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Name Type Source
Aaleear creature
Abyssal Cannikin magicitem
Afkarn creature
Aghul, Devil (Tusked) creature
Alkonoth creature
Allip creature
Amnug creature
Antelope creature
Antelope creature
Aothsil creature
Ape-men Shaman creature
Ape-Men Warlord creature
Ape-Men Warrior creature
Arrows of the Alkonoth magicitem
Arrows of Weakening magicitem
Assassin Vine creature
Athnahga creature
Athnahga, Elder creature
Axe of Unmaking magicitem
Axe of Utter Havoc magicitem
Bag o’ Bones creature
Bag of Bones magicitem
Bar Tangi creature
Barbs of Nakal magicitem
Bard’s Journal magicitem
Barghest creature
Beastmaster Statue creature
Bird, Small creature
Bird, Tiny creature
Blade of Health magicitem
Blood Worm creature
Blood Worm creature
Bloodline Weapon magicitem
Bloodsprite creature
Bloodsucking Wyrm creature
Bogtilt creature
Bone Spur creature
Book of Lies, The magicitem
Boot Oil magicitem
Brewer Fairy creature
Buffalo (Cattle) creature
Bull creature
Camel creature
Caribou (Reindeer) creature
Catoblepas creature
Cave Fisher, Elder creature
Ceeana Olgdonberg creature
Champion (of The Frog) creature
Charles’s Bane magicitem
Charon Fiend creature
Chief (of The Frog) creature
Chimera, Lesser creature ,
Cloak of Shadows magicitem
Cloth of Hylde magicitem
Coblynau creature
Crane creature
Crup Pipes magicitem
Cunalrur creature
Cunalrur (The Eye Upon The Road) creature
Dakmour Wyrm creature
Darktaker creature
Deep Water Skin magicitem
Deflecting Helmet magicitem
Demon, Aru creature
Demon, Barghest creature
Demon, Ikle creature
Demon, Paralyte creature
Devil, Barghest creature
Devil, Cull creature
Devil, Flesh Lord creature
Devil, Geerthtool creature
Devil, Henchman creature
Devil, Hirsenkeelt creature
Devil, Maukling creature
Devil, Mongrel (Despairing Hounds) creature
Devil, Narozin creature
Devil, Narvilin creature
Devil, Sauld creature
Devil, Seere (Painted Devil) creature
Devil, Solarin creature
Devil, Vonlatot (Knight of The Dead) creature
Diehard (General) feat
Dog, War creature
Dolphin/Porpoise creature
Dragon Bells magicitem
Dragon Hide Boots magicitem
Dragon, Iris Wyrm (Adult) creature
Dragon, Nakal (Young Adult) creature
Dragonne creature
Dream Warrior creature
Dwarven Beard Hooks magicitem
Eldritch Goblin, Greater creature
Eldritch Goblin, Lesser creature
Electric Eel creature
Elethu creature
Emperor’s Sword magicitem
Engineering Dungeons page
Ethereal Filcher creature
Eye of Ornduhl magicitem
Familiar Eater creature
Familiar Morph creature
Feathered Rope magicitem
Feliul Stones creature
Feulk creature ,
Feulk creature
Fiedoth “Shovel Mouth” creature
Fonts of Desires magicitem
Foot Soldier (of The Frog) creature
Forsaken creature
Fox creature
Fox creature
Fraonth creature
Gampede creature
Gar, Giant creature
Garguile, Basalt creature
Garguile, Crystal creature
Garguile, Granite creature
Garner’s Restful Cot magicitem
Gebelmensch creature
Giant, True creature
Giraffe creature
Gloves of True North magicitem
Golem, Copper creature
Gorgorthorium magicitem
Gossamer of the Unk Wyrm magicitem
Gourd of Health magicitem
Grail of Tears magicitem
Grindlwere creature
Grindlwere creature
Gulup-Ther Great Shaman creature
Gulup-Ther Shaman creature
Gulup-Ther Warrior creature
Hag, Annis creature
Hammer, Smithing magicitem
Hammock, Restful magicitem
Harg & Hylde magicitem
Hedgehog (Troll Lord Games) creature
Hild’s Brood creature
Hlobane Orc Overlord creature
Hlobane Orc Overseer creature
Hlobane Orc Sanjak creature
Hlobane Orc Shaman creature
Hlobane Orc Warrior creature
Hlobane Orc: Neurog Let, Bone Crushers creature
Hlobane Orc: Ukjanu Let, Keeper of The Bone Crusher creature
