Caster’s Caravel

8th-level conjuration

Casting Time: 10 minutes

Range: 120 feet

Components: V, S, M (a miniature ship carved of exotic wood with silken sails worth 500 gp, which the spell consumes)

Duration: Instantaneous

You call into being a small double-decked sailing ship that functions in all respects as an ordinary caravel. It can take on the normal amount of cargo, crew, and passengers, and even have weapons mounted on it if you wish. The ship does not require a full crew, as it is staffed with a compliment of invisible deckhands similar to unseen servants that perform all ordinary functions necessary for sailing the caster’s caravel, though they cannot steer it. These unseen servants have a speed of 30 feet and a climb speed of 15 feet, and they respond to the spoken commands of the caster or any creature she designates as the ship’s pilot. If there is no living pilot, the ship steers itself in whatever direction it was last directed, but it cannot adjust its course to avoid hazards, compensate for severe weather, etc.

The caster’s caravel also contains an extradimensional space reached through a shimmering panel similar to the entrance of a magnificent mansion. Like that spell, only those designated by you can enter the portal. It is invisible to others, who pass down the aft deck ladder that leads to it and into an ordinary cargo hold. Within the extradimensional space, which can fill up to 25 cubes, each cube being 10 feet on each side, you can create any deck plan you desire. All cabins within the space are furnished and its galley contains food and water sufficient to feed 25 Medium-sized creatures each day, a staff of uniformed and transparent but visible servants wait upon all guests within the extradimensional space and sees to their needs. Like magnificent mansion, outside conditions do not affect those within. Even if the ship sinks, those within the space remain unharmed, though they must leave through the same portal by which they entered, even if it lies at the bottom of the sea.

The caster’s caravel lasts for 15 days, after which time there is a cumulative 5 percent chance per day that the spell’s effect ends. If the spell is cast again during this time the duration is reset to 15 days. When the spell ends, any creatures inside the extradimensional space are expelled into the nearest open space to the caravel’s last position.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pirate Campaign Compendium © 2018, Legendary Games; Lead Designer Jason Nelson. Authors: Alex Augunas, Jeff Gomez, Matt Goodall, Jim Groves, Tim Hitchcock, Victoria Jaczko, Jonathan H. Keith, Lyz Liddell, Thomas J. Phillips, Alistair J. Rigg, Alex Riggs, Loren Sieg, Neil Spicer, Todd Stewart, Rachel Ventura, Michael D. Welham, Linda Zayas-Palmer.

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