Rock Gnome (Studio Agate)

Rock gnomes are inventive and dexterous. Other species often see them as “cute.” They have fair skin and clear eyes running the gamut of blues and grays, including purple, which sometimes take on strange iridescent hues. Their hair is also light, ranging from silvery to pale blond, occasionally with hints of rose or other pastel colors.

  • Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 1.
  • Artificer’s Lore. Whenever you make an Intelligence (History) check related to magic items, alchemical objects, or technological devices, you can add twice your proficiency bonus, instead of any proficiency bonus you normally apply.
  • Pilot. You gain proficiency with one of the following tools: vehicles (air), vehicles (land), vehicles (water).
  • Tinker. You have proficiency with artisan’s tools (tinker’s tools). Using those tools, you can spend 1 hour and 10 gp worth of materials to construct a Tiny clockwork device (AC 5, 1 hp). The device ceases to function after 24 hours (unless you spend 1 hour repairing it to keep the device functioning), or when you use your action to dismantle it; at that time, you can reclaim the materials used to create it. When you are on the move, you can only have a maximum number of working devices equal to your Intelligence modifier. When you create a device, choose one of the following options:
  • Clockwork Toy. This toy is a clockwork animal, monster, or person, such as a frog, mouse, bird, dragon, or soldier. When placed on the ground, the toy moves 5 feet across the ground on each of your turns in a random direction. It makes noises as appropriate to the creature it represents.
  • Fire Starter. The device produces a miniature flame, which you can use to light a candle, torch, or campfire. Using the device requires an action.
  • Music Box. When opened, this music box plays a single song at a moderate volume. The box stops playing when it reaches the song’s end or when it is closed. You can learn to create new devices—such as mechanical alarms and flying lamps—by training with a master or studying a manual. You must train for 180 days and spend 1 gp every day to perform the necessary experiments to master the new construct.
Section 15: Copyright Notice

Fateforge Role-Playing Game Adventurers Core Rulebook Copyright © 2019 Studio Agate Joëlle ‘Iris’ Deschamp

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