Holy Flame magicitem
Holy Icon magicitem
Horn of Breaking magicitem
Horn of Ethrum magicitem
Horn of the Halfling magicitem
Hounds of Darkness creature
Hulen creature
Ibar creature
Ice Rounder creature
Iergild Metal magicitem
Ignith Dog creature
Index of Potions magicitem
Ioun Crown magicitem
Jaculus creature
Jara-Tuor creature
Jarhdel creature
Jolmuen creature
Jolnoch creature
Joral Fish creature
Jung-Mule creature
Kavrun Hound creature
Koala creature
Kun Mur creature
Kuthi creature
Kuthite creature
Lakarn creature
Lauk creature
Laumeun creature
Leopard creature
Lial Arrows magicitem
Links of Armor magicitem
Lucky Whetstone magicitem
Luvandgaurn (Adult) creature
Luvandgaurn (Juvenile) creature
Luvandgaurn (Young Adult) creature
Luvandgaurn, Adult creature
Luvandgaurn, Juvenile creature
Luvandgaurn, Young Adult creature
Mammoth Scrolls magicitem
Mantle of Confession magicitem
Mantrid creature
Meric Eel, Large creature
Meric Eel, Medium creature
Meric Eel, Small creature
Mison Men creature
Mogrl, Greater creature
Mogrl, Lesser creature
Monkey creature
Moon Cat creature
Mordius Dryad creature
Moundule creature
Muhroydian creature
Mullogite creature
Mullogite Cleric creature
Mullogite, Stalwart creature
Mullogite, Warlock creature
Muse creature
Mushroomies creature
Nacuravand, Demon creature
Naerlulth creature
Naerlulthut creature
Naga, Frost (Broden) creature
Naga, Ghost creature
Neckguard of the Confessor magicitem
Noxmurus magicitem
Ogre, Frost creature
Ogre, Mage creature
Ogre, Screed creature
Onuzhe creature
Onuzhe, Greater creature
Onuzhe, Lesser creature
Oonlulth creature
Ooze, Blood creature
Ophidian creature
Orbut creature
Palkworm creature
Pandareen creature
Patchwork Inevitable creature
Periapt of Wisdom magicitem
Phidian creature
Pig creature
Pike, Giant creature
Pit Orc creature
Plu-nar creature
Poison Food or Water spell
Pride of the Goblins magicitem
Puala Beast creature
Qu Fiend creature
Questing Beast creature
Quil creature
Quil Club magicitem
Quil Skin magicitem
Raccoon creature
Ram (Big Horn Sheep) creature
Redcap creature
Rilthwood magicitem
Rochun Fiend creature
Rockling creature
Ru’an (Eldritch Goblin) creature
Rune Maids creature
Sarab Pool creature
Scaj creature
Sentient creature
Shadow Mastiff creature
Sheep creature
Shelkerow creature
Siren creature
Smoke Guardian creature
Snow Steed creature
Sobekki creature
Soul Thief creature
Sphierlex creature
Steppe Devil creature
Stirge, Dire creature
Stonehorns creature
Succubus, Aihrdian creature
Suk Tree creature
Swarm of Vordoag creature
Sylph creature
Sylph creature
Taeall Steed (Flying Horse) creature
Tagean Hound creature
Terralip Tree creature
The Avenging Sword magicitem
The Black Breath creature
The Gonfalon magicitem
The Ring of the Goblin Lord magicitem
Tomt (Giant Form) creature
Tomt (Gnome Form) creature
Tree Warrior creature
Troll Bird creature
Troll Lord creature
Tuoth Dragon creature
Ulthal (Winged Demon, Tvungenos) creature
Undine, Greater creature
Undine, Lesser creature
Undine, Minor creature
Ungern creature
Ungern Battle Lord creature
Ungern Chief creature
Ungern Sub-Chief creature
Unkbartig, (Dark Bearded Demon) creature
Ur-suk (Black Hearts, Dark Faerie) creature
Variant Familiars & Companions Options page
Vimnel creature
Viyl Beast creature
Volt creature
Vordoag creature
Vulcreed, Demon creature
Warp Wood spell
Wazk creature
Wevein creature
Willowman creature
Winter’s Flakes magicitem
Wizard’s Poppet creature
Wraith Blade magicitem
Yedae creature
Yeth Hound creature
Yrth creature
Yufelun (Rock Hound) creature
Zhenu creature
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