Wall of Pasta spell
Wall of Portals spell
Wall of Slime spell
Wall of Visions spell
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