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Exalted: The Exalted are the direct offspring of angelic outsiders mated with humans. 

Genesai: Genesai are the direct result of demonic outsiders mating with angelic outsiders in defiance of all that both sides of the eternal conflict between good and evil consider inviolate.

Harrowed: One of the most despised and feared races are the Harrowed. They are no less than the result of the unholy and abominable union between a mortal humanoid and the foul undead. The very existence of the Harrowed is a constant reminder to a subjugated populace of the undead overlords, royal bastards neither fully mortal nor fully undead, caught between the two worlds.

Infernals: Infernals are the offspring of matings between demonic outsiders and humanity or the result of a tainted bloodline throwing up a child that bears the mark of a past transgression of natural law.

KhymerThe Khymer are descended from those killed, or at least physically destroyed, when a negative energy infused meteor struck the world. The necromantic radiation emanating from the blast had many long lasting effects and its people but for the people of one city it meant liquefaction before the ravening light of negative energy, breaking down, losing their bodies and becoming a mingled pool of liquid, infused with negative energy and the latent remnants of that people’s native psionic abilities.

Lykian: Werewolf lycanthropes, most commonly called Lykians, are one of the most unusual residents of the world. Unlike the standard lycanthrope, Lykians are born as lycanthropes and do not suffer from the lycanthropic disease but are considered to be a separate humanoid race with the shapechanger subtype. Before the apocalypse there were many that carried the curse of lycanthropy but due to unknown, powerful, magical forces, the curse has taken on a new form which the Lykians have evolved directly from. Lykians, unlike lycanthropes, have only one physical form, despite their shapechanger subtype. They are considered by many to be extremely bestial, hostile and brutish in nature– like their canine lineage. Their primal nature will often usurp and control their cognitive and reasoning abilities.

OsirianAccording to ancient lore the Osirians were the first intelligent species to emerge, chosen by the gods to be their first creation on this world. They were, and are, a regal and proficient people famed for their skill with their hands and their swiftness, as dangerous archers and fencers and the makers of technical wonders and fine crafts.

Raijin: The necrotic energy of the meteor combined with the huge number of casualties from the impact and its aftermath has meant an enormous amount of spiritual energy has encompassed Abaddon. This, in turn, means a tremendous number of ghosts arisen over time. In the beginning many of these were mindless specters, the traumatized dead from what seemed like the end of the world but over time these have been winnowed down and replaced with the new dead.