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Name Type Source
Acid Lash of Irrixus magicitem
Aneurysm spell
Apprentice Cantripothist feat
Bleeding Lash spell
Blowback feat
Bound Engulfer magicitem
Breath of the Mountains spell
Circle of the Forest Kingdom (Druid Circle) classoption
Cloak of Grotesque Multitudes spell
Cloak of the Grey Burglar magicitem
Create Vulnerability spell
Crimson Arachai Roguish Archetype classoption
Cruormantic Field spell
Crysallis race
Crysallis creature
Derecho spell
Draught of Glory magicitem
Encouraging Words spell ,
Fallen Angel classoption
Guided Hands feat
Helm of the Winter Duke magicitem
Hex Blood spell
Hisk race
Hunter of the Damned feat
Hunter’s Cloak spell
Imp, Wild creature
Imp, Wild, Swarm creature
Infesting Grasp spell
Inherent Spirit feat
Ivory Light magicitem
Kelpie creature
Kindle the Spark spell ,
Mass Vitality spell
Muck Eater magicitem
Nymph, Wood creature
Oath of Sacrifice Sacred Oath classoption
Oath of the Celesai classoption
Otherworldly Patron: The Pooka classoption
Path of Hoof and Horn Barbarian Path classoption
Path of Quickened Blood Primal Path classoption
Primordial Fortitude feat
Prongs of the Black magicitem
Rootwalker creature
Satyr race
Satyr race
Soul of Battle feat
Spirit of the Stag spell
Tap Panacea spell
The Arm of Yuria magicitem
The Blood Crown (Warlock Patron) classoption
The Pipe of Bishelle magicitem
The Pooka classoption
Universalist feat
Veil Watchman classoption
Viper’s Essence spell
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