2nd-level conjuration

Casting Time 1 action

Range 30 feet

Components V, S

Duration Concentration, up to 1 minute

For the duration of the spell, as long as you chant, you bring special favor upon your allies and bring disfavor to your enemies. You and your allies that are within 30 feet of you gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, saving throws, and skill checks while your foes in the same area take a –1 penalty on such rolls. You must chant in a clear voice. Any interruption in your chanting, such as a failed Concentration check, a silence spell, or speaking or casting another spell, ends this spell.

At higher levels. When you cast this spell using a 3rd level spell slot or higher, the maximum duration increases by 1 minute per spell slot above 2nd.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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