6th-level transmutation

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: 100 ft. (50-foot radius, 50-foot tall cylinder)

Components: V, S, M* (a handful of sand, which the spell consumes)

Duration: Instantaneous

You cause a sandstorm to emerge at a point within 100 ft. that you can see in a 50-foot radius, 50-foot tall cylinder. For the duration, the sandstorm rages, causing all creatures in the spell’s area without blindsight or tremorsense to have disadvantage on all attack rolls and Dexterity saving throws. All ranged attacks originating from outside the sandstorm that are targeting a creature, object, or space that are in the sandstorm are done at disadvantage, unless the attacker has blindsight or tremorsense and is close enough to the target to sense them.

A creature that starts their turn in the Sandstorm must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or be blinded until the end of their next turn.

You can use an action to move this spell’s area in 30 ft. in any direction.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Desmeena’s Anthology of Spellcasting Copyright 2020 Loremaster’s Archives of Wonder Publishing Author: Dev Waslusky

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