5th-level transmutation (sorcerer, warlock, wizard)

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: 60 feet

Components: V, S, M (a lump of melted wax infused with blood)

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute (or permanent; see text)

Choose a target you can see within range, forcing it to make a Constitution saving throw. On a failure, this spell to inflict one of the following effects:

  • You can warp the target’s flesh in a manner similar to fleshcurdle but inflicting one additional effect for every 4 levels you possess (to a maximum of 6 effects at 20th level). You may choose to impair the target’s offense or movement more than once; however, each time you must choose a different natural weapon or a different form of movement. The effects do not stack.
  • You may bestow a permanent mutation upon the target, determined randomly from the following table. Regardless of which mutation occurs, it is accompanied by a permanent deformity that wracks body, mind, and soul, reducing the target’s Charisma by 2. A creature cannot gain the same mutation more than once (regardless of whether it is harmful or beneficial) unless the mutation affects a single appendage, in which case it can be gained once for each appendage (affecting each one separately).

At the GM’s discretion, the spellcaster may research additional mutations to inflict, or the GM ma y devise additional harmful mutations which could occur when using this spell. Such additional mutations should be similar in scope and effect to those described above. Mutations cannot be dispelled, but, genetic purification, regenerate, wish, or any effect that specifically removes polymorph effects can reverse its effects.

d20 Mutation Effects
1 Oversized Limb One of the target’s limbs becomes unnaturally large and strong. Any natural weapons the target has with that limb increase in damage as if the target were one size category larger. In addition, the target can wield weapons one size category larger than normal without any penalty and gains a +2 bonus to Strength ability checks made with that limb.
2 Oversized Maw The target gains a bite natural weapon attack that deals 1d4 piercing damage (1d3 if Small-sized, 1d6 if Large-sized). If the target already has a bite attack, it deals damage as if it were one size category larger.
3 Quick Metabolism The target gains a +2 racial bonus on Constitution saving throws, advantage on saving throws against poison, and disadvantage on saving throws to avoid the effects of starvation and thirst.
4 Thick Skin The target’s AC increases by 2.
5 Vestigial Limb The target gains a vestigial third arm. This arm can hold objects but cannot wield them. The target has advantage on checks made to grapple.
6 Vestigial Twin A malformed twin’s head juts out from the target’s trunk (usually but not always near the target’s existing neck), granting the target advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks (and increasing its passive Perception by 5). If using flanking rules, the target cannot be flanked so long as it can see.
7 Night Sight After 10 minutes being in darkness, the target gains darkvision but loses all other forms of sight. When exposed to more than dim light for 10 minutes, the target loses its darkvision and regains its regular forms of sight.
8 Gills The target sprouts gills that allow them to breathe water, with a 50% chance to gain the amphibious special quality, able to breathe air and water equally well. If the target does not become amphibious however, their gills interfering with their normal breathing apparatus causing them to gain the poisoned condition as long as they remain outside of water.
9 Cave Sight The target gains darkvision with a range of 60 feet, though they have a 50% chance to acquire sunlight sensitivity (see below) 1d4 days later. Removing one effect removes both effects.
10 Tail The target grows a tail. While not prehensile, the tail grants a +2 bonus on Strength (Athletics) and Dexterity (Acrobatics) checks.
11 Deformed Hand One forelimb becomes crippled, able to hold items but not wield them. The target takes a -2 penalty on Strength (Athletics) checks and attack rolls with two-handed weapons, including ranged weapons such as bows and firearms (not including pistols). A shield can still be strapped to the deformed arm, but its bonus to AC is reduced by 1 (minimum 0). Any natural attack involving the affected limb is made with a -2 penalty on attack rolls, and damage is reduced as if the attacker were one size category smaller.
12 Glass Jaw The target takes a -2 penalty on saving throws related to critical hits, death from massive damage, or becoming stunned.
13 Sunlight Sensitivity While in sunlight, the target has disadvantage on attack rolls, as well as on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sight.
14 Obese The target takes a –2 penalty to Dexterity (minimum score of 1) and its base walking speed is reduced by 5 feet.
15 Light Blindness At the start of each turn the target is in sunlight, it makes a DC 10 Constitution saving throw or is blinded until the start of its next turn.
16 Stunted Legs The target’s base land speed is reduced by 10 feet (minimum base speed of 5 feet).
17 Aural Overgrowth The target’s ears become swollen, drooping, and riddled with tumorous growths, causing it to become deafened.
18 Weak Mind The target’s head becomes misshapen and deformed, and its brain swollen in some places and compressed in others. It takes a –2 penalty on Intelligence saving throws and ability checks.
19 Ocular Degeneration The target’s eyes wither and shrivel, causing the target to become blinded.
20 Malformed Organs The target’s organs are grossly out of place and filled with squamous tumors, greatly impairing its ability to recover from illness or injury. Any critical hits or precision-based damage (like sneak attack or martial advantage) against the target is 25% likely to be negated. However, the target has disadvantage on saving throws against poison and diseases, and it heals only half the normal amount of hit points when healing naturally.
Section 15: Copyright Notice

Mutants and Mad Scientists (5E) © 2018, Legendary Games; Authors: Jason Nelson, Mike Myler, and Clinton J. Boomer.

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