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Name Type Source
Adaptive Soldier classoption
Amber Salve spell
Animated Object, Magnetized Armor creature
Animated Object, Magnetized Weapon creature
Arcane Aspect spell
Aurora Passage spell
Baba Yaga’s Walking Hut spell
Baba Yaga’s Walking Hut creature
Bound Effigy spell
Ceaseless Babbling spell
Charm of Daftness spell
Comet Sickle spell
Conflicting Fog spell
Coven of Unity spell
Dampening Field spell
Diamond Dust spell
Diamond Skin spell
Dragonbound classoption
Earthen Shield feat
Fearsome Dirge spell
Fury Blossom spell
Geode Bomb spell
Grave Warning spell
Gray Asphodel spell
Guardian Hearth spell
Guardian Pillar spell
Hesitance spell
Holly Crown spell
Immovable feat
Inkblot spell
Invigoration spell
Iron Knight Martial Archetype classoption
Leeching Sprouts spell
Lodestone spell
Mad Miasma spell
Marked Guardian Cleric Domain classoption
Masking Nebula spell
Midnight Storm spell
Nullification spell
Obsidian Shield spell
Old Growth Forest spell
Orchid’s Blessing spell
Overgrowth Titan spell
Pacify spell
Paradox Sorcerer Bloodline classoption
Path of Roiling Magma classoption
Phoenix Tea spell
Planar Bond spell
Potent Brew spell
Radiant Breath spell
Rallying Song spell
Rotting Veil spell
Sapphire Helm spell
Shatterbone spell
Singularity spell
Solar Flare spell
Starfield Veil spell
Tranquility spell
Twist Fate spell
Unyielding Stance feat
Wall of Stars spell
Way of the Bending Willow classoption
Way of the Tilting Hourglass classoption
Wilt spell
Witch class
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