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Publisher: Troll Lord Games

72 Records Found

Name Type Source
Aaleear creature
Allip creature
Antelope creature
Bar Tangi creature
Barghest creature
Beastmaster Statue creature
Bird, Small creature
Bird, Tiny creature
Blood Worm creature
Bloodsprite creature
Brewer Fairy creature
Bull creature
Cave Fisher, Elder creature
Crane creature
Cunalrur creature
Darktaker creature
Devil, Barghest creature
Diehard (General) feat
Dolphin/Porpoise creature
Dragon, Iris Wyrm (Adult) creature
Dragon, Nakal (Young Adult) creature
Dragonne creature
Electric Eel creature
Engineering Dungeons page
Ethereal Filcher creature
Familiar Eater creature
Familiar Morph creature
Feliul Stones creature
Feulk creature ,
Fox creature
Garguile, Basalt creature
Garguile, Crystal creature
Garguile, Granite creature
Gebelmensch creature
Giraffe creature
Grindlwere creature
Hedgehog (Troll Lord Games) creature
Koala creature
Leopard creature
Luvandgaurn (Adult) creature
Luvandgaurn (Juvenile) creature
Luvandgaurn (Young Adult) creature
Mantrid creature
Monkey creature
Moon Cat creature
Muhroydian creature
Mullogite creature
Mullogite Cleric creature
Mullogite, Stalwart creature
Mullogite, Warlock creature
Muse creature
Mushroomies creature
Ophidian creature
Patchwork Inevitable creature
Periapt of Wisdom magicitem
Pig creature
Pike, Giant creature
Poison Food or Water spell
Raccoon creature
Rockling creature
Ru’an (Eldritch Goblin) creature
Shadow Mastiff creature
Sheep creature
Siren creature
Sobekki creature
Stirge, Dire creature
Sylph creature
Tree Warrior creature
Variant Familiars & Companions Options page
Warp Wood spell
Wizard’s Poppet creature
Yeth Hound creature
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