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Publisher: Vorpal Tales

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Name Type Source
Aspect of the Dragon spell
Black Hole spell
Circle of the Crimson Abyss classoption
Circle of the Feral Beast classoption
Circle of the Stray classoption
College of Acoustics classoption
College of Fatalism classoption
College of the Crimson Abyss classoption
College of the Howling Souls classoption
Dragon Spirit creature
Draining Aura spell
Enervating Ray spell
Enervating Shield spell
Lyrical Theurge classoption
Mother’s Talon classoption
Patron: Mother of Dragons classoption
Patron: The Forgotten King classoption
Patron: The Null classoption
Spirit Caller classoption
Summon Dragon Spirit spell
Way of the Forceful Mind classoption
Way of the Iron Claw classoption
Way of the Subtle Force classoption
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