Channeled Currents

5th-level transmutation

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: 1000 feet

Components: V, S, M (a small metal canister or sphere)

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour

Until the spell ends you can generate a current in an area up to 100 feet cube either centered around you or on any point up to the range of the spell. If cast onto a point on a ship, entity, or other moving item the point will move with it as long as it remains within the range of the spell. You can choose from any of the following effects when you cast this spell. As an action on your turn, you can repeat the same effect or choose a different one.

  • Smooth Current. You call a current into being which aids travel or swimming. Affected vessels and entities gain 2 mph to their travel speed, or 40 feet to their swim speed in combat. This spell does not grant a swim speed to creatures without one, however creatures without a swim speed affected by smooth current gain 20 feet of swimming movement.
  • Doldrums. By setting the current in opposition to the direction of a vessel or entities travel you becalm it. It loses 2 mph from its travel speed, or half from its swim speed in combat to a minimum of 10 feet. With a successful DC 10 navigate check (for vessels) or swim check (for entities) they can negate the penalty for a round in combat, or ten minutes in travel.
  • Calm Current. Allows you to counteract the effects of another strong or violent current. This allows you to negate any penalties for navigating or controlling the vessel or entity due to the waves or dangerous currents. It will also counteract the Vortex effect of control water and can also counteract the Clashing Current effect of channeled currents.
  • Clashing Current. You set up clashing currents that make piloting a vessel, or swimming through the area difficult in the extreme. All attempts to do so are performed with disadvantage.
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