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Name Type Publisher Source
Agate Dragon, Ancient creature
Agate Dragon, Wyrmling creature
Amarashi creature
Ambidextrous feat
Angel Armor magicitem
Animal Companion (Studio Agate) feat
Animal, Blood Hawk creature
Animated Object, Animated Armor creature
Animated Object, Flying Sword (Studio Agate) creature
Animated Object, Rug of Smothering creature
Archivist feat
Armor of Intervention magicitem
Armor of the Zealot magicitem
Ashen Ankheg creature
Ashen Ankheg, Elite creature
Ashen Khegon creature
Ashen Lizard creature
Ashen Lizard, Giant creature
Ashen Ochre Jelly creature
Ashen Regikheg creature
Barfly feat
Black Armor of the Inquisition magicitem
Bleeder creature
Breather feat
Builder Dwarf race
Chaceklain, Adult creature
Chaceklain, Young creature
Chuul Tyrant creature
Cockatrice creature
Devastating Criticals feat
Dipulve, Corporeal Assassin creature
Dipulve, Corporeal Scout creature
Dipulve, Incorporeal Assassin creature
Dipulve, Incorporeal Scout creature
Dragon, Sea, Young creature
Dragon, Silver (Adult) creature
Dragon, Silver (Ancient) creature
Dragon, Silver (Wyrmling) creature
Dragon, Silver (Young) creature
Duergar Sciencraft feat
Elemental Inurement feat
Fast as Lightning feat
Fate Nudge feat
Flying Clione creature
Ghastly Vigor feat
Gladiator feat
Hardy feat
Harpooner feat
Harro creature
Herbalist (Studio Agate) feat
Heroic feat
Horoth creature
Invigorating Abjuration feat
Irrepressible feat
Knife Thrower feat
Magic Catalyst feat
Magic Collector feat
Magical Reminiscence feat
Marksman feat
Master of Fate feat
Master of Illusions feat
Master Poisoner feat
Mephit, Magma creature
Mimic page
Mixed Success feat
Netherpossum creature
Netherpossum, Sacred creature
Nimble Fingers feat
Ogre Grip feat
Opportunist feat
Paragon feat
Pincer Attack feat
Potion of Fake Death magicitem
Potion of Gentle Repose magicitem
Protective Transmutation feat
Pseudodragon creature
Rampage feat
Rescuer feat
Schatz, Mature creature
Schatz, Young creature
Scorching Sun Warrior feat
Shield Bearer feat
Slippery feat
Smooth Grappler feat
Staggering Strikes feat
Steadfast feat
Swarm of Flying Cliones creature
Swift feat
The Gardener creature
Unrelenting Caster feat
Valiant feat
Weapon Breaker feat