Minor Symbol

Transmutation cantrip

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: Touch

Components: V, S, M* (a piece of chalk)

Duration: Until triggered or ended

You know some basic symbols that can create magical effects. You can draw a symbol on a surface.

When you do, you can imbue that symbol with a minor effect. You can choose one of the following effects:

  • Firecracker. When a creature gets within 5 feet of this symbol, a small, harmless, but loud explosion occurs from the symbol, and then the symbol vanishes.
  • Shock. If a creature touches the object in which this symbol is inscribed, that creature takes 1D4 lightning damage, and then the symbol vanishes.
  • Moon Glow. If you place this on an object, that object emits a dim light with a radius of 10 feet.
  • Quick Lock. You quickly draw a symbol on a closed door, window, gate, or other closeable, non-magical portal. This symbol automatically and magically locks that barrier, even if it doesn’t have a lock. The lock can be broken with an Athletics (Strength) check against your spell save DC, causing the symbol to disappear if the lock is broken.

You can only have one symbol active at a time.

If you have a symbol active and you cast this spell again, the previous symbol fades and the effect ends as the new effect begins.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Desmeena’s Anthology of Spellcasting Copyright 2020 Loremaster’s Archives of Wonder Publishing Author: Dev Waslusky

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