Mushroom Apotheosis

9th level conjuration

Casting Time: 1 action

Components: V, S, M (a funglet head)

Range: 600 feet

Duration: Permanent

You speak the words of power, point at a target and from your hands, a massive, fungal forest springs forth, coating any floor, wall and similar surface within half a mile, instantly generating a new fungal forest.

Scrolls and elixirs containing this extremely powerful spell are highly coveted throughout the Underworld for their ability to instantly create an ecosystem; dweorg legends tell of battles won with the aid of this surprise terrain and civilizations built on the back of a mushroom apotheosis. The entire area becomes filled with mushrooms of every variety (at least two instances of each type). Roll on Table: Mushroom Apotheosis below (a number of times equal to your level) to determine which types dominate the spread of mushrooms created by this spell.

Table: Mushroom Apotheosis
d% Common Name Rarity Type of Mushroom
1–12 Twilight Caps Common Videre Spongos
13–24 Peaceful Giant Common Fantafungi
25–36 Glistening Saucer Common Glaucan-Deporphus
37–47 Shield Mushroom Common Scutum Boletus
48–57 Poisonpuff Uncommon Suffocation
58–67 Fountain of the Gods Uncommon Kekel‘ji
68–77 The Funneling Fungi Uncommon Audire Boletus
78–85 Meaty Mushroom Rare Sumulis-Tangrielis
85–89 Poison Pods Very Rare Pizmutiaas
90–93 Necroshroom Very Rare Mortem Diasporus
94–97 Tiger Blood Very Rare Sangre Tigre
98–100 Moon Child Legendary Lunarae
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